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1:02 PMButtercup

​​In High school we had friend named Barry I used to call him Beri beri 😂back then didn’t know what it really was

1:02 PMheadwood

​​Yes. Many.

1:04 PMTam Tam

​​Good afternoon, this is my first time here. This info is excellent!

1:05 PMCurt

​​wow – that is an impressively written testimonial

1:05 PMJordan

​​@headwood Alright, thank you. I’ve watched some of his livestreams for a while but I don’t feel well most days. Do you think a safe place to start is selenium, molybdenum, mag chloride and diet?

1:05 PMheadwood

​​Ticks can carry and transmit all sorts of nasty things, that’s for sure. But if we fix our internal terrain, stop intoxing, support the liver and get rid of toxic bile, we are able to deal with

1:06 PMJordan

​​@headwood Yeah I understand. I had one doctor in the past say it’s not “if you have lyme” it’s “why do you have lyme

1:06 PMvredchasing

​​How do you lower estrogen? I heard aspirin is good, but is aspirin bad for the liver?

1:07 PMheadwood

​​That’s a great start. Don’t forget zinc too, which is available in meat but you may need supplemental zinc as well.

1:07 PMChristina Sophia

​​A 3 bean soup would be good with red or pinto beans instead of Kidney which aren’t so good

1:07 PMChristina Sophia

​​Welcome Tam Tam!

1:07 PMheadwood

​​Are you in the LYL program? Everything is laid out there in a very well organized and accessible manner and o

1:08 PMJordan

​​I’m not. Will probably have to save up for a while for that. Doctor laughed when I mentioned disability so I’m basically running on hope and faith lol

1:08 PMheadwood

​​and the community there is very supportive. There are several folks who have recovered after being diagnosed with Lyme

1:09 PMheadwood

​​look up Chris DeVocht on Twitter/YT

1:09 PMJordan

​​Do you know if the year long membership lasts for 1 year after purchase or resets on Jan 1st?

1:10 PMheadwood

​​It’s a full year after purchasing.

1:10 PMChristina Sophia

​​Jordan – join the Move your Liver program so you can figure out how to help yourself

1:10 PMzendogbreath

​​@Jordan bile dumps

1:11 PMButtercup

​​Is thiamine hydrochloride really made of tar?

1:12 PMTam Tam

​​Thank you Christina 💗

1:13 PMzendogbreath

​​@Tam Tam welcome

1:17 PMButtercup

​​Recently learned rice can have a mold ??

1:18 PMTam Tam

​​So much love here, I appreciate the warm welcome zendogbreath:)

1:19 PMzendogbreath

​​@Jordan $100 gets you a year on LYL. LYL is like this chat only much more so with plenty of time of folk working it out.

1:19 PMN Rustica

​​strenuous physical activity increases thiamine b1 requirement

1:21 PMChristina Sophia

​​Jordan- if u can use the Nutri Detective Minerals & Mag lotion & def do the lo V

1:22 PMChristina Sophia

​​vA diet

1:23 PMChristina Sophia

​​If you can tell what that involves from listening here. Use of hardwood charcoal pwdr helps detox symptoms

1:23 PMzendogbreath

​​@N Rustica dogs after running hard in winter lay down and rest. when happy and warming their feet smell strong of fritos. frito feet. thiamine. they make it.

1:26 PMN Rustica

​​my step kids love spam musubi, they give it to them at their school for breakfast. too fishy for me

1:26 PMzendogbreath

​​@Tam Tam lack of love is a retinoic acid toxicity symptomzendogbreath$5.00

If we start rice, should we do both brown and white? just brown? or just barley?


1:30 PMButtercup

​​@ N Rustica grew up on that , hawaii eats all high vitamin A foods , a lot of people have severe acne

1:31 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood why do I care about chris devocht?

1:31 PMN Rustica

​​@Buttercup mycotoxins are on a bunch of dried foods, you have to work out your own strategy avoiding them. bulletproof coffee guy drove himself crazy trying to avoid all of them

1:32 PMAdin Pennington

​​I’ve been using naked mass weight gainer as a protein supplement. It’s like yellow pea protein and brown rice protein. Lots of sugars. I should probably stop eating this right? 😂

1:33 PMButtercup

​​@ zen serious lack o love!!??

1:33 PMzendogbreath

​​@Adin Pennington or you could keep eating it and provide us all with a horrible cautionary tale.

1:33 PMAdin Pennington

​​😂 😂 😂 I’ll keep you posted

1:34 PMzendogbreath

​​not sure I want updates Adin

1:34 PMheadwood

​​@zendogbreath He recovered from supposed Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia with low VA/LYL. Chris D on LYL

1:35 PMzendogbreath

​​Oh. Chris D. Yeh he rocks. Did not connect. Think I already follow on twixxer

1:35 PMheadwood

​​Thor interviewed him as well.

1:37 PMButtercup

​​Twixxer not to be confused with twizzlers & Twix 😂

1:38 PMAston UK

​​What were their sources

1:40 PMzendogbreath

​​@Aston UK ?????

1:40 PMN Rustica

​​I would love to see a population study on vitamin A fortified skim and 2% milk compared to whole milk only fortified with d3

1:40 PMButtercup

​​Passionate people are exciting

1:40 PMDremix

​​Twix or Raiders as I ate them

1:40 PMDremix

​​Don’t forget to like the livestream. 27 likes and 83 watching

1:41 PMAdin Pennington

​​I got a ways to go. Progress not perfection. All the real food I eat is low Va now.

1:41 PMzendogbreath

​​@N Rustica would love to see a study on raw unvaxxed unfortified whole vs fortified milk

1:41 PMAston UK

​​In contrast, a lower carbohydrate, higher fat diet slows thiamine loss in thiamine-restricted experimental conditions

1:41 PMButtercup

​​Oh your from France / Germany @dremix Raiders

1:42 PMAston UK

​​Gruber M. Nature of the Vitamin B 1-sparing Action of Fat. Nature.’

1:42 PMN Rustica

​​People brought into emergency rooms with alcohol poisoning were in the past administered glucose IV which resulted in instant WE

1:42 PMButtercup

​​Can’t wait to do it all over again right raise kids on no vax & lvl diet😍

1:42 PMN Rustica

​​WE is incurable

1:43 PMButtercup

​​What’s WE

1:43 PMzendogbreath

​​@Aston UK have you seen denise minger’s youtube on high fat low fat diet?

1:43 PMN Rustica

​​wenickes encephalophy

1:43 PMButtercup

​​Do they give charcoal now for alcohol poisoning ?

1:44 PMN Rustica

​​@Buttercup yeah, they no longer strap on glucose iv

1:44 PMButtercup

​​I thought they pump your stomach

1:45 PMN Rustica

​​i thought nicotine pouches were the same thing as snus, it’s different, snus contain additional alkaloids besides nictotine

1:45 PMDremix

​​@Buttercup Netherlands

1:46 PMAston UK

​​Yes. I like Denise Minger.

1:47 PMAston UK

​​The metabolism of branched chain amino acids ( valine, leucine, and isoleucine) are also dependent upon thiamine via the BCKAD enzyme. With insufficient thiamine, BCAA catabolism is impaired?

1:48 PMN Rustica

​​nicotine has some kind of healthy properties, look at the inverse relationship with Parkinsons Disease, virtually nonexistant in populations that use any form of nicotine

1:48 PMAston UK

​​most studies show that thiamin intake is higher in vegans and vegetarians than in omnivores.

1:48 PMButtercup

​​Beautiful Netherlands

1:49 PMAston UK

​​Swedish study assessed vitamin B1 status based on plasma levels, reporting somewhat higher levels in vegans (36.4 nmol/L) than in vegetarians (29.4 nmol/L) and meat-eaters (30.7 nmol/L). Interesting

1:51 PMN Rustica

​​@Aston UK interesting, contrast the serum levels with the levels excreted in urine?

1:52 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​#MethyleneBlue is TOXIC!!! The EVIDENCE ☠🙅‍♂🙅‍♀🚫 LYL #150 SPECIAL EPISODE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8pij…

1:53 PMAston UK

​​@N Rustica plasma levelsThis message is held for review.

1:53 PMButtercup

​​Your pee is dank when eat Brussels sprouts 🌱



1:55 PMN Rustica

​​I had b1 malabsorbtion syndrome, i am a recovering alcoholic. the low vitamin a cleared it completely up. it’s in everything, there’s no reason to be deficient in B!

1:55 PMMonica C.P.

​​They inhibit the thyroid gland

1:55 PMButtercup

​​@ N Rustica what were yr symptoms

1:57 PMzendogbreath

​​@Aston UK branch chain aminos are all sulfurs, right?

1:57 PMButtercup

​​Never liked cabbage patch dolls either 👀

1:57 PMzendogbreath

​​@N Rustica are you on LYL? looked at nicotinic acid yet?

1:58 PMAbigail Dill

​​Interesting title! I’m at work right now. I will have to catch the recording later. Thank you for everything.

1:58 PMzendogbreath

​​@Buttercup ???????

1:59 PMN Rustica

​​@zendogbreath yeah, i’m more and more low vitamin A. been doing it for 18 months

1:59 PMAston UK

​​Tip: the conventional cooking method can preserve more vitamins and minerals in rice samples because a lot of these nutrients are wasted in the rinsing method when washing and soaking.

2:00 PMzendogbreath

​​18 months on NA or on LYL?

2:00 PMButtercup

​​Doc was mentioning how bad cabbage is

2:00 PMN Rustica

​​I do niacin when i go to the sauna, does that count?

2:01 PMAston UK

​​So cook your rice like your grandma did!

2:01 PMzendogbreath

​​@Buttercup ah.

2:01 PMButtercup

​​Sorry I’ll stop 😘

2:01 PMzendogbreath

​​@Aston UK um are you familiar with idea of arsenic in rice?

2:02 PMzendogbreath

​​@Buttercup bet you can not

2:03 PMN Rustica

​​@Aston UK expensive jasmine rice is prerinsed, i doubt it makes as much nutritional difference as cooling the rice before eating it.

2:04 PMzendogbreath

​​Dang. First Doc wrecks my glucose placebo. Then he wrecks my fraudulent nutrient cure alls. Then he wrecks my safe and effective pharma placebos. Now he wrecks my safe addictions?

2:05 PMButtercup

​​Ikik stop it some more 😩

2:05 PMAston UK

​​I use jasmine rice

2:05 PMzendogbreath

​​Hey where is Will?

2:06 PMzendogbreath

​​And Hope?

2:07 PMzendogbreath

​​My WILL power is waning. I feel HOPEless.

2:07 PMN Rustica

​​he’s at a white supremacist rally? LOL

2:08 PMButtercup

​​Be Brave

2:09 PMzendogbreath

​​Fortunately DAI UNCHI san is in the house.

2:09 PMzendogbreath

​​Hey Pepes. Where are the superchats?

2:11 PMAston UK

​​Temperature: thiamine is sensitive to temperature as it makes it unstable, especially in alkaline environments. Thiamin tends to be most stable in slightly acidic conditions, around a pH of 6.0

2:12 PMAston UK

​​ Thiamin losses during meat cooking and canning, bread baking, and vegetable cooking are 25 to 85%, 5 to 35%, and 0 to 60%,zendogbreath$5.00

How do we make thiamine in our guts the way dogs do? I want frito feet like my happy dogs.


2:13 PMAston UK

​​respectively. In pasteurization, sterilization, spray-drying, roller-drying, and condensation of milk, thiamin losses are 9 to 20%, 30 to 50%, 10%, 15%, and 40%, respectively.

2:14 PMzendogbreath

​​thiamine HCl rocked. for first 8 months of LYL. then no more needed.Oscar FSEK 100.00

Took antibiotics on vacation. When I returned home and went back to strict diet, felt really bad. 1 week later still feeling bad. Did I poison my liver with ab + bad diet, detox kicked in once home?


2:15 PMButtercup

​​I muscle test the b1 every so often

2:15 PMWill

​​I’m here dirt shovelers!

2:16 PMzendogbreath

​​@Oscar F wow. sounds like it. welcome home right?

2:16 PMzendogbreath

​​WILLN Rustica$10.00

My boyfriend loves taking flax oil before morning workout i tell him to mix it with lecithin granules to make it a cleaner burn. What’s your take on putting these substances inside your body.


2:16 PMOscar F

​​@zendogbreath yeah… just curious how the AB ruined me. toxins released after kill of bacteria?

2:17 PMzendogbreath

​​@N Rustica is BF keto?

2:18 PMzendogbreath

​​are the lecithin granules soy based?

2:18 PMzendogbreath

​​has he ever tried evening primrose oil instead?

2:19 PMN Rustica

​​Nope, he does IF though

2:19 PMzendogbreath

​​so he breaks fast with flax oil?

2:20 PMWill

​​You made this? I made this…

2:21 PMzendogbreath

​​DAI UNCHI san made this.

2:21 PMButtercup

​​I soaked my rice overnight when I cooked my rice it was too soggy??

2:21 PMWill

​​sou desu

2:21 PMN Rustica

​​Not sure, i’m just curious about flax oil and the duration paradox, it appears to help him in the short term

2:21 PMzendogbreath

​​that is not a silly question.

2:22 PMzendogbreath

​​8 months at 2 g B1 stopped after 8 months been about 10 months since still improving

2:22 PMAston UK

​​despite consuming the same amount of liver-fattening diet. Thiamine treatment also decreased hyperglycemia and increased the glycogen content of the liver, but it did not improve insulin sensitivity

2:22 PMvredchasing

​​What are your thoughts on implants? How would something foreign affect the body?

2:22 PMOscar F

​​Ate quite alot of vA on the vacation as well…

2:23 PMOscar F

​​I tried taking some bfido antibiotics. Felt quite bad the next day.

2:23 PMzendogbreath

​​ouch Oscar. Does it hurt when you do that?…….headwood$5.00

Mag oxide/hydroxide/citrate give me gas not relief from constipation. Why cant I get them to work? Very frustrating. Often forced to resort to enemas.


2:24 PMN Rustica

​​@Oscar F there is a “hump” people experience, stick with it. i felt like shit for about 10 weeks about 9 months into this

2:24 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood are you getting potassium too?

2:25 PMAston UK

​​[message retracted]

2:25 PMWill

​​How were the cameras fine in the wake of the blast? 😉

2:25 PMzendogbreath

​​@N Rustica right on. there is a period where the poop starts getting toxins out as fast as the liver gets them out into the poop.

2:25 PMOscar F

​​I tried taking some bfido probiotics once home. Felt shit the day after… stick through?

2:26 PMOscar F

​​Not on any supplements. Just trying to dial in diet first.

2:26 PMzendogbreath

​​Out of the blue much? what blast? what camera?

2:26 PMheadwood

​​Yes. Specifically focused on potassium both orally, topically and baths.

2:26 PMAston UK

​​Nearly all ALD cirrhotics are thiamine deficient and at high risk of Wernike Korsakoff syndrome.

2:26 PMPierre Groulx

​​”Humans will succumb to a relatively low amount of radiation – 1,000 rads will do the job in around ten minutes – but these cockroaches were defeated by exposure to 100,000 rads.”

2:26 PMPierre Groulx


2:26 PMN Rustica

​​stick with it, eat low vitamin a diet. potatoes can be soothing if your gut biome is whacked

2:27 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood tried green peeled kiwi? prune?

2:27 PMOscar F

​​@N Rustica so you think there’s an adjustment for probiotics?

2:27 PMheadwood


2:27 PMOscar F


2:27 PMzendogbreath

​​where did the nuke conversation come in?

2:27 PMheadwood

​​Just more gas from prunes. Nothing from kiwi

2:28 PMzendogbreath

​​kiwi kick in 12 hours later. I like 3 or 4 before bed

2:28 PMWill

​​I have the most free fatty acid esters.

2:28 PMheadwood

​​Trying bifido probiotic as latest experiment. Only been two days so need longer to assess whether it will help

2:29 PMzendogbreath

​​my fatty acid esters are on a short leash

2:29 PMButtercup

​​A chemist said flax feeds cancer cells in Petri dish 👀

2:30 PMWill

​​huh what

2:30 PMzendogbreath

​​Are cockroaches low vitamin A?

2:30 PMWill

​​I was pretty sure I got the charcoal thing from you @Nutrition Detective

2:30 PMAston UK

​​Khokhar S, Kapoor AC. Effect of dietary fibres on bioavailability of vitamin A and thiamine. Do you know of this study

2:30 PMAston UK

​​vitamin A in serum decreased significantly with the increase in level of dietary fibre, but the decrease was non-significant in the case of thiamine.

2:30 PMWill

​​we got it from each other 😉

2:30 PMN Rustica

​​@Oscar F i drank the broth from boiled cabbage when i stripped my gut with AB. it was also soothing and cooled the burn

2:31 PMNever Surrender

​​What about EVOO?

2:31 PMzendogbreath

​​what is EVOO?

2:31 PMzendogbreath

​​I love to poop.

2:31 PMzendogbreath

​​who else loves to poop?

2:31 PMNever Surrender

​​What about extra virgin olive oil?

2:31 PMWill

​​I would like to poop

2:32 PMzendogbreath

​​oh EVOO for a laxative?

2:32 PMheadwood

​​I’m fully on the program. 100% Well versed in all of it.

2:32 PMN Rustica

​​@Oscar F please look into using a prebiotic soluble fiber like sunfiber brand PHGG

2:33 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood this sounds like a good reason for an LYL post with a long thread.

2:33 PMasaTBrunson

​​I traded rice for quinoa, but I’m sure there is some issue with quinoa. So what is it?

2:34 PMheadwood

​​I’m OK with enemas, just need to see a light at end of tunnel. Real hassle to have to do those almost daily.

2:34 PMzendogbreath

​​quinoa is my most gas producing thing ever eaten

2:34 PMN Rustica

​​Ayahuasca is better than enemas LOL

2:34 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Nasty Health tip…. Gross – don’t read this if you don’t like reading about #2. I had one of those really big dumps… I used a heat lamp to relax to let it get started.

2:34 PMWill

​​I can image you bending over lmao

2:34 PMzendogbreath

​​Joe’s sunbaked bung therapy

2:35 PMN Rustica

​​i pooped so hard when i drank ayahuasca that i stood up

2:35 PMheadwood

​​I already try high doses of all of those magnesiums but I guess I’ll just try crazy heroic doses.

2:35 PMChristina Sophia

​​Hardwood – try Mag glycinate caps – try to find right amt to reverse constipation – I find 400- 600 is plenty & can be used in tandem w/charcoal

2:35 PMasaTBrunson

​​What do you think causes gas with quinoa

2:35 PMheadwood

​​@zendogbreath We’ve done that, you and I have gone back and forth in a thread on it. Lots of detail.

2:35 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood psyllium powder?

2:35 PMChristina Sophia

​​I meant Headwood!

2:36 PMzendogbreath

​​detailed conversations about poop ROCK

2:36 PMheadwood

​​Yep tried psyllium.

2:36 PMvredchasing

​​How toxic are stuff like dental implants? Non metals

2:36 PMheadwood

​​I’m on the whole program, trust me

2:36 PMAston UK

​​Recent meta analysis from BMJ showed vitamin A supplementation had no effect on mortality in the individually randomised trials. No surprise!

2:36 PMzendogbreath

​​yeh Will’s magnesium glycinate lysinate rocks.

2:36 PMheadwood

​​Sorry not trying to be defensive, just real stumped here.

2:37 PMWill

​​I haven’t had any for a long time. Need to get settled so I can take it again

2:37 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood movement physical training schedule? walking? rebounder?

2:38 PMheadwood

​​I get ya Doc. Truly believe patience and time will see it through. Just burned out on the enemas

2:38 PMN Rustica

​​psyllium powder can cake up if it’s not hydrated, it’s been know to CAUSE a blockage

2:39 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood yeh. I felt the same way about needing B1 to keep sacroiliitis pain away.

2:39 PMAston UK

​​I thought coffee enhanced niacin absorption?

2:39 PMzendogbreath

​​yeh for sure let psyllium husk powder dissolve at least half hour in too much water.

2:40 PMButtercup

​​I had lady I only saw her like 3-4 weeks ago and she’s like Omgee you look younger !! She knows nothing of diet , I just chalked it up to less eye makeup but now I think it’s LYL 🥰

2:40 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@headwood Look for my “bowels” link on this page https://remedycoin.com/remedyreport I did a tuning fork sound triangulated for the bowels. might help you can try for free.

2:40 PMheadwood

​​I’ll keep strategizing on it. Appreciate the suggestions.

2:40 PMButtercup

​​I’m 6 months in

2:41 PMzendogbreath

​​omg. I get people all the time saying I look like I look great for an 80 year old

2:41 PMzendogbreath

​​eating the charcoal is better though

2:42 PMheadwood

​​@Joe Baker I did run through that (you msged me on Telegram). Cool stuff. Like to be able to try on myself in person

2:42 PMzendogbreath

​​blackoatstercult Seasons don’t fear the pooper. Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain. You can be like they are.

2:42 PMButtercup

​​BOC 🤣

2:42 PMzendogbreath

​​i did

2:42 PMAston UK

​​Charcoal isn’t that bad, the black teeth are annoying

2:43 PMzendogbreath

​​needed B1 to stop sacroilitis

2:43 PMzendogbreath

​​nope sacroiliitis is gone. ass to grass squats are easy. rocking it.

2:43 PMButtercup

​​Oh but I do fear the poop 😆

2:44 PMzendogbreath

​​18 hours a day minimum

2:44 PMzendogbreath

​​5.5 months

2:44 PMWill

​​I can’t even put my ass to grass and I’m 32 lol

2:44 PMzendogbreath

​​hey i am not 80 dangit

2:45 PMN Rustica

​​you in your 50s like me?

2:45 PMzendogbreath

​​63 dammit

2:46 PMN Rustica

​​thats a good number

2:46 PMzendogbreath

​​I am Grant’s elder

2:46 PMAston UK

​​decrease in β-carotene and vitamin A levels in the liver of rats was observed in the group given charcoal-broiled beef compounded diet only!

2:47 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​2 hours and 17 minutes into the show…. This is a good section to review over and over. I want to get that detox pathway chain down cold.

2:47 PMzendogbreath

​​Steve no longer feels chiro cures all after his SIJ ripped him up.

2:47 PMButtercup

​​So what are top 3 things Accutane users need to really do

2:47 PMAston UK

​​Charcoal is a great binder for vitamin A

2:48 PMN Rustica

​​mine was tietze costochondritis, only flares if i stray from diet. i treated mine with mega doses of vitamin E

2:48 PMButtercup

​​Love being your lab rat 😂🥰

2:49 PMWill

​​All my chats are super

2:49 PMzendogbreath

​​vitamin E is sus.

2:49 PMheadwood

​​Good show today. Thanks Dr Smith.

2:50 PMChristina Sophia

​​Thank you doc! Have a great week

2:50 PMzendogbreath

​​used to do megadose vitamin E.

2:50 PMButtercup


2:50 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Today’s Notes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C…

2:50 PMN Rustica

​​i’m tapering down, i used 1-3000iu doses for decades to fight the imflammation. i use 1/100th what i once used

2:50 PMzendogbreath

​​thank you mods and Joe

2:51 PMN Rustica

​​dead rats tell the story

2:51 PMzendogbreath

​​see you all

2:52 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​YW @zendogbreath

2:53 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Here’s some screenshots I collected today: https://health.forgivenesscapital.com…

2:54 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​It has the text of the testimonials and the highlights from the studies.

2:55 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​I wrote some Linux script magic to compress down the images so they don’t destroy my server like happened once from so much data being on a single page.

2:55 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​I’ve also started focusing on the part of the screen that matters rather than the whole screen.