I’m Joe Baker.  I have passions for healing, singing, dancing, freedom, love and for this place called Acapulco, Mexico.  Drawn here by the freedom loving folks gathering for the Anarchapulco.com convention in Feburary and staying for the beautiful weather, wonderful people and a lower cost of living.

It is here that I choose to develop ways to bring harmony to the individual’s body, mind, spirit and to the surrounding culture.  Applying acoustic sound therapy (tuning forks) off to the sides of the body up to 5 feet away is called “Biofield Tuning” a term coined by Eileen Day McKusic.  

I am amazed at the transformations I have on people’s lives as I go about offering healing services at conferences and arrange to meet people etherically.  I have a gift to provide therapy to people around the world as if they were right there in front of me.  

I’m also deeply involved in creating value through healing.  Using contracts, clients have the option to certify receiving value in such a way that we issue new money which honors a charitable act.  It’s an experiment in how society might be coached to value acts of forgiveness, charity, and community projects in cryptographic currency tokens.  RemedyCoin.com and ForgivenessCapital.com are web sites where I express these economic concepts in ever flowering detail.  

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