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(168) Love Your Liver Weekly Q&A Livestream 1 #LoveYourLiver #VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis – YouTube

 Streamed live on Jul 29, 2021

0:00 Intro.

2:23 Studies / Articles:
— Mum cooked herself like a roast chicken as 'tanning oil' disaster left her with third-degree burns - Manchester Evening News
— Aposematism, or how Nature tells us that carotenoids are Poisonous - Nutrition Detective Research Forum
— Animals’ bright colours don’t lie: eat me and you’ll be sorry - Nature (website)

8:33 Epsom salt issues (from sulfur / sulfate / sulphate / sulfuric acid) — Pharmaceutical-grade magnesium chloride is best topical magnesium (for foot baths or other transdermal uses).

12:02 Retin-A (tretinoin, all-trans retinoic acid), skin products, and sun / light / sunlight. — High zinc level on hair test mineral analysis (HTMA) test. Dose / Dosage of zinc (picolinate is ideal). Blood tests / testing.

21:25 Adventan, Alinamin-F, Benlipoid, Bevitol Lipophil, Judolor, Lipothiamine, fursultiamine, thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide (TTFD), vitamin B1, thiamin, sulfur / sulphur, sulfide / sulphide, sulfite / sulphite, sulfate / sulphate, sulfuric / sulphuric acid, sulfation, brimstone, and Bible verses.

27:39 Fasting, detox / detoxification, nausea, morning sickness, bile acid reflux, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and over / overweight versus under / underweight type.

34:03 Food, nutrition, diet / dietary lifestyle, fat / fatty acids, cholestasis, carotenoids, vitamin A (retinol), and deficiency vs overdose / toxicity.

44:46 Chronic symptoms of illness / diseases, or feeling / being sick. How to reverse liver injury. Growing out of (an) allergy / allergies.

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(00:01) okay i never know on this one it says you’re live and still haven’t uh anyway hello everyone this is dr garrett smith the nutrition detective of this is our first youtube live stream in a while um today’s kind of live stream was only meant to really be for uh people who are in the detox program as we call it the love your liver program at nutritiondetective.
(00:35) com if you’re here otherwise welcome um hello so there will be a bunch of new people what i what i’m doing here today is very much like on the um on the detox program we have in that network we have about 700 plus people it’s a very supportive place and this is where people are working on things like oh mike thank you this is live stream right this is live stream there you go i forgot my mic there we go thank you lily so this’ll sound better now um anyway it is july 29th 2021 and uh so in the detox program we have a really
(01:18) supportive community and you can get access there at inside of the network what i’m going to do right after this this is going to be less than an hour i’m going to do my inner circle where people get to ask questions each week and i do go these are getting long because we have such great questions there it’s anywhere from two to six hours long and then if people want to get a a lower price version of that and see the videos a month later that’s the advanced detox program and uh
(01:57) we’re not going to take a lot of uh trolling on this channel so we’ll just uh we’ll deal with it as it comes up anyway if any of you guys have useful questions um stuff that you’ve been wanting to ask about vitamin a toxicity vitamin a detox i don’t want to get into really complicated questions about it because that’s you know really what the network’s for one of the things we could go over let me find that uh let me find that post real quick on the network that somebody brought up it was really great
(02:41) about a woman getting third degree burns while she was sunning herself and everybody likes to talk about what uh how great carotenoids are from in terms of protecting us from the sun and they actually do quite the opposite one of the well-known things about vitamin a toxicity is it causes what’s called photophobia and photosensitivity which is where photophobia is where your eyes get extra sensitive and photosensitivity is where your skin gets extra sensitive to the sun and lots of medications are associated with photo
(03:32) sensitivity especially ones like oh i don’t know accutane um i’m trying to find the post i know who posted it so i guess i’m just gonna have to search um let me find it there we go and but this woman she put on a deep tanning oil here we go let me get the link for you guys and then we’ll head back in here okay mark i will get to that question there we go so what she did well i’ll just read it she uh here we go here’s the title mum cooked herself like a roast chicken as quote tanning disaster
(04:33) tanning oil disaster left her with third degree burns and so people are going okay so she was out in the sun seven hours not good she put uh her daughter in sunscreen she didn’t put it on but what she put on was calypso original carrot oil deep tanning spray carrot oil well if the people who think carotenoids are sun protective or light protective this woman should have been protected right why would they put carotenoids carrot oil into a deep tanning oil if carotenoids protect you from the sun right that doesn’t make any
(05:20) sense so during the seven hour stint it says however later that evening she was forced to sleep on top of her duvet cover as her legs were incredibly tight and painful and days later blisters erupted on her left leg including one the size of a satsuma i don’t know what a satsuma is maybe somebody in the chat can educate me um i didn’t look it up after a visit to a walk-in center in hospital a e days later laura was told she was suffering from third degree burns and said her scorched crispy skin looked
(05:51) like burnt chicken skin and even sounded like that when it cracked horrifying photos show laura’s legs burn red raw with large wounds where the skin has peeled away exposing painful burned flesh underneath okay so you guys can see the rest of that article if you want to but right carotenoids protect your skin from the sun is what they try to say in the literature and what people think they’re like oh no i’m going to eat lots of carotenoids it’s going to protect my skin no it’s going to make things
(06:25) worse um yeah so carrot oil causing much worse burns than usual so stephanie said ouch pretty sure my eyes got unpleasantly sensitive from carotene carotene that’s normal carotenoids are poisons plants mark poisons nature marks poisons in plants with bright colors strong colors dark colors it’s called um aposematism you can go look it up i have an article on my let me find the article that i wrote on my research forum about this so the research forum is at nutritionrestore.
(07:14) com blog forum but let me find it nature does lots of things to help us spot poisons okay colors are a huge one strong colors dark colors bright colors so the idea that we’re supposed to eat a rainbow if you didn’t know that idea only came about in the mainstream in about 2005 and sesame street was one of the first places they put it okay when you think of eating a rainbow the main colors of vitamin a which is a poison are yellow orange and red okay how much of the rainbow does that take up that’s almost half of
(08:03) your rainbow right if you think roy g biv right red orange yellow green blue indigo violet well there’s there’s roy nature marks poisons with bright colors it also marks poisons with bitterness things that are bitter naturally oh i don’t know coco coffee other things like that are not good for you so there was another question so what was um but that was that’s the carotenoid thing i wanted to bring up so mark asked what kind of magnesium is suitable for use in foot baths generally that’s okay we’ll get into
(08:47) this quick i am not a fan of epsom salts epsom salts are magnesium sulfate excess sulfur in the body tends to deplete b1 thiamine and it tends to slow down aldh which is also known as aldehyde dehydrogenase um which is part of your vitamin a detox pathway it’s part of your alcohol detox pathway it’s a huge pathway in your liver um as an example what happens to people when they are genetically slow in aldh if you’ve heard of the asian glow or the asian flush where it’s up to 50 percent of asians
(09:24) can this happen in other people too in other in other races other genetics yes absolutely but it’s said to happen 50 of the asian population and when they drink alcohol you may have known somebody who has this like one drink will cause them to get flushed and very very drunk and they will be very very hungover and some people even term it an alcohol allergy it’s simply that what happens is they process the alcohol through adh into acetaldehyde and they can’t process it further because they’re slow at aldh
(10:00) aldehyde dehydrogenase to turn it into acetic acid so what hangovers are is too much acetaldehyde floating around your system and causing you to feel bad well the asian flushes that the alcohol turns into acetaldehyde and gets stuck well what happens with vitamin a just so you know beta carotene gets cut into two retinaldehydes by aldehyde by alcohol dehydrogenase they also call it retinol dehydrogenase and then it can get stuck there as retinaldehyde that’s not good same thing with formaldehyde if you’re
(10:42) slow with that so we don’t want to do things that slow down our aldh so what do i prefer for anything topical transdermal magnesium i use magnesium chloride i like i suggest pharmaceutical grade magnesium chloride i have a specific one that i’m not going to recommend here on youtube that i do recommend on the network um just because there’s some there’s some qualifications i like to give to that recommendation so but that’s that’s what i like is magnesium chloride if you if you’ve ever had if you’re out
(11:20) there and you have problems with epsom salts maybe it makes your heart race maybe it makes it so you can’t sleep everybody tells you you should do it but you just don’t feel good when you do it and you want to know the answer i’ll get into that on the network there’s a couple things that can go on i for one at one point i was doing lots of magnesium sulfate baths things i did to my health that i know better than now made it to the point where if i took an epsom salt bath i could not sleep for three days i fixed it
(11:55) i i know how to fix that problem now um so we’re not going to get into that here but we’ll we get into that other places so let’s see next question oh yeah as lindsay says here even retin-a skin products say to avoid the sun yeah because vitamin a makes your skin more photosensitive sun sensitive light sensitive and if you’ve got sensitive eyes to light you always have to wear the sunglasses when you go outside or you tend to be very sensitive to computer screens over a period of time you probably have
(12:29) some vitamin a toxicity and subclinical cholestasis going on so anyway shell asked i have a question if there is time what does off the chart high zinc on htma mean that’s hair mineral analysis that’s kind of one of my areas of expertise um is it too much zinc or does it mean something else so i get into this a lot in the uh seminar that i did for people who want to learn how to do hair analysis and blood analysis um based on my research you should know that hair analysis that i do is i i am is completely different than
(13:10) anybody out there i have i have read people like rick malter i’ve read i took malta’s course i’ve read lawrence wilson i don’t have a high opinion of that um person um and his work basically hides ink on a hair test the first thing you want to rule out is contamination where would the contamination come from with zinc that would be stuff like head and shoulders or if you have a medicated dandruff shampoo i remember what’s that one for that that was originally for horses and they turned into people what was it
(13:52) hair mane and tail i think it was um they i saw one at a friend’s house once that i was staying over at and they it had zinc added to it so first you want to check your hair products shampoo is it medicated is it a dander shampoo the big ones for dandruff shampoos are either selenium as in salsa and blue that’s the medication in it um and zinc as in head and shoulders now funny story i’m just going to give a real quick funny story here about my history when i was a youth i think probably pre-teen teenager i had
(14:34) a condition called tinia versicolor which is a skin fungus doesn’t do much to you just makes your skin not tan in those areas and and kind of dry in those areas and i went to the doctor and first they said well you could just put you know a dandruff shampoo like sell some blue on it so you’d have to like take shampoo basically dry like out of the shower rub it all over the areas and let it sit for like 20 minutes a half hour so what was the medication in there in celsium blue it’s selenium so you were supposed to take a
(15:10) selenium-containing shampoo now remember well i’ll tell you this now one of my favorite ways of taking magnesium that i think is 10 times better than pills is topical or transdermal magnesium i believe that approach is about 10 times better than pills so obviously we can absorb minerals through our skin one of the things that people underestimate is the poisons you absorb through your skin your skin is amazingly good at absorbing things for better or worse ladies this is why you need to watch out with all that garbage you’re putting on
(15:41) your skin all that chemical garbage you are absorbing it i can tell you you can tell on a hair test if somebody uses antiperspirant because their aluminum levels go through the roof and their zirconium rhythm levels go through the roof just go and look at what’s in antiperspirants you’ll find aluminum um and zirconium you absorb it you absorb the stuff you put on your skin you want to assume you absorb it so if you’re putting toxic stuff on your skin you’re absorbing it anyway back to the cells in blue i started
(16:14) thinking this was the early development of me getting into um becoming the nutrition detective i was going celent wait if putting selenium on the skin supposed to help tinea go away are we to assume that wouldn’t we logically then go well maybe the cells are just deficient in selenium doesn’t that seem logical so at the time i don’t think i was i think i was young enough that i wasn’t going out buying supplements i don’t even think i had a driver’s license yet but i just wasn’t gonna do the sell some
(16:49) blue and walk around with like blue shampoo on my chest for a half hour i just didn’t do it so anyway so what the doctor did was he gave me some my mom took me to the doctor got some ketoconazole shampoo the azel medications a-z-o-l-e medications that end in a-z-o-l-e go and look up your favorite azoll medication you could look up ketoconazole you could look up fluconazole type that in plus the word cholestasis or liver injury or drug induced liver injury and what you’ll find is that those medications are particularly good at
(17:31) causing cholestasis and liver injury so i got that when i was uh probably a young teenager and then later the doctor i was i did it it kind of helped came back the doctor told me if you use this and it gets rid of it the problem will be back next summer when you’re sweaty and you’re outside he’s like it’s always in the air the tinnie is always in the air and if it lands on you again which it’s going to and you’re sweaty it’s going to show up again which is exactly what happens so then he gave me ketoconazole
(18:09) as a pill and i took it and funny thing i didn’t know back then it wasn’t researching on the internet um didn’t get didn’t really get to the internet until i was at college and i come to find out later that kenoconazole is has pretty good research on it destroying men’s testosterone levels oh that’s great give that to a pre-teen male nice job doc anyway ever since then i always noticed that i couldn’t train hard as hard as my peers which was interesting i did pretty good in athletics and
(18:42) weight training stuff like that but i could never train as hard as other people so anyway i figured out later at that i think i was in my late 20s where i was thinking about this tinea so yes i had tinea for a decade a decade more more and i thought what if i just took extra selenium for a while now i’m not going to go over my dosing here because i don’t need anybody overdosing selenium and then trying to blame me but i took more than the standard dose of selenium for a month or two lo and behold the tinia went away for
(19:19) good gosh nutrient deficiencies an essential mineral deficiency could drive a disease crazy right so that’s kind of what we do that’s one of the sayings i go by is give the body what it needs help it get rid of what it doesn’t want or avoid what it doesn’t want and then get the heck out of the way and that’s a that’s a philosophy i got from dr james cincinig back in naturopathic medical school so that’s my little story about selenium and celsium blue so that’s the zinc thing so what could cause it okay there
(20:00) are i’m not going to get into detail on the other things about zinc here but when there is very simply hair test doesn’t show excess copper stored in the liver blood test doesn’t show excess copper stored in the liver same thing with vitamin a blood tests they do not show excess stored vitamin a in the liver here’s the simple thing blood tests do not show things that are stored excessively in the liver and when we’re talking about just minerals because the hair test is only testing minerals hair tests don’t
(20:40) show excessive stored stuff in the liver i do believe that excessive zinc on a hair test can be an indicator of it can it can show what’s going on in the liver and it can show that there is excess copper in the liver you got to know how to judge this stuff and you got to have seen lots of hair tests like i do but that can be a sign of stuff stuck in the liver the hair test and the blood test can show stuff dumping out of the liver absolutely but that’s only after you do the right things to get it to dump
(21:19) which is i don’t have the time to go over here and that’s that’s over the head of most people here so what’s next um so sarah asked if will this be posted or given access to later yes i’m gonna assuming everything goes well here i’ll i’ll post this on the youtube so it’s permanently here yes absolutely so jay is saying ttfd thiamin tetrahydrofur furfural disulfide provides thiamin and also sulfur looks bad i so i just went into this i went into a big theoretical rant about b vitamins
(22:01) last week on the inner circle i have different theories on the b vitamins especially supplemental ones so but so okay so there here’s an important thing sulfur well we’ll just cover some basics on sulfur and this is a big mistake that people can make when they listen to my work is when i say i don’t like epsom salts because of the sulfate what i’m saying is nobody has a sulfur deficiency nobody a a salt a dietary sulfur deficiency does not exist you can’t eat foods without sulfur you can’t avoid it it’s high in meat
(22:49) it’s high it’s it’s in everything okay and never have i said to avoid sulfur excessive amounts of sulfur in the diet can cause um hydrogen sulfide producing bacteria in your gut to get a hold of it they make too much hydrogen sulfide and then that can cause problems i’m talking about excessive sulfur or people trying to shove sulfur down their pie hole with supplements msm nac glucosamine sulfate chondroitin sulfate uh dim indole-3-carbinol where they’re just trying to shove down all this sulfur
(23:31) now i’m going to give a little bit of a little bit of a biblical perspective here brimstone in the bible is sulfur not once is brimstone mentioned in the positive light in the bible and it seems to have a very strong smell and hydrogen sulfide is extremely toxic so maybe we just don’t start worshiping at the at the altar of sulfur as as so many people in the alternative world are doing what i can tell you about sulfation which is a big topic is that the research is out there that vitamin a toxicity causes huge problems
(24:17) with sulfation and that people with subclinical cholestasis problems also have problems with sulfation and that is how your body manages metabolizes the pathways of sulfur so we know that people can have problems with their sulfation and then they get problems with other things so could people taking in excess sulfur whatever regardless of the source cause themselves problems yes absolutely and there’s people out there doing you know like dr greg nye’s program where they’re reducing a lot of sulfur in their diet
(24:55) and they’re feeling better that’s great is that addressing the root cause no we have people here in my program who work on getting this toxicity out of them and getting enough specific nutrients especially essential mineral nutrients and then their sulfur problems go away like i was telling you earlier about my i couldn’t tolerate epsom salts for a while i mean i went from let me tell you how significant it was when i damaged myself with sulfur i went from being able to go and do flotation tanks like the sensory deprivation tanks
(25:33) floatation tanks i would be in those foreign it’s it’s 700 to 1000 pounds of epsom salts in 10 inches of water okay and i would lay in that for an hour and a half and it used before i messed myself up with msm that used to cure i’d do two two floats in two days and i used to have really chronic insomnia and it would cure my chronic insomnia for two days i mean for a month for a month two days of floats would fix my insomnia for a month then there was my msm debacle methyl sulfonyl methane where i took
(26:18) a ton of it i mean we’re talking on the very last day i took it i took 36 grams it was a 10 day stint where i was listening to this joker of a person about how much to take it was a mistake on my part but i learned a ton from it so i don’t really consider it a mistake but it messed me up and that’s where i lost my ability to deal with sulfur did it cause a nutrient deficiency possibly over time like using test the testing that i do on myself that i use on other people and i do on myself i fixed it so
(27:00) i went from heavy being able to tolerate sulfur to not being able to tolerate sulfur at all then i couldn’t even do a normal bath a normal epsom salt bath two cups of epsom salts in the water in a normal bath would make it so i couldn’t sleep for three days to now i can tolerate it i can do i want to no i go that’s not worth it why am i going to go and when i can use magnesium chloride we know that we can tolerate chloride right sodium chloride you’re eating it all day long salt magnesium chloride magnesium bound
(27:33) to chloride i know i tolerate it why add more sulfur so that’s just that’s that um wendy’s asking i know that fasting is one of the quickest ways to help detoxify the liver no um being 10 pounds underweight will i be able to have just one meal a day and stay healthy these are some general things that i’ve seen in practice okay fasting itself if you stop eating you’re not pooping if you’re not pooping you’re not using the body’s best way of getting rid of bile okay i need to go find these references
(28:17) but there was somebody out there who had said that there there was distinct research on fasting accelerating liver injury now people go i’ve never heard of that and you go well maybe there’s a reason why we don’t fast all the time and if we have an epidemic of liver injury aka subclinical cholestasis just so you know there is research out there saying that normal pregnancies are associated with a mild subclinical cholestasis like all of them and this is in the literature every single they’re they’re saying in
(29:03) theory every single pregnancy out there today has a mild subclinical cholestasis which means they’re refluxing bile into the blood subclinical means that the doctors can’t find it they know it’s there based on the symptoms but the doctors can’t find it on imaging or labs morning sickness is cholestasis how many women do you know who get morning sickness during pregnancy it’s pretty much all of them isn’t it me there’s some who don’t who get away with it but it’s it’s become a normal thing
(29:42) morning sickness is actually bile getting backed up into the stomach and that’s what’s causing you nausea and if you get a lot of bile in your stomach that’s what’s causing you to vomit and what does eating do to reduce morning sickness you dilute the bile with the food instead of the bile just sitting there touching all of your stomach and irritating it you put the food in there and it mixes with it and it dilutes what’s actually touching your stomach so it can make you feel better okay fasting itself think of think of to
(30:17) detox the liver this is the thing that people mistakenly they don’t they don’t quite get about detox the only time you have ever detoxed anything truly is once it has left your body people say the liver is detoxing stuff no the liver is not detoxing stuff the liver is processing stuff and putting it into your bile and until you get rid of that bile whether that bile goes out through your poop or whether that bile goes gets refluxed back into your blood and goes out through your kidneys which damages them or goes in throughout
(30:56) through your blood and goes out through your skin which then comes out through your skin and think of think of if you’re detoxing toxins onto your skin and it just sits on your skin it comes out like think of it pee and poop leave they they’re out that’s why we want to first your poop is the best designed exit pathway kidneys are next because it leaves why do you think of as an example why do people with acne why do they say to wash your face a lot because it could help your acne am i saying that that’s that’s a very mixed answer but
(31:37) why would why would washing one’s face often help with acne because if they’re pushing toxins out through their skin and it just sits there and it causes problems if you wash it off the sooner you wash it off the less it aggravates your skin okay and people who are who have acne and who are not doing very very significant diet things to fix it they’re missing the boat or then they go and they take accutane and they damage their liver for good well not for good we can fix it but most people out there trying to fix their
(32:14) accutane damage are doing things that are not really going to help them that much and they’re not getting down to the root cause but so so with fasting you stop eating okay the thing that fasting does is when you don’t eat you’re not putting at least food wise you’re not putting more toxic stuff in okay that’s legit but you also stop pooping and you stop triggering any bile dumps because there’s no bile to dump so why would people feel better why would a cholestatic person i don’t know if you know what cholestasis means
(32:52) but it means bile’s going backwards into the blood i explain this in great detail necessary detail not huge detail but i explained this in the detox program because they’ll love the liver you love your liver program cholestasis is by all going back into your blood that’s what causes your systemic symptoms if you stop dumping bile whether it’s going into your guts which is where it’s supposed to go or part of it going back into your blood you stop dumping bile you feel better so everybody goes oh i feel so much better
(33:25) when i’m fasting and then i go back to eating normal food and they feel like garbage same garbage within about a couple weeks did they detox anything extra nope they simply put in less toxins for a while which is shifts the balance sure does shift the balance but is it getting anything out not really your liver runs out of the proteins and amino acids it needs to run the detox systems in about three days of not eating okay so that’s that so david asks do you have a view on how someone that is eating lots of
(34:11) carotenoids should transition to a low carotenoid diet i have a thought that just lowering vitamin a intake too fast is problematic okay so can it be is it is it is it problematic it seems to for some people so what have we seen so what if grant general um who i learned about vitamin a toxicity from generous.
(34:36) blog if somebody wants to type that out in the comments grant’s website so people can go see his free ebooks that is what got me into this once i get into something and i i realize it’s true then i tend to start figuring out all the mechanisms because that’s that’s what i do um what we found was that some people when they switch to a vitamin a and then there’s no such thing as a zero vitamin a diet get that part out of your head there is no such thing as a zero vitamin a diet people are out there obsessing over the
(35:08) tiniest tiniest bits of vitamin a i don’t think it’s necessary if you do the other things because it’s not just vitamin a that’s the problem with people’s liver the problem with vitamin a the biggest problem with vitamin a is that we store it so easily in the liver and then if people are eating excess fat diets you store even more of it you absorb even more of the vitamin a and you store even more of it in your liver that’s the big problem and now we have everybody these days worshiping at the
(35:41) altars of magical dietary fats and then they’re eating too much fructose and then you combine all this whether people are on the side of eating too much fructose or they’re on the side of eating too much fat they’ve both been misled we’re trying to find the middle ground that is not the extreme size but what we found what grant and i found as we as we were talking to people over this time is that sometimes people would have a they would call it the honeymoon phase and they would feel amazing they would
(36:23) start to feel better right away you know for a week or a month or six months and then they would start having some of their symptoms again and the haters out there who don’t want to understand this will say oh my gosh they’re getting vitamin a deficiency the research shows that vitamin a deficiency in a normal vitamin a liver doesn’t um happen for years when they measure vitamin a in the blood and for you for you folks who are all like animal vitamin a they’re talking about serum retinol they’re talking about animal
(36:58) vitamin a in the blood okay so vitamin d deficiency in the literature doesn’t happen for years and then i did a whole video on this youtube channel about how there’s lots of research out there country-wide research and small study-wide research where they showed that they had all these people with vitamin a deficiency who had no problems none of the supposed eye problems that go along with vitamin e deficiency none of the problems of vitamin e vitamin deficiency isn’t a thing anyway so what is happening to these people
(37:33) here’s the complicated thing vitamin a causes cholestasis which is sub sub it can be subclinical or it can be clinical if you’ve ever had elevated liver enzymes that’s cholestasis if you’ve ever had elevated bilirubin that’s cholestasis bilirubin too much bilirubin in your blood that’s cold stasis if you’ve ever had high ggt if you’ve ever had high alk foss if you’ve ever had high serum bile acids if you’ve ever had a systemic symptom that you couldn’t figure out and maybe
(38:06) you went and you did things that were nicer to your liver and you seem to improve you have cholestasis okay have you ever drank too much alcohol and developed problems from that and then all of a sudden you stop the alcohol and your problems go away the alcohol was causing you to become cholestatic it all of these problems are rooted in bile toxic bile getting into your blood very simply okay so you start reducing your vitamin a your liver starts becoming less cholestatic but it’s not done it’s not done being cholestatic you start dumping
(38:51) more bile because you’re able to but some of it’s still going backwards this is not an easy problem to fix we’re trying to fix like basically the the sewer system of your bile which is the bile ducts and they’re broken and we have to we have to fix it so the people what we’ve seen is if so here’s the thing we want to think about if there truly was such a thing as vitamin a deficiency and these people were getting worse right so if they went on a low vitamin a diet and they were eating it and they were
(39:30) and it was it was a deficiency let’s theorize that it was a deficiency and they kept eating it and they got worse we would expect them to get worse right because the deficiency would just get worse well the people who pushed through ended up getting through it and getting even better it’s not a deficiency could they have other nutrient deficiencies absolutely that is what i deal with in my testing are there significant deficiencies think think about this if you stored three decades four decades five decades
(40:01) worth of vitamin a in your liver and ladies especially but men too let’s say you’ve stored three four five decades of copper in your liver ladies birth control does this see my video on birth control on the channel birth control raises vitamin a levels and raises copper levels and it makes you infertile what a weird coincidence oh you should see my infertility video on this channel how that’s connected to vitamin a copper does it too isn’t that weird that they use a copper iud to induce i mean to induce infertility sorry
(40:39) infertility do you think you’d be absorbing so if i tell you you can absorb minerals through your skin ladies how much copper do you think you’re absorbing through your cervix when you have a piece of copper stuck there and it’s wet all day long talk about transdermal or you know absorbing it through the skin anyway so this whole can people go to so what we what we’re trying to do and grant and i have talked about this and grant just so you know grant comes on the inner circle if you guys ever wanted to hear him answer questions
(41:22) he comes on the inner circle once a month and he joins me for about an hour to go over the questions that are specific to him and he’s super generous in doing that but yeah so grant and i talked about it and we’re kind of going when people do this too fast this is true detox when they do it too fast they push into problems it’d be just like you know lifting weights if you lift too many weights too fast you can hurt yourself is lifting weights good for you yes generally yes getting stronger is a very good thing
(42:01) can you push with too much weight too quickly yes or the other the other analogy i use is if you have a liver injury which if you have chronic illness or chronic health issues you have a liver injury of some extent think of it as if you injured your ankle okay we want to rehab that can you push too fast in rehab and hurt the ankle again if you if you do the wrong things or you try to you know you you sprained your ankle and then all of a sudden you’re like oh well i’m gonna practice jumping before it’s ready
(42:41) could you slow down the rehab process or actually re-injure the ankle of course you could these things must be done safely and gently and slowly and what does everybody want to do too many people don’t listen to me that’s i go over this a lot on the network and now we have lots of great people on the network who are helpful in slowing people down because everybody wants this to be gone i mean i know that i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired thing and people are a little bit impatient of being sick
(43:19) you’ve been poisoned for decades it doesn’t go away in a weekend cleanse okay so um let me get to the next question but so just what grant and i have been talking about is going a bit slower or a bit more gently on the diet so we don’t what what you’re actually doing as you detox your liver you have too much toxic bile stored in your liver and when you do things too quickly you dump that out too fast you unleash this stored toxicity what does the toxic bile happen it has bile acids which if you don’t know how toxic bile
(44:07) is you need to spend some time in the research we’ve got toxic copper in it we’ve got toxic vitamin a in it we’ve got toxic iron in it you’ve got potentially any fat soluble poison or toxin you have been exposed to in your entire life if it’s been stored in that part that you’re unleashing just flows out into your system do you think that’ll cause you symptoms yes so let me get to the next question so we are oh i got about 10 minutes left so let’s see where was it vic asks at what point do you accept
(44:58) that you may have an individual level of cholestasis liver injury that cannot be reversed to stop a certain chronic symptom that never ends and is incredibly stubborn you know i was talking to my kid about this yesterday my son has been diagnosed i mean diagnosed when he was two or three with anaphylactic allergies before i knew about all this stuff and i was talking to him about like i have a i have a knee i have a meniscus issue from my my years of being a catcher baseball catcher and olympic weightlifting and power
(45:37) lifting and doing all sorts of you know crazy mobility stuff on the floor so i was talking to him about his anaphylactic issue and he was saying dad what if it never goes away i said okay well my knee injury i’m actually going to go get it i’m going to get platelet-rich prolotherapy on it today pretty excited a little little nervous because it’s supposed to not be very comfortable um but where they’re taking my own blood taking the platelets out and then re-injecting it into the knee with other
(46:16) stuff to stimulate healing in the knee which inside the knee you have terrible blood flow in terms of getting healing stuff your blood does the healing this is a common thing that in alternative circles like your blood does the healing so you need to put good stuff in your blood what i’m saying here your blood if your blood has the good stuff what i’m saying about your chronic disease is your blood has the bad stuff too what we are trying to do with the testing is to figure out what you need to put the good stuff back in it
(46:48) with the whole detox program the love your liver program we are trying to figure out what in this world we are being exposed to that is damaging our liver and what of those things has been stored in your liver so it’s consistently over time causing more and more problems but anyway back to the story my son asked what if what if this never goes away i said well what about my knee i said i’m going to have my knee the rest of my life right he said yeah my voice tent i said okay i need my knee for the rest of my life right and he
(47:23) said yeah i said so do you think i’m ever going to give up on my knee do you think i’m ever going to give up on trying to fix it he knows me he said no i said so do you think i’m ever going to give up on you helping to figure out your anaphylactic allergies and he said no i said that’s damn right so funny thing about my son’s anaphylactic allergies is i was talking to him about i said well let’s let’s look at how you’re doing when he was two or three i don’t remember the exact age he
(48:02) ate a dish that had walnuts and pecans in it which are two of his three allergens that we figured out he chewed it up and he spit it out he didn’t like it so you know he’s two or three you can’t exactly ask him what he’s feeling he wasn’t very great at elucidating what he was feeling and he hadn’t had an anaphylactic reaction to it but his front lip swelled up like a cherry i mean a two-year-old with a cherry-sized front lip that’s when we took him to the allergist and they they did the skin brick testing
(48:36) we figured out he had anthrax allergy but recently he accidentally ate some what was it chocolate covered pretzels or something that somebody gave him and he didn’t know that he hadn’t checked the bag he’s very good at self care in terms of protecting himself he hadn’t checked the bag for once somebody i don’t know who checked but somebody checked the bag and they’re like oh my gosh spit it out so he spit it out but he ate something that had pecans in it which is one of his allergies he had no reaction
(49:16) not even skin reaction no mouth reaction no itch it’s exactly the same that thing that happened to him before but he had no reaction i’m gonna say that i do believe we are figuring out the connection between cholestasis and anaphylactic allergies and i am very confident that my son will as as they like to say in our allergy world grow out of his tree nut allergies which our allergist said she’s never seen a kid grow out of tree nut allergies she said she’d never seen it in practice i think we’re going to be the first and
(49:57) if you want to know how kids can grow out of conditions here’s the best theory i have and this this is based on grant’s work his he came up with this theory so the liver right so back to you vic about the question can the liver fix itself if you had just a tiny piece of liver left they know that your liver can completely regenerate itself the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself your liver is the toughest thing the most resilient thing in our bodies but we have damaged it a lot for most of us okay so you can
(50:43) regenerate an entire liver well let’s go over what the theory of how kids grow out of health conditions you know kids grow out of asthma or kids grow out of allergies or whatever their liver gets their liver is growing adding new cells new bile ducts that’s the key part in cholestasis your liver is adding entirely new clean not toxic yet liver when you add new liver cells they’re not toxic and you have bile ducts for them which is the opposite of cholestasis cold stasis is where the bile ducts for whatever reason i mean how how can
(51:24) your bile ducts get damaged and cause cholestasis they can disappear it’s called vanishing bile duct syndrome they could infarct which would be like the equivalent of a bile duct heart attack or stroke where they actually burst a hole in them they can scar shut they can all sorts of things or i saw once in a kid who was born in studies where the kids are born with cholestasis they call it neonatal cholestasis it’s happening more and more jaundice in babies bilirubin excess bilirubin in their skin how would the bile get to their skin
(52:00) oh you mean through the bloodstream um so you’re saying what was the last statistic i saw from like 2006 babies are 60 of babies are being born with jaundice right now jaundice is cholestasis 60 of babies in 2006 do you think that number you think that number is higher or lower right now do you think people are more toxic or less toxic 15 years later sixty percent of babies being born with cholestasis interesting thing about the virus going around is that one of the first signs of its these i saw some articles was
(52:43) liver enzymes going up interesting so anyway um your liver can regenerate from something small kids grow out of things because they make new liver they’re finally able to detox better get rid of the bile better and their symptoms go away because they’re not putting so much bile in their blood do i think this can be fixed if the right things are undertaken yes is it going to take a while yes especially if areas of your body like everybody’s got their weak links to this so this is why chronic disease if it was bile getting into the blood
(53:23) causing chronic disease whatever your weak link the first weak link is where you get your first health problem weak links in the chain break first right so then let’s say you don’t fix the problem and the problem slowly is getting worse or it’s just still the same problem first weak link breaks enough stress over time second weakling breaks enough stress over time third week link breaks are you following me here this is why somebody gets as i say in the literature once you get one autoimmune disease you’re probably going to get another one
(53:57) and then over time you’re probably going to get another one okay what are we doing well you can talk to people on the network we’re seeing a lot of autoimmune diseases get less this is a years long process this is not people are like oh i i did low vitamin a for two months why am i not better yet this is not how this works not only do we have to empty out your liver so it can then start healing of these poisons your liver has to then re-architecture itself it has to make new cells and get rid of them get rid of the old stuff
(54:37) put in the new stuff this is not a weekend cleanse when people do these things these detox diets they maybe may or may not be putting in more or less poisons but two days is not going to hurt it’s gonna it’s a drop in the bucket of how long you have to do it okay so let’s see mark says as we find bicarbonate helps the sodium potassium bicarbonate okay as well as 50 50 salt if you are the type where bicarbonate helps you or you feel better on it i would sodium potassium bicarbonate would be better balanced in my opinion
(55:24) than just sodium bicarb than baking soda yes now the whole everybody needs to alkalize idea that floats around the internet that’s a crock okay um if your blood became too out or too acidic actually it went if your blood went below a seven you’d probably be dead you’d at least be in the hospital so your blood has to be alkaline above a seven for you to live but you can get symptoms in other parts of your body because they become too alkaline or acidic one of the ideas one of the things i was taught in school
(56:02) was that you know a lot of health problems are when a body part that’s supposed to be alkaline becomes acidic and when a body part that’s supposed to be acidic like your stomach becomes too alkaline that’s a whole another topic about gerd and stomach acid um so if you’re the type who let’s say you’ve experimented with some bicarb and you feel better it helps your symptoms or it helps other issues go for it gotta remember you’re taking basically like a drug level alkalizer can drugs be pushed too far
(56:40) too fast oh yeah oh yeah don’t think that just because it’s close i mean nothing about baking soda or sodium bicarb or potassium bicarb are no more natural than white sugar collagen or cocaine that they’re all totally purified isolated chemical constituents collagen is just amino acids they took you know a cow and processed it down until it’s a white powder mcts are basically a drug version of fat don’t think that these things are magical they’re they’re basically the equivalent drugs so you better be careful with them
(57:27) now some people me as an example the type i am i take bicarb and it just makes me feel bad so should i do that no i have plenty of people who who came to get my help who were into the alkalizing and the vegan thing and they were trying to push their body as alkaline as possible and you want to know what happens once they got a certain point of alkalizing they got worse and worse worse and worse i mean to the point where someone were saying their teeth were falling out oh but they’re so alkaline we are trying to find the middle ground
(58:11) there is no health in extremes we’re trying to figure the lies are at the extremes that’s where the lies are okay i think i got to get going so so i have the inner circle right now um i got to get going um hope you all enjoyed it i plan on doing this once a week so we’ll be back don’t worry um but yeah i’m going to do the inner circle right now which is which is basically this except i’m taking questions and i will post research and i share a screen because i can’t share a screen very easily here
(58:52) the inner circle’s on the detox network which is found at um like i said there’s a there’s a lower priced version called the advanced detox program which is where you get to see the videos a month later and you don’t get to ask the questions so um i hope you can join us there the next in the future these were this this video stream was only shared with the detox network this was kind of a bonus one for them to ask questions and each now now this is going to be announced everywhere um social media and all that
(59:28) fun stuff so hope you all enjoyed it we will see you next week this is the nutrition detective dr garrett smith signing off bye


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