Hourly Therapy Rate 45 USD/hour
Will trade for RemedyCoins (AM) , crypto currencies, PayPal, cash, metals, travel, room and board, barter.


I believe in the infinite worth of every individual. This healing therapy practice is a part of the ForgivenessCapital network. The bottom line is that if you need these services and cannot pay for them there is a way you can receive them for free. We help you by commemorating the value you received with new crypto-currency tokens which express your gratitude and affirmation of the value you received. This enables a sort of pay it foward technique where others are able to particate later in the generocity.


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money is returned. I provide insights into some alternative therapies, diets, strategies for assisting you toward a better chance of survival when combating pathogens, disease, past trauma. I will research your condition and suggest courses of action. I find that I have intuition about which remedies to apply to certain situations.


I cannot be held liable for any damages. You agree to release me from any liability.

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