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Robert Rowen M.D. mentioned that the 5 ebola symptomatic cases he was involved with treating in Sierra Leone in 2014 all of them recovered.

Read about his report in the African Journal of Infectious Diseases (ARCHIVE.ORG link )

My summary of the information is that direct IV injection of medical grade ozone coupled with rectal inflammations of ozone and colloidal silver were administered.

YOUTUBE Censored the following video link in an attempt to kill millions of people through a pro-vaccine agenda: “https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvWJ2UoOr90BmQhBpwY-11iyzb7JZpVXF”


In my remote energy therapy experiments, I’m finding some positive results of remote application of ozone gas by placing ziplock bags of ozone into the morphogenic field of the remote patient. I would be happy to do this with Ebola patients.

August 25, 2019 I wrote a response here to a recent wikinews.org article.

Mr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe – I’m not quite sure what to make of this man. He seems to not be familiar at all with the work of Dr. Rowen in Sierra Leone in 2014. Comments seem to dismiss that there was ever a cure before recent developments this year. I find that to be cause to dig much deeper. There are huge forces at play here and opportunity for much mischef with lives on the line. And the 90% success rate leaves 10% who don’t respond well. The ozone therapy had 100% success rate of the 5 people who were treated. Then the Military general of Sierra Leone interferred with ozone therapies – not allowing any more. We need to learn more about this to understand why a genocide was allowed to happen because of this military general.