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LATEST Information April3, 2020
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Ozone is successfully being used to manage COVID19.

Doctor Robert Rowen’s Paper which documents with references ozone therapy’s unique ability to manage infectious disease epidemics.

Ozonoid Disbursement Systems

Creating breathable ozone derivatives called “Ozonoids”. Disinfecting us through the air we breathe. Want to help fund this effort? Click Here.

In the video below (at the bottom of the page) learn what doctors are not taught in medical school about ozone therapy. The lecture by Dr. Robert Rowen, M.D. describes a small fraction of the uses of ozone therapy. You will gain a scientific overview of how ozone:

Healing Properties of Ozone

  • Resets (“modulates”) you immune system
  • Enables your circulatory system to deliver MORE oxygen to your tissues.
  • Speeds the timeline for wound care
  • Oxidizes toxins to neutralize their harmful effects on the body’s tissues.
  • Fight bladder infections.
  • Can profoundly reduce joint pain.
  • Eradicates Ebola symptoms.
  • Much, much more!

Over 20 application methods can introduce ozone into the body while avoiding irritation of the lungs:

  • Drinking water with ozone gas bubbles.
  • Blowing through the body’s skin using a funnel and gentle pressure.
  • Ozonated olive oil applied to skin or consumed.
  • Sauna
  • Exposing blood in a bag to ozone gas and putting it back into the body.
  • Bubbled Ozone through Olive Oil (BOOO) to create ozonoides which do not irritate the lungs and can be useful to treat pneumonia, asthma and emphysema.
  • Injections into joints/muscles.
  • IV Injections – (not recommended without an experienced expert practitioner – I don’t offer this)
  • Rectal/Vaginal insufflations.

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