Denise Maple

Joe is a gifted healer. He is creative in his approach and that has allowed him to cause positive healing shifts in my body and life experience. He is always trying new things to further improve on the healing impact and it shows in our sessions each time. As a finance professional, I am intrigued and appreciative of Joe’s willingness to offer services to those that cannot pay and his forgiveness capital concept. I am grateful to have found Joe.


The Quantum Field is the “field of infinite possibilities” and needs an observer. The Observer of yourself if you. Words are deeds and when they leave your mouth they are the building blocks of your reality. The power of the negative is 7x stronger than any direction of the positive.. Energy is the language that your body speaks. Every time you close your eyes and go within you are the observer and connect to source. Last night I lay in bed and somehow Joe Baker came on…intuition is the radar of the quantum field and so I stayed listening to him. I thought WTF is he doing when the entire left of my body began to “wobble” The observer began to run for the hills…..as the fear seeped in after all the left side of the body is where the heart is so the observer went to the “worst” HEART ATTACK! But I made a choice to stay and trust. As Joe Baker continued with his tuning fork he was aligning Henry Kissinger and explained “behavioral issues”! I began to laugh but also allowed my body to feel the vibrations of the tuning fork. I tried to let go of my “behavioral issues” with each vibration as I am an anger junkie. The hour went by and the generosity of Joe Baker was palpable, he was funny and as I have a PhD in “arseholes” I could sense his authenticity. Today my energy is clear and I am definitely operating from the “observer” where every decision is aligned. I vibrate at my core thoughts and feelings are integrated and “integrity” is a raging river. Thank you Joe I look forward to investigating your gift.

Lacey Skistad
I lived with endometriosis for years. I lived in chronic pain for a long time. It was an intense feeling of inflammation that I was suffering from. I found Joe and he did his magic on me without a appointment. I can say now I have been living without any pains. He is a real healer. He is a truly magical person. I would recommend a session with Joe to anyone he has a gift he can share with you.

Clive de Carle
I am writing to thank you for your amazing kindness and help when I became ill with food poisoning. Your treatments helped significantly and your health knowledge was comprehensive.

John Wood
Participating with Joe in long distance tuning fork sessions greatly assisted me with a long term inflammatory condition. I was treated with respect and assisted as I developed a better outlook on my conditon, while feeling genuine improvements both subtle and intensely physical. Inflammation was reduced not only physically, but my mental and spiritual relationships with my Creator and my own past were refreshed and lightened into a state of refinement. I am now more aware and open to my personal healing journey, and looking forward to working with Joseph in the future with tuning fork healing.

Earthica Star
Joe Baker has been doing remote Bio-field- Tuning on me, (using tuning forks) to harmonize my frequencies and heal some of the physical, emotional, and mental trauma which has been ailing me, some new, and some that have been ongoing for many years even. I hardly know where to begin as he has worked on so many areas, but I will attempt to make this a helpful synopsis.

I had some very concerning pain in my kidney area for a number of months, perhaps even years, which went away almost immediately during the first short session. That specific pain has not returned in over a month now.

I injured my right hand a couple years ago wherein my fingers seized up and would not bend, it was extremely painful, also sustained serious injuries to both shoulders quite some years ago and the hand injury seemed to enrage the residual right shoulder trauma causing a frozen shoulder condition that made it difficult to sit or sleep comfortably. Joe’s tunings helped these conditions significantly, tho they are still present, and my fingers still do not bend, the pain in my hand , and the constant electrical pain, that seemed to shoot down my arm from my neck through my shoulder to my armpit and down to my hand, is diminished by about 25% since he worked on that area.

Joe has focused on many of my fears and emotional past where aye had crying fits just out of the blue, for decades, that rarely happens any more, and if it does surface now and then, I find it is no longer out of my control.

Recently Joe began a new practice of designating his energy body to an allotted time dedicated to accompany my energy body in it’s healing, wherein Joe can free up time for other things while his intent still resides with me during that allotment.

Joe has worked on a mold toxicity condition which almost took my last breath recently, and it manifested as a buzzing in my head, snapping, and percussive amplification of sounds including my own breathing and of the slighted vibrations. 
This condition had been happening for a couple months solid with no real relief , and after our latest session it was miraculously reduced by about 50%. 
A subsequent session today reduced that annoyance again by perhaps another 20%.

I have a lot of confidence in Joe’s authenticity and integrity. We lived in the same house over a decade ago and he was also practicing other forms of energy healing on me then using copper rings, orgonite, crystals and vision. He is an amazing energy healer and I can not even begin to do justice to his abilities and his genuine love and compassion for healing others. 
I hope this will inspire you to experience his methods of healing, which can potentially bring a state of harmony to everything in your life from physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual affliction, and save you hundreds if not thousands on doctor bills, and could even potentially save your life, as he has literally saved mine many times over. <3

Joe accepts Bitcoin and other cryptos which, make it easy for you to donate to his amazing work which I encourage you all to support!


Niki Villa
Joe Baker’s tuning fork therapy worked extremely well on me during our first phone session. I was wearing noise cancellation headphones, FYI. I wasn’t sure that a pseudo-hippyish technique would work, but it did! I felt my body was reacting to the different areas he said he was focusing on. Over my throat and stomach areas I started burping which was really surprising. I actually felt a bit nauseous. After all the areas, I felt less stressed and emotional in a good way. I felt like crying , may be to send off some emotional baggage? I slept well immediately after we were done with the session. It was an amazing experience and Joe knows what he is doing. Many months later I realized I got over my fear of speaking up and voicing my opinion. I highly believe that trauma from being strangled was resolved during the session.

Eliana Castellanos
I met Joe in 2018, we connected right away. He mentioned he did sound healing. I had been diagnosed with PTSD which made me very jumpy and sensitive to noise or being surprised. After one session with Joe the jumpiness stopped. It has been a year and a few months and the change remains. He has also worked on some of my childhood trauma. I feel lighter as if I am no longer carrying that heavy backpack of unnecessary trapped emotion. I truly and wholeheartedly recommend Joe to anyone looking to experience sound healing. He is super kind, patient and sweet and truly gifted.

Tina Phoenix, Arizona
Joe has been doing some remote healing work on me, for a while, with his tuning forks. I can say for a fact that it works and am astounded as to how powerful it can be at 3,000 miles away. His compassion, knowledge, and dedication to his practice is to be admired. And yes, I felt so much better after his healing sessions. Joe truly has a great gift.