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 Streamed live on Aug 13, 2021
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0:00 Intro.

1:52 Testimonial involving issues with joints (e.g., pain, arthritis, inflammation, stiffness), among many other issues. — PubMed article: Bile acids modulate tight junction structure and barrier function of Caco-2 monolayers via EGFR activation

17:57 Vitamin A (retinol), beta-carotene, fat / fatty acids, gut bacteria / intestinal microbiome, antibiotics, bright colors, dyes (natural and artificial), taurine, and detox / detoxification. — Study: Effect of taurine on toxicity of vitamin A in rats

31:40 Accutane (isotretinoin), and eye disorders / problems (e.g., keratoconus).

Studies / Articles:
— Association Between Advanced Keratoconus and Serum Levels of Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, and Selenium
— Fasting serum total bile acid level is associated with coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction and severity of coronary lesions
— Serum primary bile acids in the course of celiac disease in children

48:48 Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) test / testing, bluetooth, watches / fitness trackers, fatty liver, fat storage / accumulation, skin issues (e.g, eczema), carotenoids,

55:48 The big quick-fix cleanse (liver, kidney). — PubMed article: Raw orange intake is associated with higher prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in an adult population

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(00:03) alive yes we’re live okay hello everyone back for another love your liver live stream um i’ve got my mic on i’ve got my lights on um we were joking about calling it the liver stream as a play on live stream but i think we decided not to do that so anyway here we are again so for those of you who don’t know on these youtube parts i’m dr garrett smith the nutrition detective and what are we talking about we’re gonna be talking about how to actually fix your liver and uh we take questions this is a q a
(00:39) we’ll get to questions after um after the couple of things i do at the start of all of these now if you like what we do here inside of the love your liver membership program so it’s a private network at that’s a membership only network if you’re getting kind of tired of the social networks and the attitude out there and you want to you want to talk to people we have a great community there about over 700 people so anyway it’s a it’s a safe place to go and discuss topics that
(01:11) are not uh safe out in the social media world and also in there i have the inner circle which is where each week after i do this live stream for an hour i go in there and i’ll be there for multiple hours generally as long as it takes or as long as i have to answer questions and go over research and basically show that what we’re doing is legit and we kind of expose all of the corruption the science and the nutrition and all that stuff that’s been going on so then there’s also the advanced detox program
(01:47) for the people who don’t want to do the inner circle there’s a lower price version where you’re going to see the videos about a month later okay so let’s get into it today what i’m going to start off each of these episodes with for those who you know need more convincing um is a testimonial from people who have been doing this work with me and others like grant you know doing grant generous work and then i hear about it and we can talk about testimonials to eating especially a low vitamin a you don’t get to eat zero vitamin a for
(02:21) anybody out there who thinks they’re eating zero vitamin a i am very sorry you’re not and if you are the research has said for a very long time that the choices of foods you would have to make to eat a zero vitamin a diet would leave you deficient in multiple other ways i’ve heard of here’s here’s an example of if you ever hear somebody saying they did a low vitamin a diet and they didn’t do well i’ve grant and i have both heard of people out there trying to basically eat white flour and
(02:49) white sugar as a as an actual diet because they decided that those were the lowest foods in vitamin a they might be but nobody in the world ever is going to say eating white sugar and white flour is a it’s a complete diet okay nobody said especially on my program you shouldn’t be eating hardly any of that stuff ever that’s just not smart so people out there who like to say that they tried it and they failed or they did it wrong or they they did it and it didn’t work for them there are huge mistakes that people out there can make
(03:28) in their diets and like flour and white sugar never did anybody any favors so um here we go this is a gentleman who’s on the network he’s been super helpful to me and he’s he’s all in and he um has quite the testimonial so these are what he listed for me my symptoms that are all healed and or significantly improved just gonna run through the list here arthritis joint pain inflammation multiple back injuries stiff and heavy legs sore knees tight calves and hamstrings tingling down my spine stiff neck and shoulders
(04:09) difficulty turning neck left and left to right and side to side cracking grinding and popping in neck and jaw itching and dry skin eczema acne jaundice yellow eyes yellow skin pins and needles histamine reactions chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia multiple chemical sensitivity severe waves of depression anxiety extreme brain fog migraines constant flu-like symptoms allergies sinuses hypothyroidism dizziness lightheaded shortness of breath high cholesterol elevated liver enzymes iron overload copper toxicity elevated mercury artery
(04:51) calcification mineral deficiencies i i helped diagnose that um electrolyte deficiencies which are minerals uh hypervitaminosis a epstein-barr chronic lyme disease mycoplasma borrelia babesia bartonella rickettsia erlichia protozoa parasites black mold emf sensitivity overweight pre-diabetic nausea acid reflux abdominal pain bloating dysbiosis sibo insomnia sleep apnea teeth grinding low energy low libido irritability sensitive to noise sensitive delight many of you out there are this sick right now some of you who are working with me are
(05:35) likely seeing these symptoms get better without having to take maybe some of you are going to see oh i don’t know functional medicine practitioners or other alternative practitioners who are giving you bottles and bottles of supplements like candy having you take 30 to 50 pills a day or you’re going to the conventional side and you’re getting drug after drug after drug after drug let me tell you what side effects are folks side effects from drugs are when it’s damaging your liver overall okay that’s what the side effects are and for
(06:08) those of you who have been injured by drugs and what i mean injured is you still have side effects problems after you stopped the drug many of you may here may be from the accutane world what does accutane do once you stop taking it why do people have problems show up when they stop taking accutane or six months after like the gentleman i talked to yesterday it’s the liver injury that the drug did and go go look up accutane liver injury go look up accutane cholestasis because cholestasis is what liver injuries result in cholestasis is the
(06:45) backward flow of bile in your blood go look it up so the accutane may have completely left your system like a hit and run in a car the accutane is gone but the damage is left behind all sorts of drugs go look up the liver talks database and then go find all the drugs you’ve taken in your life see how many of them cause liver injury and then wonder why you’re still sick and why all the liver treatment programs you’ve done haven’t fixed you because most of them don’t most of them worsen the problem so anyway back to the
(07:21) testimonial from tyler a year into detox and my liver is still very sick this is truly a marathon my friends and not a sprint while i’ve made great overall improvements with my surface level symptoms i still have a long way to go to fully repair my liver admitting we are sick and have a liver injury is often the hardest part from there it simply takes patience support and determination to heal once you know that you’re on the right track and i’m one thousand convinced without a shadow of a doubt that we’re all on the right
(07:47) track here data like this doesn’t lie he’s talking about his anecdotes and the lab tests that we’ve done after everything i’ve been through from childhood vaccines to dozens of military vaccines for nearly a decade they used to line us up like cattle to three rounds of anthrax vaccine prior to deploying to iraq for dozens to dozens of additional vaccines shots and antibiotics prior to traveling to many countries around the world while running a film production company in new york city not to mention the chronic lyme
(08:16) disease i dealt with for over a decade the excess alcohol consumption the poor conventional standard american diet with plenty of fructose and very little fiber the paleo keto and carnivore diets high in fat and liver slash organ meats yeah my liver sure did take a beating i’m now convinced that this is a three to five year process to get all this accumulated poison out of you and that everyone is so different based on their antibiotic medication vaccine disease and diet history and that i still have a lot of vitamin a stored up
(08:49) in my liver with that being said i’m feeling so much better overall than last year coming off nose to tail carnivore and after entirely healing from chronic lyme disease and the blood and hair tests prove that i feel like my cholestasis is slowly improving as well as my gut microbiome to be able to slowly get this poison out of my body so please everyone go slow don’t rush this process i tried to heal myself in one year by pushing way harder than i needed to and only ended up suffering the majority of the time it was brutal and entirely
(09:22) self-inflicted true detox is no joke as i have a rather extreme personality type i’m either all in or all out many of us here are probably the same way which is most likely how we ended up here in the first place by going too extreme in the past on deceptively evil diets and toxic health advice but i promise this is something that you want to run like a marathon not a sprint and that’s what we’re all doing here and that’s why what we’re all doing here actually works the biggest overall shock is my iron
(09:54) overload entirely reversed dropped over 500 points with only three blood donations i’ve also never gotten my cholesterol this low before wish my hdl had risen but my ldl dropped by over 150 points my thyroid completely healed as well based on labs ggt alt and ast liver enzymes are all super low coming from high before i just want to give a very special thanks to garrett smith and grant general for everything i know i still have a long way to go but the level of excitement and passion of knowing i’m finally heading in the right direction
(10:31) not only with how i physically emotionally mentally and spiritually feel but also now with tangible before and after results slash data from these labs i’ve been lied to so much within the health community over the years and it’s just so encouraging to know this is the real deal hang in there everyone you’re in the right place god is good so while we’re on this testimonial iron overload iron overload is caused by liver injury and cholestasis and vitamin a toxicity do you know that your body’s only real
(11:03) way of managing your iron levels is through absorbing less iron you kind of generally this is accepted in the medical literature that you kind of have a fairly steady amount of iron you get rid of it varies a little bit but you it’s kind of steady so your excretion stays pretty steady but what can your body adjust to adjust your iron levels it adjusts your absorption of iron if you go and look at vitamin a and iron generally in the literature you’ll see that vitamin a carotenoids or vitamin a because they all carotenoids pro-vitamin
(11:44) a carotenoids like beta-carotene turn into retinol retinaldehyde really and then they can be turned into retinol they increase your iron absorption those of you who have low iron if you take that advice wrong and you start going and upping your vitamin a you’re gonna you’re gonna not like it either but that’s that’s more rare than iron overload vitamin a increases your iron absorption from food you totally bypass your body’s control mechanism for controlling your iron levels so we have this gentleman
(12:21) in less than a year brought his ferritin down by 500 points from 500 something down into the range i want which is 30 to 70. what did he do he followed the stuff on the love delivery love your liver program he ate i want you to hear this you iron overload people you people out there who might be listening to this and thinking that well he obviously must have eaten less less red meat no he ate red meat two or three times a day every day how could he lower his iron overload because iron overload is not a problem of excess iron in your diet
(13:01) it’s a liver problem and we fixed the vitamin a intake so he stopped absorbing too much we helped fix his liver so that the bile was going the right way which is the opposite of cholestasis cholestasis is the bile going the wrong way into the blood gosh the liver stores iron and if the liver gets rid of iron through the bile and the bile and cholestasis is going backwards into the blood wouldn’t we see high iron in the blood oh tyler commented at least a pound of lean beef slash bison a day every day a pound of red meat a day
(13:39) ferritin down by 500 points in a year with only three blood donations if you didn’t know a blood donation typically will lower your serum ferritin your blood ferritin by somewhere between 30 to 50 points and this is a this is a very consistent number are there people who are outside that range of course but with all the ferritin numbers i’ve seen all the blood donations that i’ve recommended and tracked 30 to 50 points down from a single blood donation is typical so if even if we take the 50 and we multiply that by 3 that’s only 150
(14:12) points where did the other 350 points come from from fixing his liver and from the bile not going as much back into his blood so anyway there’s that and then oh yeah for those of you who are obsessing over your leaky gut and your microbiome your leaky gut and your microbiome are controlled by your toxic bile so nobody who’s trying to fix leaky gut is actually addressing the toxicity of your bile they’re just trying to give you a bunch of things like glutamine and all this other stuff to try to fix it remember
(15:00) what they say is active vitamin a is retinoic acid all trans retinoic acid also known as retin-a is used as a chemical peel on faces it’s called a yellow peel if you’ve ever had it it’s meant to dissolve your top layer of skin well what if dissolving the top layer of your gut skin might make it a little leaky and then i do have research i uh i’ll find it if i need to um actually let me let me find it right now let me go into my slack and so my slack is where my research database the people in the inner circle
(15:47) get access to it but what we’re just gonna do is we’re gonna do bile permeability because that’s where i have it and ah here’s the paper bile acids modulate tight junction structure and barrier function of kco2 mono layers via egfr activation i’ll plug that in to the comments what does that mean what are type junctions that’s what keeps you from having leaky gut oh wait i met i’ll just put the link i was out of characters there we go so tight junctions you want your leak you want your gut tight
(16:26) you don’t want it leaky so bile has been shown to modulate tight junctions and what it means is the more toxic your bile gets the less tight it gets so you get leaky gut and then we have the whole retinoic acid known to be a chemical peel the paper i have on it from a dermatologist says you can use retinoic acid to induce controlled wounds to the skin controlled wounds to your skin what do you think it’s doing when you eat it what do you think it’s doing to your gut after your liver transforms carotenoids
(17:02) retinol retinaldehyde retinol esters into retinoic acid which is part of the way it gets rid of it and then that goes into your gut because that’s how bile leaves is through your poop so you now have chemical peel on your gut surface okay so anyway your gut microbiome is determined by your bile too so for those of you who are obsessing over fixing your gut microbiome um and you’re not addressing your liver and your toxic bile then so let us get into the next part well i’ll take a couple questions and
(17:39) then we’ll and what i was going to get into today is carotenoid addiction we don’t get addicted to things that are not poisonous generally if you’re addicted to something it’s a poison people get addicted to sugar people get addicted to nicotine people get addicted to caffeine people get addicted to fat oh my goodness so carotenoids actually have research on them being addictive and we’ll get into that in a second so first question total diff is it possible that beta-carotene which is not taken up
(18:09) by the liver with help from fatty acids can then harm our gut microbiome colorants seem to have an antibiotic function or even our antibiotics now that i haven’t i haven’t looked into let’s do let me see see if i can find anything easy come on load load load load now you have to remember in the research they always want to try to show every vitamin a toxicity study you’ll ever read they always start the study with vitamin a is necessary and good and we need it for this and we need it for that and we need it for this and then all of
(19:04) a sudden you’ll get into the study and they’ll be like oh yeah vitamin a caused a problem and it’s toxic and and this was not expected and oh wow we didn’t expect to see this but vitamin a is still good it’s the most apologetic thing it’s the biggest cover-up you’ve ever seen um let’s see i don’t well i don’t care about bivalves and they’re carotenoids i may um i may look into it but uh carotenoids that are not absorbed and are hanging around in the gut they’re gonna do something
(19:43) they are in plants as a defense system plants plants wage chemical warfare because they can’t move okay it’s very important they wage chemical warfare they don’t have fists and feet and teeth and brains to fight or to move even so they wage chemical warfare so this is why not to do i advise a carnivore diet because we need to obsessively avoid plant toxins no you just need to be smart with picking your plant foods it’s quite simple there are plants that are much less toxic and ones that are more towards white or off-white or light
(20:28) green are the safer plants the ones that are not strongly flavored strong flavors and bitter flavors indicate poison like garlic strongly flavored strongly scented telling things to go away bright colors telling you don’t eat this it’s poison that’s the simple thing so um i could look into that i’ll look into that maybe i’ll maybe i’ll get into that on the inner circle but from what i was looking it was going to take me too long to research it here um so sam asks is taurine helpful or harmful for vitamin a detox that’s a
(21:08) that’s a good question there’s only there’s one study which came to this conclusion taurine for the most part worsened the retinoid embryo toxicity okay [Music] taurine is interesting because if you go and you watch my vitamin a deficiency doesn’t exist video i show that taurine deficiency symptoms can look exactly like vitamin a toxicity symptoms now this is part of my approach is that at different phases taurine we’re starting to get into the antidote idea in the inner circle and this is a huge
(21:50) concept and it starts to explain a lot of the confusing things about b vitamins and things like taurine and glycine and sulfate and other things like this that are conjugated to bile acids there can be bound to bile acids touring in some people they start on touring we had a gentleman talking about this he started on touring tons of his problems improved he tried coming off of taurine now and within a week he was like this is terrible my symptoms were all coming back he got back on touring we have other people who took touring
(22:28) for a while and they felt better on it and then after a while it seemed like the taurine they could they decided they felt like in their experience that touring turned on them the touring was making them feel worse now so they got off of taurine what does taurine do taurine conjugates bile acids as we learn more about the bile acid profiles or patterns if you want to go and search for your favorite diseases and look up bile acid profile or bile acid pattern you will see that there are different patterns in the different bile acids
(23:00) between conjugated ones the ones that don’t have stuff bound to them and i’m sorry unconjugated ones don’t have stuff bound to them and conjugated ones that have stuff bound to them like taurine or glycine or sulfate things like that so as we shift the bile as we start sending more bile where it’s supposed to less where it’s not supposed to go as as we are shifting the gut microbiome with the bile touring could be good for some people at certain times and it may not help them feel good at certain times
(23:37) um copper toxicity issues plays a huge role in touring um but i have another one so so you you put that link um and then where was it let me find it let me find i have that paper um oh it’s gonna be oh come on slack you can do this um let me find it uh taurine let me hypervitaminous let me use that one instead i know i have this boy slack is slow today let’s see if i have before i had that in mind
(24:54) here we go effect of vitamin a effect of touring on toxicity of vitamin a in rats the last couple lines of it however these toxic effects of vitamin a were significantly reduced when the rats were fed the diet with the supplement of taurine furthermore the level of vitamin a in the serum of rats treated with taurine and vitamin a was higher than that of rats treated with vitamin a alone this indicated that taurine might play a role in reducing the toxic effect of vitamin a certain things like zinc and taurine they do a very interesting thing and
(25:30) they they will actually raise the the blood retinol levels complicated but chlorine tetorium can tend to increase bile dumping so as an example taurian can increase bile dumping that doesn’t mean it’s good it means that your liver is dumping more bile okay where’s the bile going is it going into your gut where it’s supposed to go or is it going back into your blood through intra-hepatic cholestasis extra hepatic cholestasis or actually penetrating your leaky gut and getting in your blood that way so let’s say let’s theorize one of
(26:14) the things we know about pregnancy is that cholestasis they’ve actually there’s a paper out there that has now deemed that subclinical cholestasis cholestasis below the level that the doctors can find it is to be considered normal in pregnancy these days that shouldn’t be normal they’re normalizing pathology within the population is what they’re doing but so anyway so cholestasis would be very normal in a pregnancy these days you know the 60 of the kids are being born with jaundice you know what
(26:51) jaundice means it means cholestasis so kids are being born with liver injury and cholestasis because their mothers are so toxic so imagine this pregnant mother who has cholestasis taking taurine so you talked about rat embryos so we’re talking about a pregnant rat uh i didn’t see if it was rats or mice it didn’t say anyway so the rats are the mice they’re pregnant they’re taking taurine they have cholestasis already because they feed them vitamin a in their feed and copper and manganese and all sorts
(27:21) of other garbage they start refluxing the bile into places it’s not supposed to go too much bile in the wrong places causes problems and then you see increased embryo toxicity that’s why this this vitamin a detox thing people think it’s just they’re just going to eat low vitamin a and that’s going to be all they have to do this is not a game folks this is not play time this is not just i’m going to do this little little diet i’m going to avoid vitamin a as much as i can because you may be inducing over time
(27:57) like right if you stink start exercising more you’re going to need to eat more food right that makes sense right you’re expending more energy if you are detoxing hard you’re trying to get rid of decades of stuff from your liver you’re trying to fix the liver injury that has been going on possibly your entire life i know mine at least started pre-teen you’re trying to fix that you’re trying to fix it in a couple years stuff that took decades to accumulate you’re going to need more nutrients just
(28:35) like the person who starts exercising is going to need to eat more food and people are out there just messing around going i’m doing this and something doesn’t feel right i’m getting these symptoms back and i’m like well uh zinc deficiency can cause all those symptoms and you’re detoxing and you may honestly not be able to get enough zinc from your diet you may need to supplement no matter how much you love the idea of all we need is food we also don’t need all the industrial strength poisoning that we’ve had folks
(29:13) you want to take a natural approach to fix an unnatural thing that has been done to you it’s going to take longer and you may you may suffer more because zinc deficiency sucks and pretty much everybody out there who isn’t fixing their zinc has some level of zinc deficiency okay but touring can be good can be bad actually taurine is a try it and see that’s actually what i just tell people on on uh consults say is touring good is touring bad should i take taurine i don’t know what should i do try it because
(29:52) we don’t we don’t have enough information on the bile acid profiles and the bile acid patterns to go and manipulate it right now and still even if we thought you should have taurine and you take taurine and you don’t feel good should we keep doing that doc it hurts when i do this well don’t do that i keep banging my head on the same wall and my head keeps hurting okay don’t do that if you are doing anything i don’t care who the practitioner is and you are feeling worse you are doing one of two things you are
(30:30) either intoxicating yourself with poison or you are detoxing too fast or you may have a nutrient deficiency that’s getting worse okay these all these things can be addressed most people don’t know what they’re doing about it though the following people who tell them to take more copper which causes cholestasis oh take manganese which causes cholestasis oh take vitamin a which causes cold stasis oh you know don’t worry about the aluminum in this supplement it’s all trace minerals it’s all okay oh no aluminum causes
(31:04) cholestasis you know you store aluminum in your liver nobody ever told you that didn’t they why do we store all these poisons in our liver everybody’s like no we wouldn’t store vitamin a in our liver if it wasn’t good for us that’s a crock you store liver you store things in your liver to pull them out of the blood so they don’t affect your heart and your brain that’s what your liver is doing it’s not it’s not storing it like a depot to use later okay you have to get that idea we have
(31:36) been taught all the wrong ideas okay so next question could one of your accutane poison followers recover from corneal thinning keratoconus eye disease sadly for me i think it is almost impossible to recover from that i don’t know some of these things the the level i mean i would be looking into when i see eye disease if you watch that vitamin a deficiency doesn’t exist video you’ll see a definite trend of zinc deficiency let’s just do this let’s just let’s do zinc corrado conus [Music] well here we go
(32:34) this is from the paper let me get it on here let me get the link back association between advanced keratoconus and serum levels of zinc calcium magnesium iron copper and selenium from the conclusions the lower serum levels of zinc copper and selenium in patients with advanced keratoconus compared with healthy controls indicate the possible role of antioxidants in the edo pathogenesis of keratoconus which points to the early treatment of this progressive degenerative disease with supplementation therapy rather than
(33:12) corradoplasty techniques okay zinc and copper follow each other in the body the zinc is trying to protect you from the copper so if you were to see low zinc levels you’re generally going to see lower copper levels does that mean you need more copper no absolutely not um zinc and selenium are actually very very important in my programs and we test we don’t guess then we address so could this be potentially zinc and selenium deficiency related yes can those deficiencies be fixed yes so is it possible do i believe that the
(33:56) body can heal degen most degenerative diseases by avoiding putting in the poisons by helping the body remove the poisons giving the body the essential nutrients it needs notice i didn’t say herbs i didn’t say essential oils i didn’t say weird amino acid compounds i said essential nutrients do i think the body can quite possibly heal it yes the older somebody is the longer and harder it’s going to be the worst condition somebody has the longer and harder it’s going to be um the longer the condition’s been there
(34:43) the longer and harder it’s going to take to fix it these are just the realities this is just like if you were re re um restoring a car the worst shape the car is in the more money and more work you’re gonna have to put into fixing it that’s just the way it is whether it was your fault or not that that you got sick we still the reality is the situation is what it is and then we have to fix it we at least try i’m not one to give up so i’ve never given up on a client ever i’m the guy who gets the people
(35:17) that other doctors have given up on so if you if you’ve been rejected or thrown out of their practice by other doctors i don’t do that and i i think it’s if somebody says doc i tried that supplement you said it didn’t work for me it didn’t feel good i said okay actually i tell them in their consult stop it stop taking it do not take it just because i said to we need to figure out why and what’s going on rather than saying well i’ve heard this from people that the doctor said like if
(35:49) i couldn’t take the supplements they wanted me to take that he wouldn’t he wouldn’t see me anymore he fired me as a patient because i couldn’t take the supplements because the supplements he gave me made me feel bad what did i say about it if things make you feel bad it’s either a poison you’re putting in which a lot of supplements are probably 99 of the supplements out there are probably poisonous it’s either a poison you’re putting in you’re detoxing too fast or you have a nutrient deficiency that’s
(36:20) not being addressed okay so so this is a continuation from the person who asked that question for my background i’m almost three years in on a low fat low vitamin a diet thanks to grant at least it did not get much worse for me but there is now a change going on grant’s grant’s diet which was b for bison and mostly i believe black beans and brown rice and white rice in various ratios one thing you must remember is women have these problems much worse than men and it’s just the nature of the beast
(37:06) cholestasis happens much more in women than men if you look up primary biliary cirrhosis which is cholestasis also known as primary biliary cholangitis which is the disappearance of bile ducts which then causes what cholestasis a refluxing of bile into the blood it is nine times more prevalent in women it’s just the way it is women get these problems much more than men nine to one nine cases in women to one case in men doesn’t mean men don’t die from bile in their blood actually i was just looking this up the other day
(37:41) uh let me find it serum bile there it is uh no that’s not that was not it where was it [Music] so people might be wondering about heart attacks and stuff we’ll just throw heart attacks out there are heart attacks related to increased bile in the blood dr smith here’s the title of the paper i found yesterday fasting serum total bile acid level is associated with coronary artery disease myocardial infarction that’s heart attacks and severity of coronary lesions let me let me back up a second for those
(38:26) of you who might be new here today you are not supposed to have any bile in your blood zero no conjugated bile in your blood no unconjugated bile in your blood zero in a truly healthy person you have zero zero zero bile in your blood so what are they saying here well let’s just go conclusions fasting serum total bile acid level is highly associated with the presence and severity of coronary artery disease in patients undergoing coronary angiography for suspected coronary artery disease interesting i did i did a post last time a link
(39:19) where uh people with diabetes had higher bile in their blood than people who didn’t and uh what was the other one i did just yesterday oh celiac disease that’s right celiac disease let me find that one serum primary bile acids in the course of celiac disease let me put that in here let’s read the important line in untreated celiac disease presenting with subtotal villus atrophy peak concentrations of primary bile acids were significantly delayed and serum levels were significantly higher than controls
(40:09) small but significant abnormalities persisted after a period of gluten-free diet despite a normalization of mucosal morphology more bile in the blood in celiac people more bile in the blood in diabetics okay this is what they never told you so question is hi dr smith why would one have high zinc red blood cells or high zinc rbc content but low plasma but still somewhat in range okay the zinc red blood cell count i don’t i the red blood cell tests are i found plenty of results with plasma levels um
(41:13) they’re a lot cheaper plasma and serum i use plasma for zinc and i use serum for copper rbc levels would stick around a bit longer like to have it high and then have low plasma the big thing about serum or plasma tests is they are very dependent upon your intake so when people simply take a zinc pill the day before the test their serum or plasma levels will go very very high like high out of range and then what do their doctors tell them to do oh my gosh don’t take any zinc you obviously don’t need anything this is
(41:54) terrible and i go i just asked him did you take your zinc pill the day before the labs so you don’t want to take your zinc the day of the lab and the day before the lab i asked them did you take your zinc the day of or the day before and they go oh yeah i did okay then we go well now we can’t use that test um by not by getting the plasma levels or the c or the serum levels without the zinc the day before we can get kind of an idea of what’s the running zinc in the system what do you actually have to work with
(42:32) not what is the supplement spike doing versus not taking supplements for three months doing um i just use those because they’re cheap and i actually do go a lot i don’t go a lot i have studied under dr william walsh’s stuff on copper and zinc i don’t use a lot of his stuff anymore but i still do use some of the zinc teachings that he does the higher red blood cells zinc i can’t explain it um if they’re if they were done at different times then we have all sorts of wrenches through in the mix
(43:09) um i would tend to think that high zinc in your red blood cells would likely also mean high copper in your red blood cells and i would be wanting to see copper levels the other thing i do that is different from anybody out there about zinc and copper that makes things a little more complex but i actually find that it helps is i do hair i do hair testing for minerals also so i not only get to see the blood levels of copper and zinc i get to see the hair levels which gives us a v a view of the blood levels of certain minerals over months over four
(43:51) to six months depending on how your how long your hair sample is like i cut i do my hair sample every month can you tell right i just did a hair a hair sample um no it doesn’t take that much hair it takes only a little bit um but when people are doing the full length of the hair sample you know like an inch and a half ish we get to see like four to six months of what i call mineral movements understanding what the hair test is good at showing and what it’s not good at showing is critical people who think
(44:21) every mineral on the hair test is completely indicative of everything are very wrong there’s just there’s there’s there’s a good amount on the hair test that’s not usable i don’t use all the blood tests either so some people will say well how can you use the hair test if you don’t use all the minerals on it i’ll say because there’s different tools for different jobs and they do different jobs well i don’t use a screwdriver when i need to use a wrench i don’t like the red bloods for whatever
(44:51) reason i’m usually pretty good at these gut feelings i don’t like the certain red blood cell tests as much and zinc and copper are some of the trickiest minerals out there because they have binding proteins the more binding proteins that something has the trickier do i say that the hair tests get the trickier the hair test get the binding proteins will hide things from the hair test so i use both and it’s taking me a long time to figure out what i’m looking at i do try to teach people what they’re looking at if they
(45:27) if they’re practitioners they want to learn we do have a seminar i did do a gosh what was it 22 hours 24 hours worth of seminar um so that’s that’s available if you’re interested in that contact julia admin at it is not available for sale on the store um but if you have no idea about vitamin a toxicity you haven’t learned about it yet i wouldn’t spend your money on the seminar because you have no foundation i would get into the uh love your liver program first and read everything in
(45:56) there before you think about doing the seminar so but the red blood cell zinc i i would tend to say that there’s some what do we want to call it some occult copper toxicity in the liver because you probably didn’t do red blood cell copper at the same time most of the time if you have high copper in places high zinc will follow because your body uses that to protect you from copper which is hilarious in that other study they said that low zinc and copper and selenium were showing that there was like low antioxidants and i’m like
(46:35) copper is an oxidant okay copper oxidizes things copper is not an antioxidant copper is completely an oxidant just terrible um the whole antioxidant theory is is garbage you can go and find that in the literature they’ve been like well even after the 20 years of antioxidant research uh it never really panned out and people are still shoving in antioxidants and i’m like just stop that’s how they convince you to eat foods that are bad for you your liver’s detox system is an oxidative system go look it up
(47:19) the detox systems adh aldh all the dehydrogenases that it is an oxidative system if you if you still believe fully in germ theory your body uses oxidation to kill pathogens so your liver’s detox system is an oxidative system and the way we kill pathogens is an oxidative system and yet we have the scientists telling us to eat lots of antioxidants and liver disease and other diseases going through the roof and we seem to have a lot of problems with pathogens these days antioxidants would shut down your oxidative systems
(48:22) folks it all makes sense when you finally understand it why would they be telling us to do this because they aren’t interested in your health ever and whenever you see mainstream medicine and alternative medicine saying the same thing eat lots of antioxidants eat your eat a rainbow you should do the opposite generally okay so thorvald said his hair test was okay well hair hair test just to be blunt i don’t say anything’s okay until i’ve seen it that’s just i i don’t when people tell me here’s my labs i say
(49:08) give me the ranges give me the units give me the actual peeps papers from the lab i don’t it’s the old trust but verify like saying your your level was in the okay range of trace elements the okay range goes down to the white area on the reference range goes down to 13. 13 is the garbage zinc number that’s terrible i actually want people higher than that little white area in the reference range i want them 18 to 22.
(49:39) so throwing out that html was okay not no no offense it just doesn’t mean anything to me because you’re okay is not necessarily my okay so somebody trolling a little bit they asked what was my favorite pokemon my boy is into pokemon he used to be um actually when i was trying to do more exercise for a while i did play pokemon go i still didn’t care about which pokemon was which so it was just a way to get me to a little more entertainment while i was walking around now i don’t i don’t use that anymore i go and walk my uh make sure i
(50:24) get in my ten thousand steps a day and i do it i have my little vivosmart hr fitness tracker why do i pick this one let’s just throw that out there because i can turn off the bluetooth anytime i want if you’ve ever gotten a fitness tracker and it has wi-fi on it or it has bluetooth on it and your wrist started to hurt or you started to get hand problems or elbow problems or forearm muscle problems and you can’t figure it out it’s because you put an emf source on your wrist there’s only two fitness trackers out
(51:02) there that don’t put out you that you can turn off the emf i mean it’s it’s still a battery powered people are going to say well there’s still some emf okay but batteries are magnitudes less of emf than actually having a bluetooth transmitter on your wrist so vivosmart hr um you can turn off the bluetooth you can you can google fitness trackers that low emf fitness trackers and then it tells you how to turn it on and off on there i love mine it’s been working helped me you know uh what is it what is measured
(51:39) gets managed it’s been helping me measure and manage my uh my walking which is which is walking is transportation but walking is also the foundation of health and one of the things we don’t do enough each day is walk so um question is could it be that humans who genetically are bad in converting beta-carotene into vitamin a and who can’t store it properly in the liver have far more problems with overall fat distribution and eczema i am beginning to think that carotenoids well so where to where do we store
(52:16) carotenoids if we don’t store carotenoids as much in the liver which is true in the research where do we store it well you can go we found several plastic surgeons on the internet commenting that i mean you can tell how many carotenoids are being fed to humans and to animals by the color of their fat if they are getting yellow fat or even orange fat which plastic surgeons nowadays because they’re misinformed too they’ll be like oh yeah we can tell when somebody eats a healthy diet because their fat comes out in the liposuction
(52:51) and it’s orange people are like oh buy eggs that are super dark orange okay you tell me how that works out um eczema we are seeming to see that people with eczema who reduce their carotenoid intake tend to start doing better so do i think that um we can store with one of the plates we store carotenoids more out in the subcutaneous fat which is right under what the skin where does eczema show up on the skin so reducing carotenoids and then when you have the people who like switch to the carnivore diet the all muscle me please if you’re gonna
(53:46) do the carnivore diet which i don’t recommend but if you’re gonna do the carnivore diet do all muscle meat all of the long-term carnivore dieters the 10 years or more they are all doing only muscle meat these nose to tail people are like they may feel great at the beginning but they are crash and burn within years if they even last that long don’t don’t eat liver don’t just watch my video on this channel about how liver is poison how liver is not good for you all the cases of people eating liver one time and
(54:19) going to the hospital don’t eat liver don’t eat organ meats those store the toxins and if you’re gonna eat muscle meat which i do recommend in general get it lower fat because fat is where we store toxins for those of you out there who won’t eat factory farmed meat because it’s so full of toxins and it’s what do they try to do why do they give cows oh antibiotics and growth hormones and all this stuff because it fattens them up wait they give them antibiotics so they don’t get infected
(54:58) and it also fattens them up what do antibiotics cause in the liver they cause cholestasis they cause liver injury go look it up funny thing i talked to a gentleman yesterday whose life was ruined by cipro go look up cipro liver injury cholestasis and then sometime later this is a gentleman i believe he’s in his 30s he had a heart attack what did i just show you about bile acids in the blood and heart attacks this is not a coincidence okay but yeah overall fat distribution funny thing that the the doctors who
(55:39) were doing the liposuction were saying they were seeing a lot of i mean who would be doing liposuction well people who are carrying more fat than they’d like and they were seeing orange fat so next question is there anything to hold a clark style liver cleanse using epsom salts olive oil and grapefruit juice or kidney cleanse using hydrangea gravel marshmallow root parsley yadda yadda etc um grapefruit juice is terrible for your liver this is why they tell you not to take it with meds grapefruit juice slows down your liver
(56:26) why so why do they tell you not to take it with certain medications because if you slow down your liver too much with that medication your blood levels go up too fast and you’re gonna get very sick or maybe die they’re telling you know our we’re selling you a poison but to me keep it from becoming too poisonous don’t drink grapefruit juice with it don’t i used to have a grapefruit tree in naturopathic medical school and i used to eat a grapefruit a big grapefruit every day and boy i started
(56:55) to feel awful and then i stopped eating i researched grapefruits more and i was like i’m not eating those anymore and i stopped and slowly i got better again mini citrus fruit in general don’t eat it uh let’s do this fruit in general has some of the best defenses in the plant world uh here raw orange intake is associated with higher prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in an adult population 2019 study the more raw oranges they ate the worst they got oh we got to get off okay the liver cleanses if you want to call
(57:50) it this i gotta wrap up here i gotta go do the inner circle um the liver cleanses that you hear about that cause you to have massive diarrhea what they do is you do a low calorie diet in general for so many days before it maybe a liquid diet maybe you’re not eating much and you’re just eating apples there’s all sorts of variations it’s a low intake diet so you’re not your gallbladder it’s also a low low fat diet so your gallbladder is not spitting out as much bile it’s holding it back
(58:22) okay then you take basically cathartics if you will you’re taking a high dose of epsom salt which is a laxative you’re taking a high dose of olive oil which excess fat is a laxative and you are taking so you’re storing up your bile for a couple of days and then you’re taking things that cause the bile dump the fat but so you don’t i don’t know if you know this but when you eat a lot of fat you reabsorb the vitamin a and you reabsorb the bile acids more so you’re not helping yourself that much
(58:57) when you take high doses of fat but when you do the liver cleanse you dump all that bile because you ate all the fat but you take the laxative so you crap it all out so are you getting are you basically doing a big bile dump by giving yourself diarrhea sure is this sustainable is it fun no it’s not fun it’s terrible it sucks why not just fix all of it instead of doing this horrible like three to five day thing because you’re not you’re not those are not gall stones in the toilet oh my goodness that’s why no one ever goes and analyzes
(59:47) them is because they’re not gall stones that’s the mixture of your bile salts and and the and the olive oil and the epsom salts why are they all based around these similar things there’s tons of things you could use for diarrhea but only some of them are going to give you the magical appearance of the uh the whatever you want to call them stones or whatever they’re not stones they’re not gallstones your gallbladder is not this big holding like 30 stones okay that is some of the hoax that the
(1:00:13) alternative medicine community um voice on you which the just so you know anybody really big in the alternative community and anything really big in the conventional community they’re all controlled opposition no one is allowed to get really big unless they are controlled opposition they fooled you on both sides sad to say so searching through all this research and finding it why do they not want to talk about cholestasis because if you start looking into cholestasis and you find out that almost every pharmaceutical drug out there causes
(1:00:53) cholestasis then you start to wonder what are they doing to us why are they not talking about this why do they have these measurements of bile acids in the blood and they find it correlated with all these diseases but they won’t say that this is correlated with all these diseases because then you’d have to look really hard at big pharma it’s just the way it is so anyway i got to get going so for those of you who had questions i didn’t get to get to my carotenoid addiction today but um i’ll
(1:01:20) go over that in the uh in the inner circle in a couple minutes so anyway if you have questions and you want to come next week come next week and give me your questions uh and that’s basically it i am dr garrett smith the nutrition detective signing off please check out the other videos on this channel subscribe and subscribe and all that stuff that you got to say at the end of all these and i will uh see you next week same bat time same bat channel bye you


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