Using Ozone Therapy as a First Responder to Stoke Victims
By: Joseph William Baker – Health hobbyist

Here’s a good overview of the terms and what they mean regarding strokes at Mayo Clinic. But be sure to come back here for more information on how Ozone Therapy can be used to assist.

I once knew an acquaintance who had a stroke. I asked my naturalpathic doctor Dr. Josh Donaldson “If I bought the patient a hyperbaric oxygen chamber would it help the stroke?” He said yes, it would. But what would be more effective and simpler would be to administer ozone therapy via the rectum. The oxygen and ozone would absorb into the body particularly into the spine where the spinal fluid would deliver the O2 and O3 up to the brain.

Here I will quickly outline several ways that ozone can help in a stroke victim’s recovery if adminsitered ASAP. There is also one concern. Ozone may make any medications the patient is on much more effective than normal. So the effects of dosages need to be adjusted and monitored for their effects.

We have several ways in which this helps.

  1. Ozone helps stop bleeding.
  2. Ozone reduces blood cells sticking together in the normal course of blood flow.
  3. Red blood cells become more flexible thus able to deliver oxygen deeper into the smaller pathways of the circulatory system
  4. The presence of ozone for a still living cell starving for oxygen can spark the cell into reversing it’s demise.
  5. Oxygenating from the rectum through the spinal fluid provides an alternative pathway to provide oxygen to the brain. In fact the rectum has been called the third lung. It can be useful to oxygenate the body during open heart and lung surgery.
  6. Another problem with today’s elderly patients and increasingly younger patients are the Beta Amyloid a peptides/proteins/placque formations ( with a positive charge which binds to the neurons. These proteins are assembled by the body using an incorrect ingredient – glyophospate impostering an amino acid. So these neurons are impared from their normal function. With ozone in in the presense of these improperly assembled proteins, the ozone is electrostatically attracted to the opposite charge of the beta amyloid protein/peptide/plaque which deconstructs and detaches the protein from the neuron allowing for restored function.


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