One of the greatest recent revelations is by Joe Tippens. Sent home, diagnosed with just three months to live from small cell lung cancer which had matastisized throughout his thorax. After three months he had no more sign of cancer in his body! A veterinarian suggested that he try the non-prescription dog de-worming medicine with the active ingredient, “FENBENDAZOLE”. He also credits vitamin E and bio available curcumin suppliments.

Articles about using Fenbendazole for fighting cancer:
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Nutrition Considerations

Cold pressed juicing of vegetables
Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric with pepper
Pine needle tea

Baths with Clay and Epsom Salt
Saunas and exercise
Lymphatic Drainage Support (massage, magnets)

Visualizations of the Tumor Shrinking

Psychic Surgeons

Chemotherapy and Radiation treatmentsDISCOURAGED
Well, the problem with these are that they do not support the immune system. They extinguish the immune system’s ability to fight disease in the future. So if you kill back the cancer, you just might die from a simple challenge to the immune system down the road.


Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol to health by fighting parasites and Isopropyl Alcohol. Blood zapping, pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies, colloidal silver, anti-parasite herbs, ozone therapy. Removing the patient from toxic home environments.

Hello, I’m Joe Baker and I’d like to offer to be of assistance to those of you challenged by cancer who are willing to try alternative therapies. I recognize that infinite value is on the line in bringing you back to health and I’d like to do my utmost to assist you with the mundane treatments you would like to try to combat your cancer. I’ve been paying attention to health remedies since 2008. I could be a live in companion to assist you and your caregivers. I’m not a Doctor, I just know that Doctors cannot be trusted to disclose alternative therapies that might compete with the cartel-like behavior of their medical societies and institutions. To make such suggestions risks their license status and ability to earn money inside their profession.

Slim Sperling’s torsion energy rings. Rings made of twisted copper wire emit an unusual organizing energy to restructure water. This is one of my favorite practices. I’ve done so much of it, that I can impart the energy by simply imagining the tools being used to impart their therapeutic effects.

Remote Tuning for Health and Wellness