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12:06 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report


12:06 PMMatej

​​i’ll be later today, is the stream late too?

12:07 PMMatej

​​it says 8 minutes, i see now 🙂

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12:15 PMWill


12:20 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​hey @Will

12:20 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​We’ll be a few more minutes.

12:24 PMheadwood

​​hi hi

12:26 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​we are live

12:27 PMzendogbreath

​​Hi all.

12:28 PMMichael

​​happy livestream

12:28 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Kelsey kenney

12:28 PMJohn Dickinson


12:28 PMXander

​​HDT for the win 💪🏻

12:29 PMNutrition Detective


12:34 PMMarisa D

​​finally catching a live!!!

12:34 PMMarisa D

​​yes please do a show on methylene blue!!!Karol LichonPLN 50.00

Hey doc I feel much better thx to lyl but on carnivore my vitiligo stopped and it is growing on lyl. I also took a little to much lactoferrin and been nauseas for a month. Charcoal no longer helps.


12:36 PMSam

​​Is there anything you can do for crazy glutamate sensitivity? Doesn’t improve even with low A? Should I get more b6 from food? (don’t want toxicity)

12:41 PMKarol Lichon


12:41 PMKarol Lichon

​​But with eggs and butter

12:44 PMChristine Hoeflich

​​@Karol, is your name pronounced KA (like the co in “copy”) Rol (rolling r, with an audible l at the end). And you are a male, correct?

12:45 PMVictoria Rusk

​​hi friends! love my liver!! 🥰Dillon Black$5.00

if nicotinic acid raises NAD+ wouldn’t we be able to create more atp from glucose, why do so many people see a spike in blood glucose after taking it?

3Let’s celebrate their 5th Super on a live stream

12:47 PMKarol Lichon

​​Yeah I ve had gerd before

12:47 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report


12:48 PMKarol Lichon

​​What is the best way to stop it apart from charcoal?

12:48 PMVictoria Rusk

​​go LiKE the stream, friends!!!

12:49 PMAdam Æ0


12:49 PMWill

​​Tums is calcium bicarbonate and works because it’s reducing the acidity of gerd. I disagree that gerd is bile, UNLESS it’s accompanied by nausea

12:49 PMHope Tipton

​​@Karol Lichon, do you take NA?

12:50 PMAdam Æ0

​​I had asked about it. glad you’re covering it today

12:51 PMLaura Hahn

​​I see a huge push for NAD+. Why push that instead of NA if the NA produces NAD+ and it’s significantly cheaper and easier to consume?!

12:51 PMHope Tipton

​​I was super acidic and had really bad indigestion and using a buffering agent used for buffering NA for about 6-8 weeks in excess of what is needed. That helped a lot with it.

12:52 PMWill

​​Basically, if charcoal helps your gerd, it’s bile reflux. If bicarbonates like mag and potassium help your gerd, it’s stomach acid

12:53 PMWill

​​bicarbonates will not help bile and charcoal will not help acid

12:55 PMHope Tipton

​​@Will, I do believe that as I had that and AC didn’t completely help, but did a bit. Taking a tin of carbonates and bicarbs, though. helped the most.Dillon Black$10.00

on your heart disease livestream you mentioned binders being beneficial but i think you didn’t have time to get into it. I haven’t been able to find that much can you go over that?


12:59 PMHope Tipton

​​My daughter sprained her knee and it was really enflamed, you could see the buildup of fluid in the knee. She used an AC poultice for about a week straight a few times each day. It is doing better now

1:01 PMLaura Lee

​​Do you still say not to take zinc at the same time as NA as was in the required reading for NA?

1:02 PMAdam Æ0

​​I had healed my hands finally mainly by AC w every meal. then it came back worse after spending a day on phone. I had barely used it all week and then put it to test. Def a phone or 5g component to me

1:03 PMheadwood

​​I burned my lower lip bad the other day (had boiled some water and put it in a 1/2 pint jar that I was about to add to nicotinic acid to and mistakenly picked up that jar to drink from..

1:03 PMheadwood

​​I applied Kelsey’s topical zinc niacinate to my lip a few times over the rest of the day, it healed up completely by the end of the next day

1:03 PMWill

​​Hello, yes, 1 fish please.

1:05 PMAdam Æ0

​​NA mist also helped on hands but.. character limit. NA topical and AC ingestion 👍

1:05 PMKarol Lichon


1:05 PMKarol Lichon

​​Thank you so much

1:06 PMKarol Lichon

​​reduce sun exposure

1:06 PMKarol Lichon

​​reduce stress

1:06 PMKarol Lichon

​​reduce exercise

1:06 PMKarol Lichon

​​they cause me to be nauseas

1:06 PMWill


1:06 PMKarol Lichon

​​i have exams currently

1:06 PMK W

​​Please do a talk on hormonal hot flashes. Can’t sleep! I am on LYL program, trying different configurations of top.mag.potassium, the minerals and flush niacin.

1:07 PMKarol Lichon

​​It makes complete sense

1:09 PMKarol Lichon

​​Yeah i increased fiber

1:09 PMKarol Lichon

​​To soak up more bile

1:09 PMEvan E

​​Adam, you can turn off 5g in your phone settings (on android).zendogbreath$5.00

papers on how the carnivore diet messes with gut microbiome? LYL question for Laura H


1:10 PMLaura Lee

​​Nevermind…just read it’s the picolinate form of zinc…thats what confused me.

1:11 PMLaura Hahn

​​Awe thanks @zendogbreath! Much appreciate it!

1:12 PMWill

​​probably not it, all that came up, looking through now though

1:12 PMWill


1:12 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​I think this episode talks about diabetes LYL Sailor’s Delight “Scurvy” Episode 92…

1:13 PMAdam Æ0

​​I better do that then

1:14 PMDillon Black

​​ya I’m not scared of a blood glucose spike.. but the biochemistry seems paradoxical

1:16 PMHope Tipton

​​I need a lot of zinc. I need about 1.5lbs-2lbs a day of beef, specifically, plus I need to supplement zinc.

1:16 PMAdam Æ0

​​Doc do you know if someones who’s diabetic because theyre pancreas doesn’t produce insulin anymore could follow this approach and recover their pancreatic ability?

1:16 PMAdam Æ0


1:18 PMDillon Black

​​😆 you gotta keep a personal stash

1:18 PMLennart Bär

​​Hey Dr. Smith, please bring back the mustachee

1:19 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​there was an error in my link earlier : Kelsey’s page

1:19 PMLennart Bär

​​my question: what do you think about Silicium in the LYL Approach?

1:19 PMJohn Dickinson

​​I approve this message

1:20 PMAdi Arvatz

​​is alicin found in garlic a good thing to take or would the sulfur outweigh any positives from it?

1:20 PMLaura Lee


1:21 PMJohn Dickinson

​​If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing badly

1:24 PMDillon Black

​​you just said binders

1:25 PMJohn Dickinson

​​I always loved breathing in car exhaust as a kid.

1:27 PMKelsey J

​​zeolite soaks up MB and so does charcoal, yes

1:27 PMKelsey J

​​MB is positively charged like many poisons

1:29 PMzendogbreath

​​does it hurt when you do that?

1:29 PMzendogbreath

​​then don’t do that

1:30 PMKelsey J

​​I actually tested my zeolite’s ability to soak up MB, works great, turns water clear again 💪

1:30 PMzendogbreath

​​@John Dickinson remember how sweat the leaded gasoline exhaust smelled?

1:30 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J are there toxins that are negatively charged?

1:32 PMzendogbreath

​​Ever had superclinical loud reflux?

1:32 PMKelsey J

​​possibly, never thought about it 🤔, can’t think of any

1:32 PMJohn Dickinson

​​What about silent death?

1:32 PMzendogbreath

​​I wonder if positive charge helps define toxins? Are there positive charged nutrients?

1:33 PMRebecca Long

​​Have you seen bile duct damage from PSC improve?

1:34 PMzendogbreath

​​@Rebecca Long PSC?

1:34 PMbutch843

​​I vote for the beard.

1:34 PMRebecca Long

​​Primary sclerosing cholangitis

1:35 PMDillon Black

​​thanks dr Smith

1:35 PMzendogbreath


1:35 PMKelsey J

​​I’m on team beard too 🤗

1:37 PMWill

​​I was in a pickleball tournament and not doing well but then I took a massive #2 and played like a pro

1:37 PMzendogbreath

​​thank you

1:37 PMzendogbreath

​​@Will on the court?

1:38 PMmiapia

​​I like the beard too

1:38 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report


1:38 PMSusan Stewart

​​My SuperChats don’t work .. nothing happens when I press Buy and Send. Bummer.

1:38 PMJohn Dickinson


1:38 PMzendogbreath

​​@Susan Stewart then your superchat has too many characters for the price you chose.

1:39 PMDillon Black

​​ya the longer it is the more expensive

1:39 PMSusan Stewart

​​How do you know how many?

1:40 PMzendogbreath

​​the button for buy / send will change color

1:40 PMDillon Black

​​you can take off characters until it let’s you at the price you want

1:41 PMXander


1:42 PMzendogbreath

​​I am extremely moderate in all things. Especially charcoal fiber zinc,…….Susan StewartCA$15.00

When I take low dose nicotinic acid I need extra Mo, Se, folinic to feel right .. weak muscles, fatigue, tension (mental, physical). Worried about amount of Mo needed .. any reliable way to check?

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1:42 PMzendogbreath

​​yay susan

1:43 PMSusan Stewart

​​Thanks for the help. Yay is right!

1:43 PMNutrition Detective


1:43 PMNutrition Detective


1:43 PMXander

​​Can’t do beans or bananas

1:45 PMNutrition Detective


1:45 PMJust Andy

​​you mean “the low vitamin A diet” NOT “the vitamin A diet”

1:46 PMJust Andy

​​vitamin Awful

1:46 PMzendogbreath

​​Boob liquid. What is not to love?

1:46 PMEve W

​​I can’t eat broccoli. lots of bad gas pains.

1:47 PMzendogbreath

​​@Eve W sulfur. got to get that out.

1:48 PMNutrition Detective


1:49 PMEve W

​​How do I get the sulfur out. I am much better not eating it for months.

1:49 PMWill

​​sorry couldn’t find the thread

1:50 PMzendogbreath

​​@Will thank you on the charcoal vs buffers effects on bile and stomach acid thread. good subject for an article.

1:51 PMEve W

​​Thanks doc!

1:51 PMzendogbreath

​​@Eve W are you on LYL?

1:51 PMEve W


1:52 PMMarisa D

​​yeah i never hear anything bad about MB! i need to know, i knew there was something odd about it

1:52 PMzendogbreath

​​@Eve W can you be?

1:52 PMEve W

​​I probably should be. I’m trying to treat myself and am getting better.

1:53 PMzendogbreath

​​million times easier to diy vit A deplete when we can talk to each other at length on LYL. it is worth the $100/yr

1:53 PMLaura Hahn

​​@Eve W I did the same thing for a few months. It’s been soooo much easier being in the program!

1:53 PMSusan Stewart

​​I used to get yellow pee from B2 until I started Nicotinamide riboside.

1:53 PMEve W

​​ok I’ll check it out.

1:54 PMzendogbreath

​​@Eve W yeh and it lets us talk behind Doc’s back while he is on here on livestream.

1:54 PMSusan Stewart

​​I like Nicotinic acid even better but I do have strong reactions

1:54 PMKelsey J

​​nicotinamide riboside breaks down into nicotinamide(niacinamide)

1:54 PMSusan Stewart

​​Yes .. a miracle. Mitochondrial function

1:54 PMWill

​​B2 is orange

1:55 PMSusan Stewart

​​Also lifelong migraines went away

1:55 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J does that mean the riboflavin is not coming out?

1:55 PMSusan Stewart

​​After I started the B2

1:55 PMKelsey J

​​niacinamide must be recycled by either the guy bacteria or your cells

1:56 PMSusan Stewart

​​Nic riboside 6 months then tried B2 again, no yellow pee, no migraines. after 3 months. Niacin works the same

1:56 PMKelsey J

​​*gut bacteria

1:57 PMSusan Stewart

​​I am down to 2 weekly for past 6 months and OK

1:57 PMMarisa D

​​dr. smith why does a low dose NA make me constipated? i do buffer

1:58 PMKelsey J

​​NR works for a while, then it doesn’t. Its believed that it works because the NR gets further down the digestive tract where the gut bacteria that recycle niacinamide are.

1:58 PMCaitlin

​​Arthur Fardy’s yodeling party 🎉 (Swirling Eddies—ancient and obscure 😂

1:59 PMWill

​​me lol

1:59 PMzendogbreath

​​Let’s call it the “juice worth the squeeze dose”

2:00 PMKelsey J

​​Marissa, I think that it’s the bile that NA releases and there’s something coming from the liver that slows down the gut. have you ever taken meds/herbs that slowed down the gut? Opiods is one exampl

2:01 PMDillon Black

​​I’ve still been able to buy folinic acid over the counter

2:01 PMSusan Stewart

​​Is HTMA Mo a good indicator? I can get serum done privately as well (Canada).

2:02 PMKelsey J

​​Niasludge has been helping constipation AND diarrhea for users

2:03 PMSusan Stewart

​​Great thanks .. there is a good lab CanAlt in Canada. We tested against rec US labs and got same readings

2:03 PMzendogbreath

​​@Dillon Black are you in the US?Gabriel Sanchez$5.00

Mainstream non-invasive test that can show IH cholestasis? I need proof so my cardiologist will believe me that my heart symptoms are secondary


2:03 PMSam

​​Biggest upgrade in history – the eggcels leaving and Kelsey joining us

2:03 PMSusan Stewart

​​And we can do private blood work through iCore Labs.

2:04 PMKelsey J

​​Awww thanks Sam 😁

2:04 PMzendogbreath

​​that makes Kelsey like the good bile that clears out the parasites?

2:05 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​Yellow in the white of the eyes?

2:05 PMDillon Black


2:05 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J Let’s do a room raid on Grant’s blog

2:05 PMDillon Black

​​source naturals megafolinic

2:05 PMzendogbreath

​​Weird. I thought folinic acid was illegal to produce in US? Maybe you bought what they had left?

2:06 PMKelsey J

​​haha okay 😂. Anonymous or no?

2:06 PMSusan Stewart

​​Great tip on folinic .. I look for lemon peel and then call the QC department to confirm.

2:06 PMzendogbreath

​​Oh no. I am in Andrew Baird’s face. You could go anon. I am all about compelling him to acknowledge he is a troll.

2:06 PMKelsey J

​​Charlie’s got the ray peat forum much cleaner hahaha

2:06 PMNutrition Detective


2:07 PMDillon Black

​​I still see it for sale.. this is what happened with NAC as well they said it would be illegal to sell but many places still sold it

2:07 PMKelsey J

​​okay I’ll go anon. my name will be Good Bile Girl

2:07 PMzendogbreath

​​who is Charlie?

2:09 PMNutrition Detective


2:09 PMKelsey J

​​Admin on Ray Peat forum who’s slowly been dripping #TBT/ anti-a / and most recently buffered NA, on the forum

2:09 PMSam

​​He’s right but he censors everything which I don’t really like

2:10 PMzendogbreath

​​Good Bile Girl genius. I am in there as Joe.

2:11 PMzendogbreath

​​suggest you go in on my note to Grant on lutein.

2:11 PMKelsey J

​​cool, I’ll let you know when I have time to firebomb that forum w/ you. it’ll be funny 🤭

2:12 PMzendogbreath

​​cool beans.

2:12 PMzendogbreath

​​how did Charlie get to be a

2:12 PMSoil food web warrior

​​niasludge sounds delicious

2:12 PMzendogbreath

​​admin on ray peat

2:12 PMKelsey J

​​lutein, got it.

2:13 PMSam

​​Can I watch

2:13 PMKelsey J

​​It’s not delicious, it’s neutral tasting and THICC, but it’s really good for ya 👍

2:13 PMNutrition Detective


2:13 PMSam

​​Kelsey can you research why lutein wrecks people so bad😭

2:14 PMDillon Black

​​I like georgi dinkov but his response to vit a tox is just laughable

2:14 PMKelsey J

​​I suppose, it’s a carotinoid yeah?

2:15 PMSam

​​Yes but it destroys some people really bad, I’m one of them.

2:15 PMKelsey J

​​oh wow, sorry that happened 😔

2:15 PMSoil food web warrior

​​yup yup. got to chew it, lol.

2:15 PMzendogbreath

​​@Sam I have caught grief for lutein in oats. seems crazy since oats do not have that much more than any other grain.

2:16 PMEve W

​​Doctor wanted me on lutein for early macular degenerative. Did not agree with me. Not taking it.

2:17 PMLes Vraies Bonnes Nouvelles du Christ Glorifié

​​massage of the colon helps

2:17 PMKelsey J

​​does the Black Oatster Cult believe that the charcoal soaks up the bit of lutein?

2:17 PMSoil food web warrior

​​ya I agree the lutein in oats is not very high

2:17 PMzendogbreath

​​I do not know. Doc was saying that lutein levels absorbed are lower in cold than hot oatmeal. I eat most of it cold.

2:18 PMKelsey J

​​I see 🤔

2:18 PMzendogbreath

​​How would someone measure lutein levels in oatmeal vs blackoatmeal?

2:18 PMSam

​​Yes but the people who are sensitive to it are sensitive to it like crazy. And it never seems to decrease even if you avoid it for a long time. So even the oats can be not good.

2:18 PMEve W

​​Lots of people are taking lutein for macular degeneration.

2:18 PMKelsey J

​​is lutein fluorescent?

2:19 PMzendogbreath

​​@Sam sounds same as gluten. are you familiar with Doc’s example of study trying to induce gluten intolerance in rats?

2:19 PMSoil food web warrior

​​I find taking charcoal with my oats helps, and it has been shown to soak up carotenoids. but not specifically lutein to my knowledge

2:20 PMzendogbreath

​​@Soil food web warrior Are you an unwitting member of the BlackOatsterCult?

2:21 PMzendogbreath

​​@Kelsey J I do not know but many many people feel that I glow. Does that help?

2:21 PMKelsey J

​​hehe I’ve been accused of that too

2:21 PMzendogbreath

​​@Eve W have they not claimed that vit A helps macular degen too?

2:22 PMzendogbreath

​​video is back

2:22 PMSoil food web warrior

​​I make a charcoal drink with soluble fiber and drink after meals. I recently tried soaking oats with charcoal, so I 🤔 so

2:22 PMzendogbreath


2:23 PMBoJack


2:23 PMzendogbreath

​​@Soil food web warrior welcome to the cult. Don’t fear the pooper.

2:23 PMzendogbreath

​​The seasons don’t fear the pooper, nor do the wind the sun or the rain.

2:23 PMSoil food web warrior


2:23 PMKelsey J


2:24 PMzendogbreath

​​Romes’ bouncing therapy is genius simple and effective.

2:25 PMSam

​​Does the emf stuff work?

2:25 PMKelsey J

​​I do like niacin, it’s true 😁

2:25 PMzendogbreath

​​We need a RCT of emf stuff effects on testosterone.

2:26 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​I’m so happy be a part of the spreading of this information.

2:26 PMSusan Stewart

​​Progesterone cream is a nightmare .. Dr John Lee’s wife was seen by a medical acquaintance of mine.

2:26 PMzendogbreath

​​I want a farm to grow grass fed grass finished nicotinic acid

2:26 PMzendogbreath

​​see you all.

2:26 PMSoil food web warrior


2:31 PMJoe Baker’s Remedy Report

​​@zendogbreath LOL Good to see you too!