153 Chat

2:17 PMVasil М.

​​Remember, Garreth Smith was super opposed to Niacin in the past which raises NAD+, Glucose raises ATP. both work together.

2:17 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@Trusty Rusty nah, he’s just always searching to learn. I can respect that. But yeah Will did lead him to it.

2:17 PMWill

​​Now I’ve seen I was wrong and I’m in line with Garret that excess sugar of any kind, even glucose, is bad

2:18 PMSebastian Baran

​​only making a distinction between sugar and carbs when convenient

2:18 PMTrusty Rusty

​​We’ll see, we’ll see. I don’t trust him further than I can throw him. He’s always saying this Vitamin A thing is not a conspiracy too, how could you come to that belief having watched all of of this?

2:18 PMWill

​​@Vasil М. my advice is also to not overdo niacin. No need to abstain from either niacin nor glucose but know that too much bottlenecks detox

2:18 PMWill

​​It’s triphasic, just like Vit C

2:18 PMVasil М.

​​@Will I agreee, the key word is excess I think

2:18 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@Buttercup yeah, that should be fine

2:18 PMAdam Æ0

​​whats the dangerous aspects of the beans called again? polyphenols and…?

2:18 PMWill

​​Ladies who love men, where tf are yall at? lol

2:19 PMzendogbreath

​​good point @Will and define “excess” is different in everyone. but yeh, cups of sugar daily, glucose or not, probably not a good idea.

2:19 PMMatej

​​poast fizzeek bro

2:19 PMVasil М.

​​@Will I do Niacin from Zinc Nicotinate only , around 100mg niacin daily : D we chat often, the only difference in views is glucose

2:19 PMVasil М.

​​DCB500 here 😀

2:19 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@will Agree on niacin. Pushing things way too hard with high doses.

2:19 PMN Rustica

​​hahaha, my boyfriend discovered that sunning your balls increases T

2:19 PMButtercup

​​Models always just eat fruit – is that skinny fat??

2:20 PMWill


2:20 PMN Rustica

​​hahhaa placebo T is still T

2:20 PMzendogbreath

​​@Trusty Rusty I think I remember Thor talking about pharma cartel alot. I do not kjnow where you are coming from on that one.

2:20 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Every single livestream he says this is not a conspiracy

2:20 PMTrusty Rusty

​​All 5 of his livestreams

2:20 PMWill

​​”pharma cartel” was a phrase coined by Garret, so he’s just copying more

2:21 PMAdam Æ0

​​@trusty I heard him say he was definitely aware it’s a conspiracy. he called it the biggest one of our times. I corrected him as there is another he’s unaware of

2:21 PMTrusty Rusty

​​It’s almost like he’s trying to destroy our movement while seeming to promote it. How could you possibly suggest it’s not a conspiracy? What else could this be?

2:21 PMButtercup

​​@ will why sun?

2:21 PMTrusty Rusty

​​He literally says it in plain english that it’s not a conspiracy in every single livestream of his.

2:21 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​Honestly, If I had Thor’s personality I would have done what he’s doing. I just don’t have that mentality. I’m too introverted to sit on Twitter all day then do livestreams all night.

2:21 PMWill

​​That, detective, is the right question

2:22 PMAdam Æ0

​​I caught that on his most recent live. I tuned in for the first time

2:22 PMzendogbreath

​​get out. pharma cartel is an old term.

2:22 PMButtercup

​​Maybe peeps like sugar does is raise libido?

2:22 PMTrusty Rusty

​​We should be a little more wary about who we start listening to.

2:22 PMWill

​​am shock, much sudden

2:22 PMTrusty Rusty

​​This guy comes out of nowhere and now has more followers than Dr. Smith?

2:22 PMVasil М.

​​@Weldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC A bit of glucose and you will be able to 😀 turns you into an extrovert

2:22 PMTrusty Rusty

​​I don’t buy it.

2:22 PMWill

​​That. detective, is the right question

2:23 PMzendogbreath

​​@Trusty Rusty sounding a tad cultish talking about “our movement” unless you are talking about bowel movement. Is Thor interrupting your movemnts? Turtling man?

2:23 PMWill

​​I can see a new mainstream health fad already. Inject glucose in your balls 😉

2:23 PMVasil М.

​​@Trusty Rusty I think the glucose supplementation debate is not over. If it turns out I get diabetes and die and glucose is bad then Thor is an agent of the state.

2:23 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@Vasil М. 😂😂 I actually took the myers-briggs in college. I’m 50/50.

2:23 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Dr. Smith talks about the Vitamin A movement all of the time, but yeah, sure whatever you say bud

2:23 PMWill

​​@zendogbreath it’s MY movement 😉

2:24 PMWill

​​5 times a day 😉

2:24 PMN Rustica

​​@Trusty Rusty sunning your balls is part of the glucose protocol LOL

2:24 PMVasil М.

​​@Weldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC I was a bit asperger like prior to glucose ( : now I sometimes even have sense of humor LOL

2:24 PMAdin Pennington

​​Thor is in with that super popular numerologist. That’s why he’s got followers. If that’s who you’re talking about. He’s like a nutrition expert I. That

2:24 PMAdin Pennington

​​In that circle

2:24 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Numerologist? Oh god, really? Yuck

2:24 PMVasil М.

​​Who is that numerologist guy ? Want to contact him for business advice 😀 😀

2:25 PMAdin Pennington


2:25 PMWill

​​Hey baby, you’re so cute I’d leak my bile into your blood

2:25 PMzendogbreath

​​@Will topical glucose applied to ball in the sun

2:25 PMAdam Æ0

​​I’m as suspect of him as you are. but not quick to assume. it’s possible you and Garrett are correct in your assumptions

2:25 PMRonald Perez

​​“You are saying bile to the Brain but can you talk about the brain being depleted of glucose and glucose going to the brain? It’s more than just stopping bile isn’t it also about actual glucose

2:25 PMRonald Perez

​​glucose getting to the brain more than it normally would ?”

2:26 PMzendogbreath

​​@Trusty Rusty let’s all synchronize our movements. that does not sound too cultish does it? and yeh I give Doc a hard time for talking about that too, the few times he says it.

2:26 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​I see Thor as someone like me, looking for all the answers. Also, trying to make a living. He seems to respect what I say as well as Dr. Smith on most things. Judge them by their fruits…

2:27 PMzendogbreath

​​yeh thor is creeping me out with the numbers thing.

2:27 PMzendogbreath

​​talk about cultish

2:27 PMVasil М.

​​@Weldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC agree, he is an oppotunist who is trying to fight his fears and show his face in front of people. I am really good at reading people. Not an agent. YET

2:28 PMN Rustica

​​@zendogbreath synchronize with numerology?

2:28 PMVasil М.

​​its about the $

2:28 PMRonald Perez

​​can you focus solely on glucose and not refined sugars

2:28 PMzendogbreath

​​@Weldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC same experience with Thor here too. Sharp honest guy so far.

2:28 PMTrusty Rusty

​​He also opens his own group where he pillages all of Dr. Smith’s hard won work?

2:28 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Is anyone else not offended at such a blatant thievery?

2:29 PMRonald Perez

​​it takes glucose to make hormones aka glucagon

2:29 PMAdin Pennington

​​Hey, I ended up here from that numerology shit. Heard Thor say something about vitamin a. Found him, saw a video where he interviews someone about it. Heard Dr smiths name. Landed here.

2:29 PMN Rustica

​​thor is on all the vitamin a forums, he’s basically one of us

2:29 PMButtercup

​​Can we have fennel on LRL diet?

2:30 PMzendogbreath

​​Thor credits Doc all the time. grant too. when you say the truth you are going to be repeating what other truthful people say.

2:30 PMVasil М.

​​People hate on Thor as he is growing I think.

2:30 PMN Rustica

​​@Buttercup only if it’s in homemade sausage

2:30 PMSebastian Baran

​​Smith, is dextrose an oxidant or an antioxidant?

2:30 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@Ronald Perez I agree that fructose is not the same as glucose in these studies. I can see how it may slow ALDH and why it makes people feel better. That’s it’s use case IMO.

2:31 PMSebastian Baran

​​Glucose metabolism is by definition OXIDATIVE

2:31 PMzendogbreath

​​Doc has already addressed that glucose and fructose flow back and forth into each other.

2:31 PMButtercup

​​@ N Rustica NICE😍😂

2:31 PMJanelleH

​​Also it isn’t too good to be true, it’s just how our brain works, it needs energy or it simply cannot function! How is that too good to be true?

2:32 PMButtercup

​​I’m giving the fennel to my friend she has x3 bunnies I didn’t see it on our list “

2:32 PMzendogbreath

​​@JanelleH why is the brain not getting enough glucose without megadosing glucose?

2:32 PMVasil М.

​​@Sebastian Baran Glucose is so similar to vit C that the cells can get depleted of vit C because of too much glucose in the blood and same transporters are used. When it is OXIDIZED it is oxidative

2:33 PMVasil М.

​​but the molecules are almost 1:1 so it is important to have 2 lemons per day with the glucose

2:33 PMSebastian Baran

​​@Vasil М. The dextrose powder protocol forces the body into glucose metabolism, which is by definition oxidative

2:33 PMN Rustica

​​snake juice dude also has a big hard on for glucose as of late

2:33 PMJanelleH

​​It is limiting it, I thought you read Dr. Stephen’s book?

2:33 PMButtercup

​​We’re fixing to the poison 😂

2:33 PMWill

​​feed me

2:34 PMVasil М.

​​@Sebastian Baran yes, I know. We are talking about the molecule before being oxidized. Too much glucose oxidation without Zinc and selenium etc will cause oxidative stress

2:34 PMSebastian Baran

​​@Vasil М. Yep

2:34 PMTrusty Rusty

​​@N Rustica Who is snake juice dude

2:34 PMN Rustica

​​hey fatty, i know you can’t do a snake juice fast so i’m gonna let you drink glucose water

2:35 PMJanelleH

​​The glucose limiting events makes sense to me, that’s why diabetics become demented. The brain so starved of energy can’t regulate blood sugar anymore.

2:35 PMN Rustica

​​canadian fat neck on youtube, he’s easy to find

2:35 PMWill

​​Does the snake juice protocol tell you to drink your own pee

2:36 PMVasil М.

​​So it causes bile dump if more bile ?

2:36 PMSebastian Baran

​​@JanelleH Dextrose powder bypasses this because it’s a monosaccharide and passes right through the blood-brain barrier. The brain does not require insulin to absorb glucose.

2:36 PMN Rustica

​​@Will he’s in and out of all kinds of shit, the latest is glucose water fasting

2:36 PMWill

​​I mean that’s probably good enough reason to stop using powdered glucose 😉

2:37 PMJanelleH

​​Yeah it makes sense to me, and this is said by someone who studies the brain. No one here studies the brain.

2:37 PMWill

​​I study your mom’s brain

2:37 PMButtercup

​​I think I have the pink Snowball gene🤣

2:37 PMVasil М.

​​Who is into glucose water fasting ?

2:38 PMWill

​​peepee drinky guy

2:38 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​Post work out glucose is for the intentional insulin spike to drive protein synthesis. I just usually eat more rice since I eat dinner after workouts

2:38 PMVasil М.

​​@Will who tf drinks his pee pee 😀 wtf

2:38 PMButtercup


2:38 PMWill

​​Snake oil diet guy was at one point telling people to drink pee for the electrolytes

2:39 PMWill

​​It’s got what plants crabe

2:39 PMButtercup

​​If baby jaundices old wives tale put in sun or in window with sun

2:39 PMVasil М.

​​LOL nice electrolyte drink

2:39 PMVasil М.

​​new business idea

2:39 PMWill

​​Brawndo IS yellow

2:39 PMJanelleH

​​I’d like to study brains, dementia will be epidemic and no one to care for them.

2:39 PMRonald Perez

​​will you and Thor have a conversation about this

2:40 PMWill

​​When I got the keto flu I pushed sugar to stop the cold, it worked. I needed to be better for travel. Sugar killed the bile dumping

2:41 PMWill

​​I am not smarter than this 😉

2:41 PMWill

​​My engine burned out years ago 😉

2:41 PMJanelleH

​​I haven’t gotten sick since I started eating beans 6 months ago.

2:41 PMWill


2:41 PMVasil М.

​​Beans + charcoal is LIFE. @JanelleH and some sugar 😀

2:42 PMWill

​​mmm holes

2:42 PMTrader E9


2:42 PMN Rustica

​​i’ll be back i have a superchat ?

2:43 PMWill

​​Hey baby, can I fix your leaky holes?

2:43 PMVasil М.


2:43 PMButtercup

​​There was a teacher his wife had breast cancer in her 30s he asked for cooked meals I asked what do you eat he said “COMFORT FOods ” 🏴‍☠she died and Tgey had small child

2:43 PMJanelleH

​​Yeah charcoal helped me get on the beans, previously I had anxiety and IBS from them.

2:44 PMserfin’ USA

​​biill e harry

2:44 PMAk

​​Rice = glucose , I see no problem

2:44 PMWill


2:45 PMAdam Æ0

​​[message retracted]View deleted message

2:45 PMRonald Perez

​​yes I eat rice often

2:45 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​I may try Joe’s black oatmeal with the AC. I just need to get past what I know it will look like. lol

2:45 PMN Rustica

​​i still eat lentils like once a month, one of my favorite legumes

2:46 PMVasil М.

​​😀 😀

2:46 PMJanelleH

​​@Vasil М. you are a naughty boy eating all that sugar! Smith is trying to discipline you!

2:47 PMWill

​​I created the sugar monster lol

2:47 PMButtercup

​​What spit 😃

2:47 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Kelsey Kenney https://TerranianTreasures.etsy.com/

2:47 PMButtercup

​​Smarties 101

2:47 PMDremix

​​Great episode. Will re watch it tomorrow.

2:47 PMMatej

​​i tried it to see what it does, I didn’t like it from the beginning, it didn’t make me feel better, I kept doing it in the name of my own experiment, still nothing significant, I quit

2:47 PMVasil М.

​​Well, if I am mistaken , I wont be embarrassed. The price to pay to be a little naughty

2:47 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@Will damn you Will!! lmao

2:48 PMWill

​​I added sugars 😉

2:48 PMserfin’ USA

​​im sweet enough already

2:48 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​LYL Sailor’s Delight “Scurvy” Episode 92 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjqUM…

2:48 PMVasil М.

​​@Will is at fault for showing me dextrose,sugar btw. It is gonna be his fault

2:48 PMWill

​​Honestly my whole sugar phase was propped up on a lack of due dilligence, in other words, I lied via omission

2:48 PMRonald Perez

​​what about fresh pressed apple juice ?

2:49 PMJanelleH

​​But… Will He’s doing good on it!

2:49 PMVasil М.

​​(if I die) I will come from the astral to tell you not to do dextroseN Rustica$5.00

Can you riff about inner and outer ear crust and cysts in ear tissue, does it go away on it’s own after the brain is done detoxing?


2:49 PMWill

​​@Ronald Perez best to eat the pectin. It’s the pectin that is good, the juice just makes it taste good

2:49 PMWill

​​@JanelleH many people do well on cocain too, until they don’t 😉

2:50 PMWill

​​@Vasil М. 🤣

2:50 PMRonald Perez

​​cocaine is a hell of a drug 😆

2:50 PMJanelleH

​​hey now that’s an unfair comparison! we never have a cocaine deficiency!

2:50 PMWill


2:50 PMVasil М.


2:50 PMWill

​​I always have a cocain deficiency

2:50 PMN Rustica

​​@Will cocain is my favorite ice cream desert topping

2:50 PMWill


2:50 PMRonald Perez

​​Colombian people can have a cocaine deficiency

2:50 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​booga suga

2:51 PMMartey

​​some people are allergic to sugar… wow

2:51 PMJanelleH

​​onthat note… snorting dextrose might work…

2:51 PMJanelleH

​​I know people who snorted vitamin C

2:52 PMButtercup

​​@ Will it’s an merican thing to raise the kids on sugar dyes & gluten 🙄

2:52 PMWill

​​I only snort pectin

2:52 PMVasil М.

​​@JanelleH yes it can actually work 😀 vit C on the other hand …

2:52 PMMartey

​​3 year then death

2:52 PMMartey


2:52 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​”The Last Supper – Liver” because it can kill you.

2:52 PMJanelleH

​​yeah that was crazy that was in the orthomolecular group

2:53 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​”The Last Supper – Liver” because it can kill you.

2:52 PMRonald Perez

​​thinking of snorting some niacin

2:53 PMButtercup

​​So funny you say health foods bad I went to health market in my early 20s by bf used to laugh that everyone there was old or sick looking – dying & then there was me 🤣

2:53 PMWill

​​”I drink a gallon of milk a day and I’m healthy,” -the 20 year old health coach

2:53 PMTrader E9

​​Doc, your the man! respect! Keep up the great work! Dont let em get to ya! 🙂

2:53 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@N Rustica We were not going to do unrelated superchats today. Do you have a question related to the sugar topic?

2:54 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​3 digit heat index trigger MASSIVE dumping. What’s weird is it usually hits a day or 2 after

2:54 PMButtercup

​​@ Will youth wasted on the youth

2:55 PMRamon Navarrete

​​Hello everyone. 🤗

2:55 PMWill

​​Y’all, Best steak in the world is locl grown Italian countryside beef

2:55 PMVasil М.

​​LYL people starting to snort vit C, Niacin and dextrose. We ascending to the next level. New Earth

2:56 PMButtercup

​​@ Will ok I’m moving to Italy 😃

2:56 PMWill

​​LYL – I have a family to feed

2:56 PMWill

​​Bro I got a symptoms cured list that desn’t fit on one page and I’m not even done

2:56 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​But God told him to do it in a dream. I think God meant for him to bless certain suicidal and near handicapped people to use it. Not for the masses necessarily

2:56 PMButtercup

​​So sad all our young athletes drink sugar Gatorade & pre work out & post workout glucose powder

2:57 PMTrader E9

​​LYL subscription is literally a giveaway…compared to the amount of value you gain.

2:57 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report


2:57 PMMissJemimaPuddleduck

​​Charcoal got rid of my constipation

2:57 PMWill

​​God I love pooping

2:57 PMheadwood

​​LYL and Dr. Smith’s mountains of FREELY AVAILABLE work gave me my life back.


​​big fan of taking the takesumi in the AM empty stomach and magnesium later in the day

2:58 PMWill

​​[message retracted]

2:58 PMButtercup

​​Love your liver & love your family

2:58 PMVasil М.

​​@headwood Same brother. Dr. Smith saved me from sick health.

2:59 PMButtercup

​​Doc is a GIFTER 🩵

2:59 PMSam

​​Where’s Kelsey

3:00 PMWill

​​My body just screams at me

3:00 PMMatej

​​bUt mY bOdY SaYs i nEeD dExTroSe

3:01 PMWill

​​I wish we could put gifs in the chat

3:01 PMJanelleH

​​only coke is pleasurable to me, dextrose not so much, so if I did it it wouldn’t be because I crave dextrose.Ramon Navarrete$4.99

Just got here & dont know if u already talked about it. What’s your take on allulose? Which sweetner would u consider somewhat safe for an ex diabetic


3:02 PMWill

​​ALL non nutritive sweeteners are hepatotoxic

3:02 PMWill

​​giv trains

3:02 PMVasil М.


3:03 PMWill


3:03 PMVasil М.


3:03 PMTrader E9

​​🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 DO NOT EMAIL JULIE looool

3:03 PMWill

​​I’m gunna email julie (lol jk)

3:03 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Hold back on superchats… unless they are related to glucose – today’s topic

3:04 PMbeela rehman

​​can I email Julie? 😂

3:04 PMSarah G


3:04 PMVasil М.

​​Whats her email ?

3:04 PMSarah G


3:05 PMWill


3:05 PMVasil М.


3:05 PMbeela rehman

​​if he’s in the UK I would definitely go see him

3:06 PMbeela rehman

​​im emailing Julie 😂

3:08 PMTrusty Rusty

​​@zendogbreath I don’t understand how you don’t see this is the beginning of a huge movement for returning to health and getting to the root cause of every single autoimmune disease and liver injury?

3:09 PMTrusty Rusty

​​@zendogbreath This information will change the world unless it is prevented from doing so.

3:10 PMVasil М.

​​@Trusty Rusty which information ?

3:10 PMTrusty Rusty

​​The love your liver program, anti-vitamin A information.

3:11 PMVasil М.

​​I think he does ? He is here on every stream ?

3:11 PMVasil М.

​​apologies for answering instead of him

3:11 PMTrusty Rusty

​​He is laughing at me for calling this a movement.

3:11 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Movement doesn’t even go far enough, it’s a war!

3:12 PMWill

​​Whenever I get off the couch I call it a movement

3:12 PMVasil М.

​​The last time I heard it was supposed to be a Cult 😀

3:12 PMVasil М.

​​@Will xDDD

3:13 PMWill

​​I will send 8 more superchats

3:13 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​Time to email julie lol j/k

3:13 PMWill

​​@Nutrition Detective my earwax is now highligher yellow these days

3:13 PMserfin’ USA

​​i just cleared a ton of earwax the past few days

3:15 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​Looking forward to practitioner training. I’m definitely interested.

3:16 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​ears… hmmm. now that I don’t get much ear wax… I should try the ozone insufflation approach in the ears again.. maybe my tinnitus might move away.

3:16 PMThinkAhead201

​​Can I get used to raw milk by drinking 150ml every day for a week and then 200ml for a week etc

3:17 PMTrusty Rusty

​​LOL ThinkAhead I think you’re confused about the livestream you’re watching 🙂

3:17 PMTrusty Rusty

​​I think you want to have less milk, not more! Wrong direction!

3:17 PMserfin’ USA

​​are zyn pouches hepatotoxic?

3:17 PMThinkAhead201

​​I’m trying peat’s diet

3:17 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Don’t do that!

3:18 PMThinkAhead201


3:18 PMTrusty Rusty

​​This is an anti-peat zone my friend!

3:18 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Because Ray Peat is a disasterous diet!

3:18 PMWill

​​peat sucks

3:18 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Ask anyone here, many have tried it.

3:18 PMTrader E9

​​oh yeah!!! 🙂

3:18 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@serfin’ USA lol Just use nicotinic acid.

3:18 PMThinkAhead201

​​I wanna drink milk tho

3:18 PMVasil М.

​​@ThinkAhead201 most people here are coming from where you are trying to go with the milk and shit. Milk = poison

3:19 PMWill


3:19 PMTrusty Rusty

​​I know ;[

3:19 PMTrader E9


3:19 PMVasil М.

​​If you are gonna drink milk make sure you eat beef liver at least once a week and carrots everyday. That might work

3:19 PMTrusty Rusty

​​Dr. Smith has a ray peat livestream I believe.

3:20 PMTrusty Rusty


3:20 PMTrusty Rusty


3:20 PMTrusty Rusty

​​oh a joke

3:20 PMTrusty Rusty


3:20 PMVasil М.


3:20 PMWeldon Williford, REALTOR, EXP Realty LLC

​​@Vasil М. 🤣

3:20 PMThinkAhead201

​​I don’t eat carrots, I have bloating

3:20 PMTrusty Rusty

​​He was joking, ThinkAhead, don’t eat that stuff!

3:20 PMWill

​​eat bean

3:20 PMThinkAhead201

​​ik he was joking

3:21 PMTrusty Rusty


3:21 PMVasil М.

​​ I wasnt

3:21 PMThinkAhead201

​​I don’t have access to liver

3:21 PMWill

​​My mouth is excited about rare steak and burgers

3:21 PMThinkAhead201

​​wanna try like 100g

3:21 PMWill


3:21 PMThinkAhead201

​​Ik it’s toxic for you

3:22 PMserfin’ USA

​​i felt hypoglycemic after using trelahose

3:22 PMThinkAhead201

​​Do you guys eat bread

3:22 PMzendogbreath

​​@Trusty Rusty information is info truth is truth. like a lion. it does not need our help. just set it free. let it loose. cheerleaders do not win games. players do not need cheerleaders.

3:22 PMWill

​​ISK man the ether opened up with a choir when I made my 180 on sugar

3:22 PMTrader E9

​​people only make change when death / fear is coming…

3:23 PMThinkAhead201

​​what do you eat? meat, eggs, vegetables?

3:23 PMWill

​​no eggs, few vegetables

3:23 PMWavemaker

​​I have stage 4 Prostate cancer. Do you talk about diets for cancer with a keto diet. I need calories to rebuild to 16Olb body that is now 145 lbs. I just signed up yesterday.

3:24 PMThinkAhead201

​​@Will what else? oats?

3:24 PMThinkAhead201

​​no fruits?

3:24 PMWill

​​are you in LYL?

3:24 PMTrusty Rusty

​​ How does information travel? Through people. How is this complicated? Such a strange thing to take offense over.

3:24 PMWavemaker

​​Which program should I start today?

3:24 PMserfin’ USA

​​not my sriracha!

3:25 PMWill

​​@ThinkAhead201 https://x.com/Will_of_Europa/status/1…

3:25 PMTrusty Rusty

​​We are a community, why else would the love your liver have a community page where we can speak with eachother?

3:25 PMSquiddy

​​The coffee is nearly impossible to give up.. I’ve quit it several times and keep coming back

3:25 PMVasil М.

​​@Wavemaker love your liver program on nutrition detective and read all inside.

3:26 PMThinkAhead201

​​@Will thanksChat…