Live Chat #146

1:18 PMDillon Black

​​was it bad kelsey?

1:18 PMKelsey J

​​he only spent a couple hours looking into NA yeah perhaps we should talk 😆

1:18 PMNitay Gouranga

​​regarding consuming activated charcoal with meals, is it not sucking any useful nutrient from it ? I know you have said that’s a myth but still I feel a little depleted when I take it even alone.

1:18 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J ya gotta give it full attention. remember Grant is an engineer. details.

1:18 PMzendogbreath

​​@Nitay Gouranga how much are you taking?

1:18 PMK W

​​You don’t know me. I’m new. I’m in good shape and work out consistently. Copper..makes sense. I had 4huge babies. Not taking too much zinc maybe too much potassium?

1:18 PMKelsey J

​​it was not stark enough in its contrast between nicotinic acid and niacinamide

1:18 PMWill

​​I like my women smooth

1:18 PMKelsey J

​​I will I will

1:19 PMKelsey J

​​it’s important, I can work with this

1:19 PMzendogbreath

​​where did smooth come from.

1:19 PMNitay Gouranga

​​@zendogbreath around 2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day

1:19 PMzendogbreath

​​I bet we can get him to study more on NA

1:19 PMDillon Black

​​grant likes to stir the pot 😆

1:20 PMzendogbreath

​​@Nitay Gouranga how long ago were you taking zero charcoal?

1:20 PMKelsey J

​​I’m certainly stirred up lolWelcome to live chat! Remember to guard your privacy and abide by our community guidelines.Learn more

1:20 PMJohn Dickinson

​​@Kelsey where can I find a good breakdown of the difference between niacinamide and nicotinic acid? The recent livestream didn’t go deep enough. Confusing.

1:20 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J he carefully stated that he is profoundly neutral on NA and clear that he believes niacin as fortified is evil.

1:21 PMKelsey J

​​I’ll print it out and address piece by piece…if I get time and there’s not several x flares a day lol

1:21 PMWill

​​how dare you, chat!

1:21 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J I thought you went into the difference in one of your lessons on NA.

1:22 PMKelsey J

​​I know, the body of it wasn’t quite as clear as I like

1:22 PMKelsey J

​​I did yes

1:22 PMzendogbreath

​​Yeh. Grant does not care about what he does not say.

1:22 PMzendogbreath

​​@Will ????

1:23 PMWill

​​hai hai wiru desu

1:23 PMDillon Black

​​chat is where it’s at lol

1:24 PMzendogbreath

​​translategoogle says Hi Cup Will

1:24 PMWill

​​Grant never really understood the first principles of TBT to be fair

1:24 PMWill

​​will = wiru

1:24 PMzendogbreath

​​when I take out hai hai it says I’m Will

1:25 PMWill

​​hai hai, boku wa will chan desiou ne

1:25 PMzendogbreath

​​Ishi ga areba michihahirakeru

1:26 PMK W

​​Thanks! I feel so dumb in this chat! 😆

1:26 PMzendogbreath

​​I always wondered how there can be more than one king at a time.

1:26 PMKelsey J

​​I need to go eat some protein to make it thru today, chicken in the instapot. ttyl chat friends ❤

1:26 PMWill

​​boka chan ga oshiete kureta ironma mita

1:26 PMWill

​​cya kelsey

1:27 PMDillon Black

​​laters kels

1:27 PMzendogbreath

​​Let’s make Garrett laugh and blow NA water out his nose during LS

1:27 PMWill

​​my left leg has been twitchy for the last week

1:29 PMWill

​​I have never fallen asleep initially. It ALWAYS takes an hour minimum

1:29 PMzendogbreath

​​I got cramps down enough to let me sleep 2 full rems at a time. awesome.

1:29 PMWill

​​And I do potassium at night too

1:30 PMzendogbreath

​​you need sudoku by the bedside

1:31 PMJohn Dickinson

​​”while both NA and nicotinamide can lead to NAD+ production, they do so through different pathways: nicotinic acid through the NAPRT pathway, and nicotinamide through the Preiss-Handler pathway”

1:31 PMzendogbreath

​​BLACK OATSTER CULT Seasons don’t fear the pooperGianni Gianni€11.99

Hi Doc, if this question has already been addressed I apologize, is lactoferrin or niacin or both more effective for repairing cholestasis? Thanks


1:31 PMJohn Dickinson

​​@Kelsey do you agree with this quote from ChatGPT?

1:31 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:32 PMzendogbreath

​​time to eat some black oats and beef. no more rickets here.

1:34 PMzendogbreath

​​I identify as mostly man. not so much woman.

1:34 PMzendogbreath

​​we need Pierre here to get Doc cracking up from chat

1:35 PMzendogbreath

​​I identify as an aggitator

1:35 PMserfin’ USA

​​do you need to avoid fat to let the gallbladder heal a month or two?

1:36 PMzendogbreath

​​@serfin’ USA no need to eat extra fat if eating beefheadwood$5.00

What are your thoughts on ionic foot bath detox, the kits with the arrays/electrodes? Useful/safe? Snake oil?


1:38 PMGianni Gianni

​​Thanks 👍🏻

1:38 PMAnna Lynn

​​What’s the correlation to hepcidin production and the toxic bile theory? I’ve taken iron for 40 yrs, as well as copper, D and A. It results in very low cholesterol and iron. Curious how this ties in.

1:39 PMD K

​​the price of Niacin is more foundational (it’s cheap!). there is GS saying just thatzendogbreath$5.00

phytates reduced by soaking grain/bean warm 120 deg F for 12 to 24 hrs help with potassium uptake?


1:39 PMzendogbreath

​​where is Ramone when you need him?

1:40 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:41 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood have you seen the livestream on ALS? Lou Gherig was all about electro stimulation.

1:42 PMheadwood

​​@zendogbreath No, haven’t watched that one yet. I’ll check it out thx

1:42 PMWill


1:42 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​ALS Episode of LYL #137…

1:42 PMWill

​​@Daniel Jackson could be

1:43 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:45 PMzendogbreath

​​@headwood it is Livestream #137Anna Lynn$4.99

What’s the relation to hepcidin production and the toxic bile theory? I’ve taken iron, A & D for 40 yrs resulting in very low cholesterol and iron.

LikeLet’s celebrate their 1st Super on a live stream

1:46 PMNutrition Detective


1:46 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:46 PMWill

​​no no @Daniel Jackson I was making a dad joke about ‘wattage’

1:46 PMNutrition Detective


1:47 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:47 PMzendogbreath

​​who was the NBA player that had a huge growth on side of head jaw where he held his phone all the time?

1:48 PMserfin’ USA

​​my cousin had a tumor behind his ear and he always wore one them bluetooth earpieces

1:48 PMWill

​​But big pappa apple would never hurt us!

1:49 PMzendogbreath

​​wait does this mean I am a neuro degenerate?

1:49 PMzendogbreath

​​that splains alot

1:49 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:49 PMheadwood

​​Thanks! I wasn’t aware you’d covered the foot baths before. I wonder if wearing the EMF Solutions wristband or personal card while using it could somehow mitigate overintensification from the footbath

1:49 PMzendogbreath

​​we ahve wires all over our house instead of wifi. looks silly.

1:50 PMzendogbreath

​​not a tropic

1:50 PMJohn Dickinson

​​Nuuu trah pic

1:52 PMzendogbreath

​​so does the yellow colored vA filled fat get blue from the MB to make a lovely green?

1:53 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​video is freezing .. close that Hill page

1:53 PMWill

​​symptoms, simp-toms

1:54 PMzendogbreath

​​hey you missed a superchatWill$2.00

super chat


1:54 PMD K


1:54 PMzendogbreath

​​thank you @Joe Baker’s Remedy Report stay on him. we are going a full 5 hours today.

1:55 PMAnna Lynn

​​I paid for one!!

1:55 PMAnna Lynn

​​You’re very welcome

1:55 PMAnna Lynn


1:55 PMAnna Lynn

​​I’m here

1:56 PMAnna Lynn

​​I am

1:56 PMCryptoTime

​​Started with vit A diet due to Keratosis Pilaris + added Zinc supplement, been only few days and parts were KP showed most recent is just disappearing

1:56 PMAnna Lynn

​​I took it for anemia and developed low cholesterol, iron and hemoglobin

1:57 PMzendogbreath

​​nice @CryptoTime. had similar experience with moles age spots warts cuts scrapes and old scars.

1:57 PMCryptoTime

​​@zendogbreath awesome to hear that

1:57 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:57 PMDaniel Jackson

​​[message retracted]

1:57 PMzendogbreath

​​@CryptoTime are you on LYL network too?

1:58 PMAnna Lynn


1:58 PMCryptoTime


1:58 PMzendogbreath

​​there are a few posts there you can find on search. bunch of us have had this. so nice

2:00 PMzendogbreath

​​reminder:zendogbreath$5.00phytates reduced by soaking grain/bean warm 120 deg F for 12 to 24 hrs help with potassium uptake?

2:02 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath Won’t forget your superchat. Good point. I pressure cook my oatmeal for like an hour. Does that help reduce philates?

2:02 PMzendogbreath

​​Ben Greenfield has articles on salivary gland cancer & phones. “More celebrities than just Lebron James have been dealing with salivary or parotid gland tumors. For examle, John McCain and Adam Yauch”

2:02 PMSarah G

​​Yes! My ferritin has been raising ever since I started the program 3 years ago.

2:03 PMzendogbreath

​​I think so Joe. Did you see the recent post on LYL about soaking it warm with charcoal or bicarbs?

2:03 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​LYL #103 High Ferritin…

2:04 PMzendogbreath

​​@Joe Baker’s Remedy Report I thought you were crock potting it not pressure cooking?

2:04 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath I’m also putting charcoal powder in the pressure cooker. I heat the water first. Add oatmeal & charcoal stir and seal it.

2:04 PMzendogbreath

​​are you soaking and rinsing it first?

2:06 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath I was slow cooking in crock pot. But figured out how to do it with a pressure cooker now. Heat water first to pressure… release. Add oats and charc… and seal it for 1 hr.

2:07 PMzendogbreath

​​@will found your comment on Grant’s blog. about to read it.

2:07 PMAnna Lynn

​​I actually had a heart attack from iron overload in 2017, but still said my blood levels were low.

2:08 PMAnna Lynn

​​Thus they said it was hepcidin overproduction

2:08 PMzendogbreath

​​interesting @Joe Baker’s Remedy Report sounds good. think I will try that along with warm soak and rince first.

2:09 PMWill

​​I require a book review when done

2:09 PMWill

​​Estrogen is probably a hormonal waste end product

2:12 PMzendogbreath

​​book review is positive. well said (except for that little think equating niacinamide and NA and whatever)

2:12 PMAnna Lynn

​​They increased my iron to 12 iron pills a day 2 weeks before the heart attack.

2:12 PMzendogbreath

​​dai unchi san is king of blowing it out.

2:12 PMAnna Lynn

​​I was in a hot tub and that’s what triggered it.

2:13 PMzendogbreath

​​anna is IRON WOMAN

2:13 PMAnna Lynn


2:13 PMzendogbreath

​​how can these guys not get sued?

2:13 PMzendogbreath

​​I have lead poisoning so the cure is to supplement my lead.

2:14 PMWill

​​I will suffer to prove the theory 🙂

2:14 PMBrenda M

​​OMGosh Anna! I’m so happy you are her to tell your story!

2:14 PMEve W

​​I have a lot of iron in my system. I cannot take iron supplements

2:15 PMfabuladeum

​​all the liver eaters, I.e frank tafano had toxic levels of iron in their livers

2:16 PMzendogbreath

​​@Anna Lynn did you skin turn grey from it?Oscar FSEK 50.00

Can’t have too much carbs due to copper toxicity, is it ok to fill out calories with fat to stay full? Too low fat and I get very hungry


2:17 PMAnna Lynn

​​@zen No, but I was pretty tan, so I wouldn’t have been able to tell.

2:17 PMzendogbreath

​​had a friend with bad liver who turned gray after a hamburger. used to get phlebotomy regular to reduce his iron.

2:17 PMzendogbreath

​​omg Anna

2:18 PMserfin’ USA

​​i think iron can feed some bacteria strains too

2:18 PMzendogbreath

​​good point serfin

2:19 PMzendogbreath

​​@Oscar F can you take any charcoal?

2:20 PMOscar F

​​@zendogbreath you mean after meals?

2:21 PMzendogbreath

​​sounds like you are currently taking no charcoal, is that right?

2:21 PMOscar F

​​I’ve tried it before bed, didn’t really notice any difference

2:22 PMzendogbreath

​​are you on LYL? can you get to the article on “order of adding stuff”list?

2:22 PMOscar F

​​not yet but plan on joining

2:23 PMzendogbreath

​​yeh. am starting the soaks and rinses now.

2:24 PMzendogbreath

​​please do join soon @Oscar F it is easier to get the copper out safe and easy than to change what you are taking in.

2:24 PMzendogbreath

​​thank you on the answer on the superchat.

2:24 PMOscar F

​​No, I’m active 25 year old male

2:24 PMOscar F

​​need around 3k-3.5k a day calories

2:25 PMOscar F

​​I make sure to get 200g protein a day. When I go on 10% fat calories /day, I get VERY hungry and want to cheat on sugars. Don’t want to go above 1.5/2mg of copper a day due to toxicity

2:26 PMOscar F

​​But it’s hard to eat more carbs and not go above that copper amount

2:26 PMOscar F

​​So a bit fattier meat/tallow the best?

2:26 PMManuel Gonzalez

​​Which grain do you suggest? Millet?

2:26 PMzendogbreath

​​can you find low copper carbs?

2:27 PMzendogbreath

​​am doing well with oats and fruit

2:27 PMOscar F

​​Yes. I do best on low carb, like 50-75g carbs a day from oats / apples

2:27 PMOscar F

​​But scared I won’t detox with that fat amount as it needs higher fat

2:28 PMzendogbreath

​​so you are doing keto now, right?

2:28 PMOscar F

​​200g protein/200g fat/75g carbs ish

2:28 PMzendogbreath

​​yeh. that is where I came in from.

2:29 PMzendogbreath

​​I still eat that much meat. lowered fat and slowly raised carbs. Doc has this it is easy for him. He coached me thru. transition from keto to carbo helped.

2:29 PMzendogbreath

​​I am apple and oat licious.

2:30 PMOscar F

​​Cool. I’ve just heard fat is terrible for detoxing so I’ve been trying to push high carb low fat, but can’t stay full on it and doesn’t feel as good as I did on lower carb (not full keto) but more fat

2:30 PMzendogbreath

​​denise minger has a good youtube about eating under 10% fat OR over 70% fat but not in between.

2:30 PMOscar F

​​Diet pretty much fatty meat with tallow + oats and a few apples

2:30 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath Maybe soaking overnight might be better than pressure cooking. I’m not confident that pressure and heat would break down the acid.Tao Lin$10.00

Low starch diet is prescribed for ankylosing spondylitis (AS). I did this for 8 years and it relieved my AS by ~70%. Carnivore & now low VA resolved the rest. My ?: Why would avoiding starch help AS?


2:32 PMzendogbreath

​​@Joe Baker’s Remedy Report agreed. that is what i will try next.

2:32 PMOscar F

​​I’m still making sure to go once/twice a day with the fattier diet

2:32 PMOscar F

​​the oats and apples help

2:32 PMJohn Dickinson

​​What are examples of low vitA fats?

2:32 PMzendogbreath

​​@Oscar F you will feel wimpy if you mix keto and carbo. carbs over 50g cut me out of ketosis but not enough carbs to burn.

2:33 PMWill

​​F Me? Why!!!! (lol)

2:33 PMOscar F

​​Okay, thanks doc

2:34 PMOscar F

​​Gotcha. Maybe a slower transition from lower carb to more carb is what I should go with

2:34 PMOscar F

​​@zendogbreath I actually felt pretty good at 60-70g carbs a day

2:34 PMzendogbreath

​​got to provide carbs to burn for energy if ketosis is not happening. dates are my backup to oats and apples. transition to carbs slow but get there.

2:35 PMzendogbreath

​​yeh. over that you lose ketosis and get keto flu. no matter how much more fat taken in.

2:35 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath Wondering if the charcoal will draw out glyphosate and if that’s safe then to pass through digestion? Srtong bond of charcoal to glyphosate?

2:35 PMzendogbreath

​​took me couple months slowly bringing up carb intake.

2:35 PMOscar F

​​Is there a maximum amount of copper one should eat if toxic?

2:35 PMzendogbreath

​​@will lololo

2:36 PMzendogbreath

​​eat lowest copper possible.

2:36 PMOscar F

​​@zendogbreath That’s what get tricky when eating alot of carbs. All carbs have copper.

2:36 PMOscar F

​​Except honey/pure sugar

2:36 PMzendogbreath

​​@Oscar F get on LYL. bunch of us carnivore / keto folk transitioned and some still are and detoxing. great topic.

2:37 PMOscar F

​​Ok cool

2:37 PMzendogbreath

​​@Joe Baker’s Remedy Report am going to soak in charcoal, rinse it out and replace with new charcoal and water to cook.

2:38 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath I wonder if I met you at the Silicon Valley Bitcoin meetup?

2:38 PMWill

​​I’m an essential nutrient 😉

2:39 PMTao Lin

​​Grains mostly and potatoes.

2:39 PMzendogbreath

​​there is no way to avoid all vit A nor copper in food. helping liver to get them out is easier than avoiding all.

2:39 PMTao Lin

​​Yes and no beans.

2:39 PMWill


2:39 PMzendogbreath

​​@Joe Baker’s Remedy Report just tell me if I am hyperchatting. lololo

2:40 PMserfin’ USA

​​@Tao Lin one theory i read is Ankylosing Spondylitis is an autoimmune disease caused by gluten/grain allergy/sensitivity.

2:40 PMTao Lin

​​But I tried beans recently and I did fine on them, so now I’m wondering if I avoided them for 8 years thinking they would be bad for me but they actually weren’t.

2:40 PMM D

​​@Will ウィルさんを食べてもいいですか?

2:41 PMButtercup

​​Ya I gained weight coming from keto , I figured my body was recalibrating

2:41 PMzendogbreath

​​yowza @M D

2:41 PMEvan E

​​I also didn’t eat starch for AS for 9 years. I eat starch now. AS is less problematic now then ever. I think it was vitamin A and D toxicity.

2:41 PMEmma T

​​klebsiella is found in people with AK.

2:41 PMzendogbreath

​​i wish i gained weight coming from keto.

2:44 PMTao Lin

​​I haven’t read about fiber and AS.

2:44 PMButtercup

​​@zen you can have my fat 😂

2:44 PMTao Lin

​​A lot of people recommend low starch for it.

2:45 PMzendogbreath

​​@Oscar F getting it out faster than it comes in is the program. charcoal can help there. best to get on LYL and read through the lesson. make slow changes. it will be easier than you think.

2:45 PMzendogbreath

​​if only it were that easy @Buttercup

2:45 PMMatej

​​Grant did an article on niacin but failed to mention niacinamide

2:45 PMzendogbreath

​​@Matej MATEJ

2:46 PMzendogbreath

​​check earlier in the chat Matej. we crushed that topic.

2:46 PMMatej

​​@zendogbreath ZENDOGBREATH

2:46 PMMatej

​​let’s see

2:46 PMMatej

​​I followed the stream didn’t look at the chat

2:46 PMzendogbreath

​​will’s comment on grant’s blog rocks too.

2:47 PMzendogbreath

​​is that legal Matej?

2:47 PMMatej

​​This inner circle will be the first one without me :/

2:47 PMMatej

​​I def will miss is

2:47 PMMatej


2:47 PMWill

​​I am a rock

2:48 PMMatej

​​Youtube doesn’t let me scroll that much up @zendogbreath

2:48 PMMatej

​​i’ll have to wait for the stream to end to look at the comments

2:48 PMzendogbreath

​​oh you gotta watch the livestream later.

2:49 PMzendogbreath

​​what kind of rock

2:49 PMTao Lin

​​Yes, thank you. And you’re pronouncing my name right.

2:50 PMAnna Lynn

​​Thank you for your insight Dr Garrett!

2:50 PMzendogbreath

​​see you all.

2:50 PMWill

​​You have an even better day

2:50 PMMatej

​​stoked to see the MB one

2:50 PMMatej

​​take care all

2:50 PMMarisa D

​​cant wait for the MB!!

2:52 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Links for today’s show…

2:52 PMzendogbreath

​​thank you joe baker

2:53 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath !!! I enjoy your participation!

2:53 PMzendogbreath

​​thx man. next time I read bitcoin from you I will know.

2:53 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​I’m trying to not let my zayne fun side get too carried away.

2:53 PMzendogbreath


2:54 PMzendogbreath

​​i gotta let you go setup IC right?

2:54 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath I have two telegram channels… and

2:54 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report


2:54 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Not sure how it’s spelled.

2:55 PMzendogbreath

​​sounds like you have enough on your plate to keep you from hyperchatting on one channel. good tactic.

2:55 PMzendogbreath

​​got to go. see you man.

2:55 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report