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 Streamed live on Aug 6, 2021

0:00 Intro.

21:35 Question: I was searching for aldehydes and gut microbiomes in PubMed and found a research paper that mentions taurine effect on the brain, and it also mentions bile acid and gut bacteria composition. Could we also get the same effect (as we get from alcohol) from aldehyde sources (food, supplements, etc.)? — Frontiers article: Gut Microbiota and Relevant Metabolites Analysis in Alcohol Dependent Mice

31:50 Studies / Articles:
— Exposure to Formaldehyde Perturbs the Mouse Gut Microbiome
— Red wine consumption is associated with fecal microbiota and malondialdehyde in a human population

42:15 Question: How do alcoholic drinks affect the microbiome / gut bacteria; and what other drinks / foods have a similar effect?

Studies / Articles:
— Current understanding of the gut microbiota shaping mechanisms
— Discovery of Reactive Microbiota-Derived Metabolites that Inhibit Host Proteases
— Effects of Cinnamaldehyde on the Viability and Expression of Chemokine Receptor Genes in Temozolomide-treated Glioma Cells
— Cinnamaldehyde treatment during adolescence improves white and brown adipose tissue metabolism in a male rat model of early obesity

46:50 Methyl group, methylation (overmethylation vs undermethylation), glyphosate, tryptophan, folate, and folinic acid.

1:03:00 (mentioned) / 1:07:35 (screen-shared)
PubMed article: Tryptophan Metabolites Along the Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: An Interkingdom Communication System Influencing the Gut in Health and Disease

1:16:00 Question: The soils are so depleted of minerals and vitamins. We know what minerals to supplement (e.g., zinc, molybdenum, selenium, magnesium, and potassium); but what other nutrients do you consider are worth experimenting on one's own body?

Studies / Articles:
— 1:24:15 Cafestol, the cholesterol-raising factor in boiled coffee, suppresses bile acid synthesis by downregulation of cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase and sterol 27-hydroxylase in rat hepatocytes
— 1:32:50 The clinical presentation of cobalamin-related disorders: From acquired deficiencies to inborn errors of absorption and intracellular pathways

1:47:30 Question: What does insoluble fiber do, other than feed bifidobacterium? Does insoluble fiber help to get rid of toxins and bile acids and clean-up the liver?

Studies / Articles:
— Insoluble fiber-rich fractions derived from Averrhoa carambola: Hypoglycemic effects determined by in vitro methods
— In vitro hypoglycemic effects of different insoluble fiber-rich fractions prepared from the peel of Citrus sinensis L. cv. Liucheng
— The effects of soluble-fiber polysaccharides on the adsorption of a hydrophobic carcinogen to an insoluble dietary fiber
— Apples as a Source of Soluble and Insoluble Dietary Fibers: Effect of Dietary Fibers on Appetite

1:54:30 Studies / Articles:
— Effects of long-term soluble vs. insoluble dietary fiber intake on high-fat diet-induced obesity in C57BL/6J mice
— Effects of insoluble and soluble fibers isolated from barley on blood glucose, serum lipids, liver function and caecal short-chain fatty acids in type 2 diabetic and normal rats
— Microbiota, Fiber, and NAFLD: Is There Any Connection?
— Role of Dietary Nutrients in the Modulation of Gut Microbiota: A Narrative Review

2:03:30 Question: Since taking Lactospore, did you need to lower your dosage of supplements? Do you happen to know what would cause it?

2:15:00 Question: I know it’s only been a couple of days since, but do you mind giving an update on the citrates?

2:22:50 Intracellular minerals and heavy metals testing — Question: Have you heard of (or considered) Oligoscan as an alternative to hair mineral tests? It claims the benefit of measuring live cells in your palm (as opposed to 'excretory' samples like hair or urine). My first thought is that it's probably super inaccurate, but maybe it has similar accuracy as a hair test?

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(00:03) okay hello everyone it is episode number two of the love your liver live stream um here with me dr garrett smith also known as the nutrition detective around these youtube parts and so we have this is just a a live q a if there’s no questions i go over topics so for those of you who are subscribers to the channel feel free to post um questions in the top in the in the chat and we will get to them so what if you like this what i do where you can get more of this or where you could learn how to actually fix your liver instead of what a lot of
(00:45) people don’t realize they’re doing out there is actually hurting their liver it may feel good for a little bit but it’s actually hurting your liver that’s the love your liver program over at and then if you like if you like hearing me talk about research stuff and all the evidence that we have supporting this stuff i do that once a week in the inner circle over on the love your liver program that’s inside of the program and that’s anywhere from a three to six hour um
(01:18) marathon of me going over research and figuring out new topics and figuring out how to help this world get out of the mass poisoning that we have all been subjected to and through a lot of misinformation and disinformation we’re continuing to do it in ways that we think are supposed to make us healthier and yet ruin us which this can be fixed your liver is the most it’s the strongest it can take the most punishment and it is the most capable of regeneration organ in your body i’ve had people you know
(02:02) with accutane which is isotretinoin aka 13 cis retinoic acid it is a form of it is a legitimate form of vitamin a that they try to say is an active form of vitamin a that you need you need accutane apparently if you need vitamin a you need accutane well accutane what it causes is liver injury aka cholestasis aka your bile getting into places it’s not supposed to be so i have accutane people come and talk to me about can this be fixed yes it can be fixed other people have done it and we are doing the most comprehensive most angles of fixing it
(02:47) other people out there on the internet will be like well i did this and this seemed to fix my problem and then other people tried and doesn’t work because they don’t actually understand what they fixed and that’s really what we’re getting at over there in the love your labor program so the inner circle is a is a weekly thing i do actually today over on the inner circle we’re having grant generou he joins me once a month for those meetings um he was the guy who wrote the initial ebooks about vitamin a toxicity that so many
(03:17) people have read he put him out for free and he just told people what he did to fix his chronic kidney disease where he was basically at the point of going on dialysis and his really bad eczema he did a very simple diet that is not very easy to follow because he he eats the same things every day he’s been doing it for six years that takes a lot of that takes a special mindset that takes a special person to do that he’s doing it for science if you want to hear about somebody who does something for science
(03:51) grant doing his diet of beef or bison and white rice and or brown rice he does a mix of the two and beans i believe he does black beans if i recall correctly doesn’t that’s not that important but um he has gotten his vitamin a down to almost where the labs don’t measure any lower and he’s been there for a year or two now so for the people who think vitamin a is a necessary vitamin it’s not we have there’s actually three people who have gotten down um to that level and i just have a new client
(04:29) added to the vitamin a deficiency list that the confirmed by blood testing after she she started at 61 in american units which is about a 2.1 in the the kind of worldwide units the micro moles um and uh she got down to a 15 which is uh 0.6 maybe ish so she’s technically deficient she started out technically vitamin a toxic and we got her down to technically vitamin a deficient because mainstream only measures blood vitamin a which is not helpful it doesn’t tell you what’s in your liver we’ve gotten her deficient and only
(05:20) things have gotten better okay actually let me read that well so until we get a question um let me go find the list of things this woman started her low vitamin a diet and doing the other she’d been working with me individually on we do testing blood testing hair testing to correct mineral deficiencies and we also do blood testing for vitamin a and serum bile acids and other things to figure out how your liver is working and what you need and what you don’t need we call it testing not guessing um so her list of old symptoms
(06:06) general body aching like fibromyalgia digestive issues upset stomachs gas constipation blood sugar swings and crashes stiff and sore finger joints light eczema patches on the backs of my arms and calves fatigue and anxiety she told me here she says i have times when they are all completely gone and i feel really healthy it’s so great okay i see the question i’ll get to that in a second she says i know that tomatoes a nightshade i’m kind of an expert on nightshades that was what i came to all of the that was one of the
(06:39) things i was figuring out if you want to go google the original article i did after i spoke at the westin price convention which boy that’s a misguided vitamin a poisoning group there they’re just filling people full of vitamin a i wrote a nightshade’s article if you search western price nightshades garrett generally or if you just search western price knife shades you’ll probably find my article from then this was years ago and nice shades are poison you want to know a funny thing that one of the members of
(07:10) the the love your liver program figured out david who is super helpful he actually found that one of the compounds in peppers capsicum is actually two retinoic acids the most poisonous form of vitamin a two retinoic acids bound together so what happens if those come into your body and you break them apart you’re basically taking i don’t remember exactly which form of retinoic acid it is closer to retin-a tretinoin or accutane isotretinoin 13 cis retinoic acid but it’s it’s one of those so you’re actually eating
(07:52) retinoic acid when you eat those peppers most likely your body likely cleaves that just like it cleaves beta carotene into two retinaldehydes two two molecules of vitamin a one molecule of beta-carotene turns into two molecules of vitamin a retinaldehyde not retinol like you might have been told it turns into retinaldehyde and then that can be back converted into retinol so anyway she was saying i know that tomatoes can make the eczema patches come back but if i don’t cheat they stay away so we worked on some other things about
(08:27) in her consult the other day about helping her bowel movements happen because getting your bowel movements to happen as naturally as possible is very important we talk a lot about that and it’s not the solutions that people think are what they need are not always the solutions um sometimes a lot of times on my program we we do less than more and the people who are used to just adding more and more supplements and adding more and more modalities and more and more and more and more the p if you’re on 50 pills a day from
(09:01) your practitioner or just on your own design you’re not getting better 50 pills a day is not the way to getting better no one is like oh just when i got up to like 45 pills a day that’s when everything changed no if you’re on 50 pills a day you’re taking tons of non-essential nutrients you’re trying to force your body to do something what do we call it forcing your body to do something with an unnatural or non-essential nutrient we call that drug therapy yes drug therapy can be done with supplements
(09:33) it’s called ortho-molecular medicine they’re giving you drug doses of supplements to force your body to do something that it’s not already doing these are the kind of philosophies that drive the stuff but anyway she said i think that the big things for me we’re getting more magnesium the vitamin a detox which is now the love your liver program and balancing the other minerals over time that’s what we do with testing not guessing so anyway that was just a quick one she had lots of issues and now at times they are all
(10:02) completely gone and her vitamin a is technically deficient don’t you think that if vitamin a was a real vitamin and we made her deficient in the blood that she should have more problems maybe eye problems maybe the supposed night vision problems in the dry eye but yet she’s getting better in every single way grant actually wants to redo the original the supposed the classic vitamin a deficiency study in mice he wants to organize it with a truly vitamin a free diet which the mice probably didn’t have we’re
(10:40) going to make sure there’s plenty of zinc in there for the mice and we’re going to make sure that there is taurine in the diet because those are key things if you watch my vitamin a deficiency doesn’t exist video here on this channel you’ll see that there’s no real you can find plenty of ways to poke holes in the fact that vitamin a deficiency isn’t a real thing and it’s been shown in research studies even though they try so hard to make sure that you think you need it um and then watch when you wonder why if
(11:17) you’re into the the kind of um alternative thinking approaches of the day where you don’t always trust the people giving you information and maybe you think that infertility is a goal of some of these things make sure to watch my vitamin a and infertility video on this channel also so let me get uh hannah asks does vitamin a toxicity have something to do with pancreatitis most likely and it’s not it’s not in the direct way that we would likely think so i’m going to do a video on this with all
(11:55) the research i’m going to get the research that anthony mawson has put together if you don’t know who anthony mawson is he was figuring out vitamin a toxicity about 40 years ago he was starting his journey figuring that stuff out um and what he figured out was that vitamin a causes what’s called cholestasis cholestasis is the the base root of it is cola is bile stasis is stagnation really what we’re talking about in a way when we’re talking about cholestasis here is bile is getting into places it’s not
(12:29) supposed to be whether that is going backwards or breaking through like leaky gut to be absorbed by the bloodstream that doesn’t go straight to the liver um we’re taught cholestasis is bile getting into the wrong places so pancreatitis and cholestasis could vitamin a toxicity cause pancreatitis yes because vitamin a toxicity in the research accutane for those of you who are interested in that topic accutane isotretinoin retin-a all these things vitamin a from fancy you know brightly colored fruits and vegetables vitamin a
(13:05) from liver vitamin a from dairy vitamin a from eggs egg yolks over time causes cholestasis and i’ll have all these angles in the presentation um and what that causes is bile goes backwards in the system well in the bile ducts so if you’re not familiar with the bile ducts there’s like if you think of the liver it’s kind of this triangle organ and then the bile ducts come out of it and there’s branches and then it goes to the intestine which is where you want the bile to go and one of those branches of the bile ducts is
(13:39) to the gall bladder and that’s your storage area you can get blockages of the bile duct the big bile ducts this is called extra hepatic cholestasis outside of the liver and one of the the ducts that comes off is the pancreas the pancreatic duct where the pancreas puts its amylase and lipase and other digestive enzymes like those of you who’ve heard of pancreatic enzymes that’s where the pancreas adds its stuff to the to the bile soup if you will to help you digest things like fats and starches amylase digests amylose
(14:23) which is one of the starches right so if you get a blockage in those big bile ducts it backs up it can back up one of the places it can back up to is into the pancreas so you then have bile which is by definition bile is the most toxic fluid in your body right if people say some other people say the liver doesn’t store anything it’s just a processing plant well they’re completely wrong research everywhere shows that they’re wrong i just found the other day in the research that the liver can store
(14:57) aluminum in it and then people say well why does the liver store aluminum in it if we don’t need it and you go really really do you actually think that the liver wants to store aluminum because we might need it does the liver store cadmium yeah do we need cadmium i think we can all pretty much agree that we don’t um but then they’ll say but the liver stores vitamin a and i go yeah and it stores aluminum and cadmium and all sorts of other toxic stuff too that’s not it doesn’t mean your liver is trying to
(15:25) save it for a rainy day it means it can’t these things if they get too high in the blood you get problems so i think i lost my train of thought there that’s what you get on the live stream oh pancreatitis so it’s bile most toxic fluid in your body your liver if they if you say it’s a processing plant which it is it’s a it’s a storage depot for poisons it holds on to them to protect you protect your blood it’s also a processing plant and it makes bile it puts toxins into your bile fat soluble toxins
(16:07) toxic metals glyphosate all this stuff it puts it into your bile so you can get it into your intestines that’s where it’s supposed to go so you can poop it out or you reabsorb it and it goes back to the liver and you it’s basically recycling the enteropedic circulation and so you can then put it back into the bile again so you can try to get it out again okay you don’t want that bile going anywhere except into your guts and pooping it out or reabsorbing it and then pooping that out you know you’re trying to get it out
(16:42) you don’t want to not make bile that’s that’s the thing people go well if bile is so toxic why don’t we try to not make it that’s not that’s not the solution you don’t want to try to dump more bile because if you have cold stasis and your bile is going the wrong direction you try to push dumping bile and it goes the wrong way and then you feel terrible this is a mistake people make when they do high fat diets is they think oh high fat causes bile dumping high fat also causes you to reabsorb all
(17:10) those fat soluble toxins and the vitamin a and the bile so you’re just you’re you’re spitting it out into your intestines but you’re reabsorbing it you’re not getting anywhere so anyway pancreatitis backed up bile into the pancreatic duct you’re basically putting toxic bile on your pancreas which is not supposed to be exposed to and it gets inflamed pretty simple um so the next question i i could probably go and um here let’s just let’s let me just do a quick search just for those who might doubt
(17:54) hepatic cholestasis pancreatitis okay let me get this copy link address here we go oh why do they have to do all the extra stuff okay that link so science direct there’s a bunch of stuff on that page i’m going to take the text that i want from it okay so here’s the here’s the quote from sciencedirect tends to take very academic books or research papers and compile them onto one big page so you’re gonna if you wanna see where this quote came from on that page you’re gonna have to search for it
(18:50) but this is like what i do in the inner circle we’ll just go hey let’s go look this up let’s go see if there’s a connection so acute pancreatitis is complicated by jaundice often transient in 15 to 75 percent of patients 75 percent of patients this may result from inflammatory bile duct and struck obstruction with inflammatory bile duct obstruction so the bile can’t get through so it’s backing up isn’t that cholestasis um or a common cause such as alcohol excess alcohol known to damage your liver is
(19:31) alcohol known to cause fatty liver which is a form of cholestasis yeah or gallstones gosh do you think that if a gallstone was blocking the route of bile it might cause a backing up of bile into places it doesn’t go or shouldn’t go and jaundice by definition jaundice is excess bilirubin oh you mean it was named for bile e ruben that’s the way i like to say it bilirubin you back up bilirubin into your blood and you get jaundice or you finally see it as jaundice that’s cholestasis by definition you are having an excess of bile related
(20:14) compounds in your blood so there is the connection yes this is where we have the model of cholestasis as putting bile in places where it shouldn’t be bile is very inflammatory in general don’t think of bile as your friend don’t think of it as an enemy but don’t think of it as your friend you don’t want it you want to make it i i give an example of this it’s like it’s like eating food and pooping you want to eat food you want to get what you need out of the food but then also you want to poop
(20:53) you want to get rid of that food when you don’t want it anymore you do not want the food going the wrong way and for any of you who have heard of leaky gut leaking things into your system that you big proteins that you don’t want your system it’s the same thing think of leaky gut what you’ve learned about leaky gut because it’s not caused by the things you think it is leaky gut is food in between food and pooping stuff is going the wrong direction it’s leaking out okay and then people will say leaky gut
(21:27) is behind all of the diseases of today well it’s it’s when you understand how it happens yes it it makes sense so imagine your liver makes bile your bile is the most toxic fluid in your body you then have obstructions or they there’s things go look these up vanishing bile duct syndrome the bile ducts disappear there’s paucity of bile ducts they find this in newborns where they don’t have enough bile ducts to move the bile out of the liver there’s bile duct infarcts or infarctions where bile ducts kind of
(22:01) like when somebody has a heart attack or a stroke the tube actually blows a hole in it there there’s a gallstone blocking the gallbladder the the gallbladder duct that’ll block it back up pressure so there’s all sorts of ways that this can happen you want all you want your bile to do for those of you who still believe that bile is good and necessary and we want to take care of our bile and all this stuff i’m going to tell you your liver is very good at making bile what you need to do and what we focus on
(22:39) is getting your bile moving the right direction only that’s it you could probably get rid of if you simply could magically make your bile go the right direction probably 90 to 95 of your health issues would disappear it takes a long time to fix this we have to actually remodel the liver and make new bile ducts right imagine what watching construction road construction it takes a while right we are having to reconstruct the roads in the liver that’s what we’re doing um and we have to remove the poisons first
(23:17) so we remove the poisons that we can figure out cause these problems we help the liver get rid of the poison by making sure the bile goes the right direction and then we give the body the nutrients that it needs to repair the damage doesn’t this all sound simple it’s it’s more complex i mean it’s it’s as they say it’s simple not easy and for those people who are trying to wing the the nutrients on their own best of luck to you you may or may not know what you’re doing you may or may
(23:45) not know like i can tell you that 95 of people who take magnesium pills when i see their results on a hair test it doesn’t get their magnesium where it needs to be topical magnesium does which i’m my next my next series of updates and articles in the love your liver program is a bunch of stuff on topical magnesium it is by far the best form of magnesium in terms of getting your levels up and i’m talking people say well which one spray lotion foot soaps baths some people use the deodorants to help um
(24:24) you know magnesium containing deodorants there’s there’s all sorts of things i don’t know about magnesium soap i saw that come out and i was like wait so normally what i tell people with like the spray or the lotion as i say if you put it on your skin the general kind of accepted time is it needs to sit on your skin for 20 seconds people will say magnesium baths needs to be 20 minutes long or longer foot soaks 20 minutes long or longer if you’re going to put on spray or lotion and you want to wash it off after your
(24:54) when you can because you don’t like it on your skin but you want to do what you need to do for your health leave it on 20 minutes then wash off so this is just kind of accepted somebody might say is there any science to back that i would say not that i know of but it seems to work i’ve seen it work in my clients where we do hair testing and we get to see where their magnesium is at relative to calcium as we go so a topical magnesium is really where it’s at and pills for 95 of people don’t bring them
(25:27) up people say i’m taking the best one out there i’m taking magnesium three and eight and i go yeah hair tests show that that doesn’t really bring your magnesium up to where it needs to be oh magnesium oratate have you heard of that you want to know what i tried all the oratate minerals in practice with testing orotate minerals are garbage complete garbage when you watch testing they don’t work and they’re some of the most expensive minerals out there isn’t that terrible they have all this
(25:59) hype from a guy who wrote about them decades ago testing shows they don’t work i can tell people just like oh you’re doing topical magnesium add a couple more sprays a day and that’ll probably fix your hair test it’s it’s really when you get into the testing and you’re not guessing it’s amazing what you can see works and doesn’t work for people like i said there’s probably five percent of people that pills work for i will tell them if they were doing pills and i see that their magnesium’s
(26:31) staying okay and they’re just like look i’m not gonna do the topical and their hair test says it’s okay then we say hey it’s working if it ain’t broke don’t fix it you’re one of the lucky ones enjoy because it doesn’t work for everybody um so jayrus asks would it be possible to unblock the liver ducts through manual stimulation or massage you’re playing a little bit with fire with that one okay so i’ve been trying to figure out how because exercise we have studies on uh sled dogs exercise will increase the
(27:15) retinal esters the storage form of vitamin a in the blood where do retinal esters come from they come from the liver what’s stored in the liver well bile i mean that’s where we get bile from bile is stored in the liver that’s fatty liver just so you know that’s when bile is not leaving and getting stored as fatty liver and even skinny people can have fatty liver two percent of fatty liver cases are in underweight people and there’s not a whole lot of underweight people these days right so two percent of
(27:44) underweight people having fatty liver well there’s not a whole lot of underweight people um well i’ll combine this okay so the adb1 asks does exercise help the vitamin a reduction and i’m going to combine that with unblocking the liver ducts through manual stimulation aka massage so sled dogs went for a run and then they saw afterwards they saw more vitamin a in their blood which means that they were probably dumping bile i think i had i think i found a paper on exercise basically dumping bile i’m pretty sure
(28:22) i’m not gonna go look it up right now i just don’t have the time but i’m i was going through the different agitators the things that can help if you do the right amount but they can make you feel worse if you do the wrong amount too much exercise is one of the agitators for those of you who are chronically ill you may know that there’s a certain amount of a certain amount or a certain type of exercise you can do and you either feel okay you don’t feel worse maybe you feel better but at least
(28:53) you don’t feel worse and then there’s a certain type or amount of exercise that you do and you feel like dog poo to use a technical term you did too much and you dumped too much bile backwards into your system because of cholestasis if you if you are chronically ill if you have any health issue i’m going to say you have some degree of liver injury which is cholestasis okay this is the cause of your not feeling as well as you’d like so some people may have a little bit some people may have a lot the more you have when you dump bile
(29:33) and it goes backwards once you dump too much you will feel bad because now you just dumped bile into your bloodstream it attacks everything it touches and your weaknesses your based on genetics based on your nutrition based on your the toxicity store in your liver based on your bile acid profile or pattern i think there’s one more that i’m forgetting off the top of my head but yeah that this is this is why it hits you in certain ways and this is why even the autoimmune community which autoimmunity is cholestasis and bile in your blood they
(30:09) know that once you get one autoimmune disease even the research shows this you tend to get another one and if it goes long enough you get another one and then you go and get another one so that’s that’s the common standard idea of autoimmunity we have several people now doing a low vitamin a diet whether they’re on my program or not who have gotten rid of technically the auto immunity by their antibodies and their blood are now back down to normal autoimmunity just so you know if you are out there autoimmunity is
(30:42) a poisoning full stop of some sort it can be a self it’s mostly a self poisoning through the bile going back into you whenever you hear people on the internet talking about toxicity and toxins and poisons and all that stuff and they talk about fixing your liver and all this stuff and they don’t talk about cholestasis you are actually what what you’re doing is you are self-poisoning through your bile your bile going the wrong direction nobody talks about this is why medicine hasn’t figured it out why are they not
(31:14) going to figure it out because every medication out there damages the liver in some way causing this cholestasis so the whole big pharma doesn’t want this to get out because then it would implicate nearly every medication that you’ve ever taken in your life as causing your health problems now okay so exercise back to that too much exercise too much heat too much maybe those of you out there who are kind of not well you notice you’re very heat intolerant because it’ll dump too much bile maybe sweating
(31:55) is another agitator uh what else is there there’s um exercise and sunlight are these things generally thought of as good for us and were they maybe a lot of you trying to get your health back you’ve tried them and you go i try them and they just destroy me and you go i’m telling you yes people 20 years ago didn’t used to be as cholestatic didn’t have the liver problems that they have today so as the liver problems get worse people become less tolerant of these what i call agitators i believe that exercise one so exercise
(32:33) will raise your core body temperature right exercise will make you sweat exercise will raise your core body temperature which will cause more bile dumping exercise will cause you to contract your core muscles and squeeze your liver like a tube of toothpaste what do you think comes out of your liver when you squeeze it bile where’s that bile going well depending upon your cholestasis some of it’s going backwards into your blood so if somebody did the right amount of exercise or the right amount of man if you want to go
(33:14) poking on your liver i mean there’s going to be risks involved in that i i believe you know somebody’s got a damaged gallbladder and their gallbladder wall is getting weak and you start going and poking on it that’s at your own risk i’m not advising that i would much rather a natural compression of the liver was being done that you get two things out of it if you wanna if you wanna squeeze the liver you can um you can do it with your own core muscles and get exercise at the same time so why not do that rather than going and
(33:50) like digging fingers into it i did find for people in the early days of this some of you may have done infrared light red light therapy infrared light therapy or technically near infrared or laser therapy we’ve had some people try it over their liver and that seems to cause a lot of bile dumping too a bit too much for people most times so we just we’re starting to realize it’s it’s the whole thing of there is kind of the poison makes the dose right but if you start dumping too much bile at once you’re gonna feel
(34:28) and you still have cholestasis you’re gonna feel awful whatever your symptoms are until that bile goes around in your blood and then your liver finally pulls it out of the blood again to try to send it the right direction okay um but that’s the connection between exercise and what we see on what what grant even reports now and what i can report on my exercise is that as we get this poison out of you all the poisons just think of it as your liver is going to do a better detox than you ever could just like you know
(35:08) god designed us well and then humans are trying to modify us while we’re here i don’t know that that’s a good idea so going and trying to force your liver to do things whether it’s massage or whether it’s other things we just want to stop forcing toxins on the liver help the liver get rid of what it’s already stored that’s toxic and give it the nutrients that it needs that’s really those are the biggest things is exercise good for people in general yes you’ll never hear me disagree with that
(35:43) can people do too much exercise for their state of health for those of you who are out there who are sick yes absolutely you know this is exercising until you make yourself feel bad helpful to you no if you are doing the right things over time exercise will become you’ll get a higher exercise tolerance you’re in your recovery from exercise and especially in between sets within a workout your recovery gets amazing and people have reported this multiple times they just go my recovery is just the ability to keep
(36:21) going is just getting better and better um so we see this so total diff are vitamin a free saturated fatty acids better than polyunsaturated fatty acids for example i read some studies which show an increased metabolism by switching from pufas to saturated fatty acids well if you’re talking about cell studies those don’t always transfer into real studies do i think pufas okay before we get into this am i gonna am i going to obsess on pufa reductions allah the rape crowd no do i eat many pufas no what we do know from the literature
(37:06) okay so we have to we have to take a nuanced view on fat and i have different views on fat in the love your liver program for overweight and underweight people and they are it is there is a nuance to it and i’m not going to go over here because out on the wild west of it youtube people are gonna take my advice and do the wrong things with it and i don’t wanna do that so saturated an excess of saturated fatty acids is known in the literature to cause a gut dysbiosis and it kills off nearly all of your bifidobacterium
(37:46) and high saturated fat diets in the literature have been shown to and so okay so when you get this dysbiosis when your bile makes it into your gut those bacteria turn it into secondary bile acids secondary bile acids are bad the general rule um so those are then reabsorbed by your gut they go into the portal circulation they go straight to your liver that’s where you want them to go if you have leaky gut they go right into your bloodstream so they go back to your liver and it is known that secondary bile acids
(38:20) induce cholestasis and liver injury okay so a high fat diet by just by causing a gut dysbiosis this is all over the literature you guys if you’re a keto person you’re wondering why you’re you may have had amazing results at the start and over time your results are fading and maybe you’re getting worse and you try to eat some carbs again and you can’t tolerate them at all you have induced cholestasis in yourself and it is going to get worse if you don’t do something about it so anyway this dysbiosis will then cause
(38:50) cholestasis which then makes the dysbiosis worse and then you get into more and more problems so can saturated fatty acids be an issue yes puffas are generally if if you eat the kind of diet in terms of the people who will say but essential fatty acids if you eat the kind of diet that we talk about on the love your liver program which is a mixed diet there is no concern about essential fatty acid deficiency okay there’s essential fatty acids in beef every food that has fat in it has some amount of saturated fat some amount of
(39:32) monounsaturated fat and some amount of puffas you cannot avoid all of them you cannot avoid any one of them if you’re going to eat natural foods so um do i eat mini i mean if i was going to prioritize fats i generally try to eat me personally the biggest thing i try to not do is add fats add isolated fats like you know manufactured fats oils to my day if you avoid adding oils to your day very simply you get rid of most of the pufas right and no one out there should really be selling any idea that processed oils are good for you in any
(40:22) way i don’t care if they’re fish oil supplements cod liver oil which is just straight poison you should see my video on this channel about that um you know whether it’s any oil nuts and seed oils or any of that stuff nobody really should be advertising that those are good for you okay so that’s the easiest one to remove then we get into something that people don’t know about beef is that the leaner the cut of beef the more zinc is in it that’s a very good thing the more fat that’s on an animal
(40:58) we we assume that you know excess if if you’re not in this camp i’m sorry you can go back to the camp that believes this but excess fat on a human is an indicator of unhealthiness do i have more than i should a little bit i’m working on it hard right now and it’s working um most of us 95 of us probably tend towards overweight we are making fat to store poisons so if you think about eating a really fatty steak you are by definition saying i’m eating an unhealthy unhealthier animal than it needs to be
(41:51) so and more saturated fats tends to lead to more cholestasis so i am i like totally against fat no people will try to twist my words and say that i’m like totally anti-fat and i’m advocating a fat-free diet no not at all i had i had chicken thighs organic chicken thighs for dinner last night those aren’t fat free did i add any fat to those no because they got plenty on in them right do i eat ground beef which you ca any no matter how you process the ground beef i do actually strain and drain ground beef just to get as much fat off
(42:34) of it as possible but is there any way that that ground beef is fat free no no am i scared of fat no do i want my fat to come from real food yes do if i’m going to be eating beef or chicken do i want that fat to not contain things like soy yes somebody’s going to say well those chicken thighs are going to have you know even though they’re organic they were fed with soy and i say yeah i’m trying to fix that it’s the best i can do right now we are all living in the real world and the food supply is going to get very
(43:06) interesting very soon so do the best you can um but could people feel better from switching to from poofas to saturated fats in foods sure sure pufas are not good do not take pufa supplements do not take fish oil do not take flax oil do not take seed oils in general probably nut oils are not that great but some nut oils are high in monounsaturated fatty acids which don’t seem to be as bad but like i said i talk about overweight and underweight stuff in terms of fats in the program so i’ll leave it at that
(43:48) but if you’re if you’re overweight you have all the fat you need on your body already and taking in more fat is a lie that that’s going to somehow balance you out you want to balance out your fats by having your body choose to get rid of the fats it wants to get rid of first okay there’s a comment i think it has to do with because the fats are more stable sure yeah i do i think saturated fats are probably better than pufas yes but are we talking about the best of the worst possibly um the adb-1 says abdominal breathing
(44:27) will help the liver that might be the way to do it breathing properly is great i actually like for some breathing progressions and ways to get your diaphragm working in different positions i actually really like original strength um you can find them at i if if there was one exercise system in terms of that included breathing and other movement that you can do at low levels when you’re not well and then you can increase it as much as you want in terms of intensity original strength is is it it is it is
(45:06) by far dollar for dollar which they’re not very expensive the seminars they give dollar for dollar was the best exercise seminar i ever took and i i used to take a lot of exercise seminars i was the head personal trainer at the u of a for a while um i opened back back before i knew better i opened the first crossfit gym in arizona with another guy um i i have plenty of exercise background to know what’s good and what’s not and the original strength stuff is some of the best and the very first thing they do in a
(45:41) workout is diaphragmatic breathing and they help you learn how to do it properly in multiple positions because in real life you’re not just laying on the floor in real life you’re up and about and it it’s awesome so jacob asks is it important to eat at the same time every day when considering the circadian rhythm of the gallbladder slash bile um well in terms of eating at this one of the things actually i do have research on this stress causes bile dumps now remember bile dumps can be good or bad depending upon your cholestasis
(46:28) situation oh man i forgot to unplug that phone sorry there’s gonna be a little noise in the background that’s the thing with live streams um so stress causes bile dumps eating at the same time each day kind of like the thing to think about is we have there let’s think of wild mice versus caged mice let’s say laboratory mice or mice that people are taking care of in their homes caged mice domestic mice if you want to call them that live a lot longer than their wild counterparts because there’s simply a lot more a lot
(47:05) less stress and a lot less worrying about things there’s a lot less you know concerned food supply danger from predators all that stuff there’s a lot less stress in captivity for you humans who realize we’re kind of all in a bit of captivity there’s a lot less stress on the mice than there is on the wild ones does it have anything to do with bile dumping i don’t know um but having for for humans where we have these big brains and we tend to worry about things would having a regular eating schedule
(47:47) that you follow tend to reduce your stress level overall in that in that aspect yeah routines that are followed tend to calm us right as we get older and we get into routines you know older tends to mean a less resilient more fragile system um as we get older older people really get into their routines you may have noticed this they’re like this is not how i do it this is i do it this way they’re not very spontaneous because spontaneous spontaneous stuff is by almost by its definition stressful you don’t know what’s going to happen
(48:29) but if you know lunchtime is at noon and every day you get lunch time at noon that is comforting and relieves stress so in that way could eating at the same time every day relieve the mental stress yes will your body adapt and start kind of like even you know like the pavlov’s dogs you might start salivating when you if you look at the clock and it’s 11 50 and you eat lunch at noon you may start salivating your gut juices start going and then you’re you know you almost like make yourself hungrier because you’re
(49:06) expecting it um if you don’t get it there’s a bit of stress right and that could be why if you don’t eat you get stressed you dump bile it has nothing to do and know where to go and then you feel when it goes backwards and then you feel worse so um this could be part of what if a a bile dump going the wrong way putting bile into the blood was the cause of your hypoglycemia type symptoms uh i could go into it where here let me let me find that study just so we can go over so people say what about the
(49:43) connection between bile and uh blood sugar let’s see here we go people are gonna doubt they’re gonna be like i don’t know about this bile acid in the blood theory okay here’s this paper the paper is called serum total bile acids wait let me make sure serum total bile acids associate with risk of incident type 2 diabetes and longitudinal changes in glucose-related metabolic traits what they are saying is that well here well let’s just read the conclusion of the abstract which is very much like the title
(50:43) hit the return button come on oh it’s too long it’s one character too long conclusions baseline serum total bile acids were significantly associated with incident type 2 diabetes and longitudinal over time changes in glycemic traits insulin resistance might partially mediate the association of total bile acids and type 2 diabetes can find a lot of papers on vitamin a and what they call retinol binding protein which is a protein your body only makes to bind to vitamin a so if you ever see total if you ever see retinol binding
(51:32) protein studies where they’re saying retinol binding protein was high and it was associated with insulin resistance first of all you don’t make retinol binding protein unless there was vitamin a so even though they might say well the retinol binding protein didn’t have retinol in it well that’s because it left you still have the remnants of your body’s defense against it floating around and then they’ll try to say that retinol binding protein itself is inflammatory and then you go just because they found
(52:04) a lot of it later even though there might not have been retinol in it they science loves to do this dance of protecting vitamin a i don’t know why vitamin a and infertility science the mainstream science protects vitamin a one of the guys who has a foundation that’s very big in promoting certain injections his favorite vitamin is vitamin a weird coincidence he gives it to for free to third world countries i don’t know why how’s that all connected you can you can figure that out and if we want to talk more about that stuff that’s the
(52:54) kind of stuff that i do in the inner circle inside the network i’m not going to talk about controversial topics by name here i have all sorts of opinions you could probably imagine um but yeah bile acids the more bile you have in your blood the more your risk of diabetes weird it’s almost like bile in your blood causes disease and it doesn’t have to be out of range if you go and you get a serum bile acid test which i run as part of my package your serum bile acids should be zero if they are not zero you have some
(53:36) amount of cholestasis vitamin a in my opinion should be zero or next to zero if it’s not you have some amount of cholestasis because vitamin a gets into the blood through the cholestatic reflux when i i’ll explain more on that later we got we only got like i gotta be on my uh i gotta be doing another video q a here in about five minutes so we got let me see if i can hit one more question um vic asks can backed up bile cause the antibodies that attack the thyroid and hashimoto’s the first so yes yes absolutely
(54:17) um let’s let’s see if i can find something real quick auto immune thyroid uh serum bile pubmed i got two papers here i don’t know i’m going to pull up the uh i’m not going to pull up that whole paper but here we have we have a paper the title of it is increased incidence of hypothyroidism in primary biliary cirrhosis so you guys don’t no need to post any new questions because i’m out of time save your questions for next time or if you join the the love your liver program and you join the inner circle then you can ask
(55:19) questions as much as you want there i do hours there a week so here’s the here’s the last sentence of it therefore the development of cholestatic liver disease in a patient with known autoimmune thyroiditis should arouse suspicion of primary biliary cirrhosis primary biliary cirrhosis by definition is cholestasis think of it as fatty liver is late stage cholestasis you’re storing your bodies can’t get rid of the bile it you’re making it people seem to think that the body’s not making bile your body is on your body
(56:07) your liver cells are the liver cells that make bile are making bile if they’re alive and they’re functioning they’re making bile the question is where is it going you can if it can’t get out let’s say you have vanishing bile duct syndrome your bile ducts are poof gone what’s your liver going to do with it it has to do something with those bile acids because they’re damaging the very liver cells that make them we have the research on that your bile damages everything it touches including the liver cells
(56:38) that’s why we need to put less toxins in so your bile is less toxic so it stops damaging your liver first so fatty liver you start storing the bile acids what do we get into cirrhosis cirrhosis is where the the liver cells and the liver itself is becoming so damaged from that toxic bile that it’s scarring it’s on its way to those liver cells they’re scarred not all of them are scarred but the ones that are scarred are on their way to necrosis and apoptosis dying okay but when you hear cirrhosis you should think coal estates like late
(57:17) late stage cholestasis that’s what that is and if you go and you look up cirrhosis and serum bile acids you’ll find that those are just through the roof so there’s an association between autoimmune thyroid and cholestasis conditions you say here they i don’t i’m not going to look up this whole paper but we have another one serum metabolic patterns in patients with autoimmune thyroid disease okay there’s no abstract on that paper and i’m not gonna or there’s an abstract wait yeah but they didn’t mention what
(57:54) the serum bile is and i’m not gonna go on uh scihub or libgen and find it right now because i don’t have the time so anyway yeah we’re gonna wrap this up now for those of you who enjoyed this and you want to hear more and you want to get the answers that to the more complex questions that i i’m not going to cover here um this work requires a person to not only be intelligent enough to figure it out but you have to care enough to uh that love your liver program is a do-it-yourself program it’s not me
(58:34) guiding everybody do i make comments there yes it’s kind of like a mini facebook with courses um but i’m not there giving personalized information if you want individualized personalized information that’s what i do in my testing and console packages and you can find those at nutritiondetective.
(58:52) com you can find the love your liver which is a do it yourself program at if you end up working with me on testing and consultation you get free access with the packages to the love your liver program for life um the inner circle is my video q a where people get to post questions and i answer it like i’ve done six hours multiple six hour sessions on that um grant i do that weekly grant joins me once a month like he’s joining me today for those there’s also the advanced detox program in there which is where
(59:29) there’s some other higher level articles for people who are really into it and they get to watch the inner circle videos a month after they air live um but yeah it’s it’s a lot of fun over there we have a great community really active i didn’t look at the count last time but we’re over 700 people and great people there um so if you have questions the questions today kind of started out slow um so i was talking about some other stuff but if you have questions come next week and i’ll i’ll get to them come here you post them
(1:00:08) in the chat before it even opens and i will get to them in the order that they’re posted remember that the really controversial topics of today i’m not going to really cover them or i’m going to just give a super superficial opinion of mine on them because i want to stick around and i don’t need to be asked for stuff that is not going to change anybody’s mind but it would only get me in trouble okay so this is dr garrett smith the nutrition detective of nutritiondetective.
(1:00:42) com hope you all enjoyed it today remember bring your questions next week if i didn’t get to him today and i will see you next time bye


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