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0:00 Introduction.

1:30 Testimonial. Celiac disease. Autoimmunity. Toxicity. Allergy.

Testosterone video:

• Almost 900 Testosterone Level...WITHO...

19:15 Peyronie's disease. Fibrotic tissue. Collagen. Calcium.

Copper. Zinc. Fertility.

39:05 Methane reduction. SIBO. Bile. Constipation. Lactoferrin.

53:20 Collagen production. Vitamin C.

57:57 Lactoferrin and breastmilk. Toxins. Copper. Scurvy.

1:07:47 Vitamin D. Pulmonary embolism. Cod liver oil. Stroke.

Hypercalcemia. Coagulation. Infarction.

1:11:00 Avocados. Olives. Polyphenols. Naturally refine.

Absorption of carotenoids.

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(00:00) [Music] okay hello everyone hello hello hello oh let me get camera a little better I move it a lot during the week sometimes my kids get on the computer and they move it oh first off I want to say hi Sabrina nice to have you here today and I’m Dr Garrett Smith known as the nutrition detective around these Here YouTube parts and today we got lots of fun things to go over my website if you didn’t know is nutritiondetective.
(00:31) com and uh the love your liver program the do-it-yourself program is can be found at but first I wanted to go over something somebody’s post at the love your liver Network so if you know maybe maybe you’re out there you got all health issues and you want help with them so the love your liver program 1300 plus member strong all working towards the same goal I’m kind of the leader guide of the whole thing and we’ve got lots of super helpful people in there it’s what I think a
(01:14) social network should be and you know people helping each other instead of the trolling and you know people out there thinking they’re experts on things when they’re not never see that on social media do you so anyway I want to go over this testimonial that was left in the network I have permission from this person to read it I’m not going to say their name if you were to join the network I’ll post the testimonial you could find it in the network but I’m going to keep it you know Anonymous for now and there’s a couple
(01:49) people on this so I wanted to go through this what are we going to talk about well I am a firm believer do you know that autoimmunity didn’t show up until uh like dogs they first founded in dogs in like the 1940s 1950s if I recall correctly I’m going to post that article um let me find this article just to start out this is an article I wrote let me see how long did I write how long ago did I write this three years ago so autoimmunity Celiac gluten sensitivity being an autoimmune condition so I wrote about this
(02:35) like three years ago and the connections I had found between autoimmunity and poisonings poisonings in people toxicity in people particularly this so-called vitamin we call Vitamin A and so what have I been doing we’ve been working on detoxing people of vitamin A detoxing in them of this poison so let’s go over the simple let’s use our brains let’s make a connection here based on the theory that I’m proposing I’m saying that autoimmunity at its root is a poisoning a toxicity in you if you
(03:21) have autoimmunity you’re poisoned why do we make antibodies if you look up what antibodies are made for in nature they’re made as things to bind to poisons to make them less toxic they’re proteins binding proteins hey did you know they make a retinol binding protein in the body did you know your body makes a cellular retinoic acid binding protein do you know that conventional medicine tries to tell us that these binding proteins are there to help deliver things to our tissues whereas me out here saying
(03:55) it’s a binding thing to protect you from Poison and that when they make anti-venoms they’re actually making antibodies so let’s get into this so so let’s just say if Gluten Sensitive real gluten intolerance celiac is an autoimmune condition I’m saying autoimmunity is toxicity particularly vitamin A toxicity and I’m going to say that the damage in Celiac to the gut lining is caused by the toxicity of the bile so when they go in and they do a gut biopsy an intestinal biopsy of you when you have Celiac and they find
(04:38) damage they’re finding the damage of the toxic bile just eating away at your guts I’ve talked about this before what does vitamin A eventually turn into in your body it turns into retinoic acids retinoic acids are used Retin-A tretinoin all trans retinoic acid the same compound that’s in the pharmaceutical is used on people’s faces that’s called a yellow peel it’s a chemical peel it dissolves your face skin well what do they find in Celiac something’s dissolving the Villi huh weird something’s dissolving it
(05:16) how do we try to get rid of vitamin A we put it in the bile where does the bile then go into your intestines what does it coat and damage your intestines so if my theory is correct autoimmunity is toxicity particularly vitamin A toxicity vitamin A can dissolve your intestinal lining Celiac I’ve talked about the research here before where where Celiac people dump more bile eating gluten causes Celiac people to dump more bile more toxic bile into their intestines than controls so if you’re connecting all of this if
(05:57) I’m right and if people do what I suggest so does Celiac happen to everybody no no but in those people in theory if what I’m saying is correct we should we could see celiac disease resolve itself now do these people who have Celiac need to avoid gluten along the way yes you cannot detox while you’re still in toxin you want to heal a cut on your arm you can’t keep peeling the scab off and expect it to heal right you can’t keep eating gluten if you have Celiac and expect your gut lining to heal because you keep dumping the toxic
(06:44) bile in there and if you’re not making your bile less toxic you see how you’re not going to get anywhere so let’s just go over the testimonials of people in the love your liver Network here we go so this is from we have two people here I’m going to talk about one is a man and I’ll just I’ll just say here’s the man speaking and then there’s another woman who comments in here okay so here we go this is the man I wanted to share a small victory that could be a huge victory for those getting started on this diet or early
(07:22) into it I am three years and one month in from the start of low vitamin A dieting as a history I’ve I’ve had gut issues since I was in Middle School if we were lucky and we got sausage biscuits in second period I would spend half a third period in the bathroom l-o-l so Celiac was unheard of at that time and was just told it was stress slash irritable bowel syndrome so I accepted my daily fate I finally self-diagnosed with celiac disease about 10 years ago on a side he’s now 46.
(07:56) okay same age as me within a week of stopping wheat slash gluten nearly all of my gut issues went away 90 percent I would say I still had most of the other symptoms from vitamin A toxicity but at least one thing was better I did have severe allergic reactions to wheat I tried making sourdough early on before going fully gluten-free thinking it would help and kneading the dough you know when you rub the dough right made my hands itchy and sore so I knew it was a lost cause and gave up yesterday we had homecoming at my church I grew up in the food spread was amazing
(08:33) I decided that since all my other Allergies have pretty much gone away I would do an experiment and dig into the Southern Fried Chicken and hush puppies if you don’t know there’s a there’s a plenty of gluten in all that okay I still ate low vitamin A Foods otherwise in the past I would have had some stomach cramping afterwards and a trip to the bathroom within an hour or so my stools would normally be all over the place for two to three days till I could get back to normal Sometimes some sort of acne-like skin reaction on my chest
(09:04) or face I had zero reaction to the fried chicken and Hush Puppies yesterday no cramping no rush to the bathroom normal stools I am so excited as I thought I was relegated to so-so tasting gluten-free bread for the rest of my life I had tried gluten about a year ago and the experiment failed although I used barley and I do know that is a huge agitator per Dr Smith we talk about agitators in the program I am going to give it a few more days but if everything stays normal I plan to try some organic wheat bread of some
(09:38) sort for sandwiches and see how it goes I have cautious optimism right now but excited about the future okay that’s that part of the testimonial so hmm he had all sorts of allergies that went away weird let me find um again I’ll post it about how Asthma and Allergy in children is connected to vitamin A intake the more vitamin A children take in the more allergic and asthmatic they are so what are we doing here we’re getting people off this poison it’s not a vitamin everybody out there goes well I do think
(10:23) it’s toxic but I still think we need some of it no you’re wrong it’s okay you’re wrong that’s okay you can still keep eating it if you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor if you want to keep your disease you can keep your disease you don’t have to believe me for me to be right and some people think I’m arrogant when I say things like this and that’s fine I can be right and you can think I’m arrogant and we can you can keep your disease I don’t it doesn’t hurt me
(10:59) you can keep taking your cod liver oil you can keep eating your carrot juice you can keep eating your organ meats you can keep shoving down egg yolks still waiting for all these diseases to be cured by people eating 12 eggs a day still waiting waiting all these Twitter gurus like 12 eggs a day or okay okay go ahead go ahead I’ll still be here saying the same thing three years this person over the three years all their other allergies to food sensitivities intolerances whatever you want to call it went away
(11:43) a year ago this person was still sensitive to gluten so they weren’t all better yet and even at three years would I say that they’re probably all better no at four years in am I all better no and for anybody out there who thinks I’ve said I’m all better I’ve gotten rid of all my major health issues sure do I think I can still feel even better have even better Labs yeah yeah so here we go so this that’s what that’s so this man sees his what he self-diagnosed as Celiac because he got diarrhea and other things and gut
(12:25) messed up for three days three days what would keep if you ate something and you were getting diarrhea well first of all that’s toxic bile secondly what could last three days in you like you would have you got diarrhea you poop out the gluten right it’s gone what’s still irritating you what’s still left toxic bile okay Okay so let’s continue here so there was let’s see I made sure that another woman in the network I tagged her on this because I wanted her to comment on it now I’m not going to use the c word on
(13:17) YouTube because I don’t want not it’s not the c word you may be thinking I’m not going to use it’s a word that rhymes with pure it starts with c and rhymes with pure I’m not going to say that because medically that could get me in trouble but the other folks here used this word so I’m going to say the c word okay so the woman in this thread under another comment part of it she says I guess this means I’m not the first c word of celiac l-o-l but vying for second this is fantastic and now the man comments again
(13:58) the original poster and I I had asked him if I could share it on the live stream so he says that would be great if you want to share it with others on the live stream I think I may be the second or third person who has been able to eat wheat again that I can remember on this program when I heard someone else was able to see word it it kept me motivated this has kept me strict on the diet as Celiac is like a curse that I wanted to get rid of I believe here’s the next part I believe in the next year I should
(14:29) be able to confirm that I have C worded hypogonadism also I have been reading I’ve been getting lab readings in the high 800s for testosterone for the last two tests I am on 25 milligrams clomiphene which is a medication an anti-estrogen medication that I have been on for about six years but I plan to wean off of it next year at some point and see where my levels end up my T levels were falling into the 500s even with the clomiphene before starting this diet they were in the low 200s before the clomiphene and he just added
(15:07) I am 46 years old by the way so so some people might say well it’s the drug that did that well no he said he was two hundreds and then the medication the anti-estrogen medication anti-estrogen medication copper zestrogenic we kind of try to antagonize the heck out of copper on this program all you copper lovers sorry you copper you copper aficionados just I hate your copper is just gonna tank over time I’m sorry it’s estrogenic it damages your liver it causes you to become cholestatic it’s gonna be bad
(15:50) copper is copper is damaging in everybody women can handle more copper toxicity than men probably because women are by Nature at more estrogenic than men that doesn’t mean it’s good for them it means that they can tolerate more men can tolerate more iron overload than women women can tolerate more copper toxicity men can tolerate more iron overload it doesn’t mean it’s good for anybody so he was two hundreds now he’s in the 500s and now he’s in the 800s from the 500s to the 800s was this program
(16:27) okay and we now have another 45 year old man who just tested it 757. me I have my video on YouTube and the labs on this channel of my levels at 800 I think it was 893. if you are a man out there and you would like better testosterone levels without having to inject yourself with testosterone or put on testosterone cream which is not fixing the problem and I’m going to tell you that the testosterone is adding a load to your liver it’s making your liver worse what do you think Roid Rage is some people here’s a funny saying in the
(17:11) in the testosterone the the steroid community or in people who understand what steroids do to people is they will say steroids take a guy who was an [  ] and turn him into a bigger [  ] okay I’m gonna say steroids take a sick liver and they make it into a sicker liver in Chinese medicine the liver is the seat of anger and frustration and irritability wow taking steroids or testosterone therapy makes people more irritable I know from personal experience whenever I would try to jack up my testosterone either I talk
(17:59) on the video my labs about taking testosterone I did I did testosterone therapy I took less than the normal dose that a lot of men did and I I blew up on it I got up to like 215 pounds I was I’m a hyper responder I didn’t like it and I got more irritable constantly getting in fights with my my now ex-wife back then and now that I’m fixing my liver I’ve got testosterone levels towards the high end of the normal range and I’m calmer there’s a huge difference between fixing the cause and self-medicating with hormones
(18:50) one is damaging your liver your liver’s already messed up that’s why you need hormones taking more hormones messes up your liver more this is the way it is so that’s that now I wanted to go over somebody asked me about the connections between vitamin A and Peyronie’s disease while we’re here folks we got like 41 people if you can if you want more people to see this first of all Mike I’m going to say don’t come in my comments and start talking about the Praises of copper we just that’s not what we do here that’s not
(19:40) I have not run into you but anybody who does my stuff with any kind of copper deficiency stuff I don’t see it I antagonize that stuff all day am I saying that people can even eat a zero copper diet there is no such thing as a zero copper diet I don’t need to be educated on micro and macro thank you I think I’ve got that concept down so anyway I’ll take care of this later okay let’s get into Peyronie’s disease what is Peyronie’s disease because people love to talk about vitamin A and they
(20:29) think it’s needed for collagen well somebody asked me up hey Rooney says what is Peyronie’s disease Peyronie’s disease is actually where the the penis gets a fibrotic curve to it like it’s it’s forming fibrotic tissue on one side of it and it starts bending to the point where it can become uncomfortable it can become almost non-functional in terms of sexual activity it’s a significant issue for some men now let’s get into potentially connecting this to collagen problems and calcium problems which then would
(21:10) lead us into Vitamin A problems okay so let me just do peyronies let’s just check retinoic PubMed before we get into this if we start finding whenever they start saying they can try to use retinoic acids to treat something you always know that vitamin A toxicity causes that problem so we’re not seeing anything on payronis and retinoic that’s an easy one I know the calcium thing comes in just seeing what we have here in terms of well here we go so what I’m trying to tell you that many people have problems with
(22:05) first of all let me go into what causes excess calcium in the body which then causes calcium deposits and if you look into almost any disease you will find calcium deposits in the tissues how do you what what do x-rays find in people like what do they show really well they show Bones really well bones are made of mostly what right some people say well bones are made of like calcium and some other minerals and protein well your whole body’s made of protein so x-rays are not really great at showing protein we can
(22:43) we can deduce that so so like what does a mammogram look for in the breast it’s looking for calcifications that’s really what it’s showing because that’s what x-rays are good at showing what things raise calcium in the body vitamin A toxicity causes hypercalcemia go and type in hypervitaminosis a in hypercalcemia that’s what it causes high blood calcium what happens to that over time sometimes over time it can go down into low calcium on a hair test but that’s a long way down the road early on it causes high blood calcium
(23:34) and then what does your body do to get rid of that calcium in the blood it shoves it into the soft tissues your joints your cartilage your brain your heart like let me show you an example of does it shove it into your heart aortic vitamin A PubMed let’s just show this one again increased dietary intake of vitamin A promotes aortic valve calcification there’s that paper it says vitamin A causes calcification of tissues um so we got that what does Vitamin D supplements cause Vitamin D supplements in general
(24:17) raise the level of calcium in your blood that’s what they do what does raising the vitamin A level in your blood or the vitamin D level in your body via supplements AKA Vitamin D supplements are rat poison also known as Terra D3 and Decon look them up for the active ingredient and they’re giving your rats vitamin D3 and then people say well that’s just rats and I say okay why do they tell your dog not to eat them and then why do they say you should handle these with gloves if they’re not toxic to humans I’m so
(24:52) tired of people going this is not toxic to humans but it’s toxic to rats no I’ve posted where they worn on PubMed about when they over fortify milk with vitamin D it’s killed people before okay stop you’re wrong so let’s go into so Vitamin D supplements raise calcium in the blood which then causes calcium deposits in your tissues copper upper raises calcium levels in the body hmm well here’s a paper brain calcification of a young adult with abnormal copper metabolism wow that’s a weird connection
(25:48) oh people constantly vitamin A toxicity and copper toxicity are like they’re like hand in hand they they love each other they go hand in hand oh wait calcium intrauterine deposition of calcium on copper bearing intrauterine contraceptive devices wait so you’re saying the copper IUD was developing calcium deposits on it oh first of all the copyright D IUD ladies you are poisoning you’re straight up poisoning yourself with the copper IUD don’t think because it’s non-hormonal it’s like safe I made this mistake in
(26:35) naturopathic medical school I thought well at least it’s a mineral It’s gotta be safe no absolutely it’s the worst one it’s the one that will poison you for good because it’s just gonna deposit copper into your soft tissues so copper and calcification hmm it’s weird that all these things that I try to we avoid vitamin A we don’t supplement vitamin D and we antagonize the hell out of copper and we see calcifications go down well let’s just look at pay ronies and calcifications so they’re talking about
(27:13) here’s a paper pentoxiful in treatment and penile calcifications in men with payronie’s disease so apparently calcification is connected to pay ronies let’s go find some more therapy I want you to pay attention to foreign here let me open it up oops didn’t want to open a new window therapy intralegional nicartipine all blocker shown to be effective in patients with
(28:17) a calcium channel blocker intralgesional they’re injecting injecting a calcium channel blocker into the plaques hmm what would that be doing to calcium flow here’s another article from renal kidney and Urology news calcified plaques lower Peyronie’s disease six treatment success rate hmm so many people Dr Smith what are we going to do about calcium on the diet and I’m like we now have a woman doing this program who has verified on dexa scan that she is reversing osteoporosis if you are deposit I want you to think
(29:07) about what happens if you’d been depositing over your body and we start dissolving the calcium deposits which is what we do what the body can do when it gets enough magnesium pills suck by the way of magnesium pills suck topical is the only way to go in my opinion as we start dissolving calcium where do you think that calcium could be used by the body do you think the body just has to throw that away do you think that the body could put that into the places it wants it to be now that the calcium metabolism is
(29:40) better now that they’re not poisoned I believe the human body and animals are very good at recycling calcium we’re actually very good at recycling iron too like when you think when you break down a red blood cell that it just throws away everything that’s in it no it needs to make a new cell because the cell has age this would be like copper when like copper pipes right they’re worth a lot of money because you can recycle them you don’t have to just throw them away you can melt them down
(30:12) and reuse them do you think that our our amazingly made human body cannot take calcium that’s coming out of a calcium deposit that you just dissolved and put it into your bones do you think that your body breaking down a red blood cell can’t take that iron and just reuse it but what do we have conventional medicine telling us we need more and more of well you need to take more and more calcium and you need to take vitamin D and you need to get more iron and here put a copper IUD in yourself and we’ll run your water through copper
(30:51) pipes and we’ll tell you that if you take a zinc supplement you have to take a copper and we’re going to push plant-based diets which are super high in Copper and we’re going to wonder why everybody’s getting infertile probably no connection at all nope what does what does Bill Gates Love by the way he sends money to Planned Parenthood he promotes pharmaceutical contraceptive use and he loves vitamin A isn’t that a weird coincidence all those things would do what to fertility rates and birth rates
(31:45) if you don’t understand they all go in the same direction and that’s less people and here I am here I am saying is the hell out of copper don’t eat vitamin A don’t take Vitamin D supplements don’t use iuds don’t use contraceptive pills that make you infertile and I’m making men get their testosterone levels 750s 800s 900s and I just posted a a testimonial from eight years ago a woman had been infertile unexplained infertility for five years and within a year of working with me she was pregnant
(32:34) this is not a game you can keep for those of you who are not working with me or who are not in the network you can keep grasping at straws on the internet I will still be here when you come back but you’re running out of time the world is getting crazy they are attacking fertility every single way they can and by fertility men that also means your testosterone everybody on the internet loves to [  ] and moan about men’s testosterone levels are just constantly declining and we have no idea why and here I am doing my (33:08) work and I’m proving it we are proving it with labs and people saying these things are going away using the c word we are doing bleeding edge stuff out here people ask me for mechanisms and I go I don’t always have a mechanism I just fix stuff I just watch what causes problems I look in the research I make enough links and then we figure out what causes problems so if you want if you want modern medical research to just like hand it to you on a platter and say here I guess Dr Smith was right here’s all (33:52) the explanations you’re not going to get it do you realize what this would do to all these industries you’re never going to get that information from mainstream you might get it eventually from grifters who take my work and try to claim it as their own you may get that but I’m gonna get some questions today sometime but what we’re doing here is real work oh the other comment of the last comment I wanted to say somebody uh said underneath that is a very very important point she said for all you newcomers (34:45) note how long it took foreign a year ago so first of all he was saying all his allergies had gone away Along the program except for the gluten and still even a year ago so he’s three years in and a year ago he still had the problem and now he’s at three years and it went away this is a marathon I made a comment on there and I pointed out yes this is a marathon not a Sprint Marathon not a Sprint if you want quick results where you hide the problem by doing herbal supplements or whatever therapies you know I’m going to tell you (35:34) like Energy Medicine may help something but it’s not it doesn’t magically make your toxic liver go away okay I’m not against Energy Medicine I’m not against people doing mental work I’m not against anything that helps that that is not further poisoning people to help people feel better but it doesn’t make the toxicity go away that you’ve stored up for decades it doesn’t just poof and disappear this is work that must be done settle in this is these are two words that I use in both my fitness (36:11) and whenever I’m doing something hard and it’s going to take a long time I use those two words settle in it’s people who have little mantras like this often do a lot better in life when you can just take couple of words and repeat them to yourself settle in and so what like the way I use this would be like let’s say I was going to go run and I’m going to run up a big hill what I think about at the start is find a pace you can maintain and settle in and I settle in I repeat that to myself because this is going to be a grind (36:55) you could blow it all out too early or you could find a pace that you can maintain and settle in Marathon not a Sprint life is a marathon not a Sprint there can be little Sprints in there but you want to detox you start trying to Sprint you take some of the things you hear of from me off this you know live stream and you take it and you try to run with it and you try to Sprint and you kick your own ass and then you try to you know people be like well this doesn’t work I felt worse on and I’m sitting here every week saying (37:28) slow down this is not a game marathon not a Sprint and people everybody wants to think that they’re the person who can just push through and they’re going to be the tough guy or gal because they’re so tired of being sick and they can just anything’s got to be better than feeling sick the reason you feel sick is because you have toxic bile going into the wrong places of your body the toxic bile is stored in and created by your liver if you start pumping your livers bile out too fast you leak too (38:02) much into your bloodstream or wherever it’s been going and you feel worse so the very thing that has made you sick and tired of being sick is the same thing that you can kick your own ass with people can break themselves with exercise I mean gosh you can break yourself with detox this is why it’s we talk here in years we don’t talk in weekend cleanses or you know and take a bunch of you know take a bunch of malic acid and then take a bunch of oil and epsom salts and [  ] your brains out gallbladder cleanses
(38:47) could those be useful in some cases Maybe could they make things worse possibly for some people you start trying to play games with your bile and it may kick your ass so let me get to the question here do I know of any foods or supplements that lower methane levels in the body in regard to methane dominant sibo is or is high levels of methane related to not enough bile and small intestine this I have not looked into I am after the cause of the sibo which is the bile moving I mean the only thing I can think of now here’s gonna be
(39:33) an issue let’s see so if there is let’s say sibo was related to not enough bile getting into the small intestine via the bile the big bile ducks or inside the liver you could have intra-hepatic cholestasis where it’s leaking from the liver cells are basically leaking and that bile goes into the bloodstream or the little teeny tiny bile ducts like think of capillaries like blood vessels the tiniest bile ducts in the liver those are leaking or they’ve vanished go look up Vanishing bile duct syndrome
(40:17) caused by many medications hmm so you leak by so the bile doesn’t get to the small intestine so kind of like if you ever seen like an abandoned house things start you know spiders cobwebs things start moving in you know people move in animals move in like things move in that aren’t there because nothing the thing that is supposed to be living there is not there right so if you don’t get the bile into your intestines things can grow there what that would tend to lead to you need bile to poop bile is you’re triggered poop bile is
(41:02) also your trigger if you have too much of it to cause diarrhea this is in the literature I’ve been with this before you need a certain amount of bile in your in your intestine to trigger pooping so those of you who are constipated you’re probably not getting enough bile into your intestine the solution is not to therefore go eat tons of fat and go drink tons of coffee and try to force bile into your intestine that’s not the solution it’s not to take herbs that make you dump bile herbs that make you dump bile
(41:33) are Toxic by definition generally things that are not essential to your living coffee people may argue that coffee is essential to their living but no that’s just the drug addict talking so you need bile in your intestines to poop if it’s going backwards into your blood maybe causing things like oh I don’t know hypothyroidism which is associated with constipation we also know that things like potassium helps a lot with hypothyroid type States potassium is depleted by copper potassium is depleted by Vitamin D
(42:17) supplements and potassium channels are blocked by vitamin A so would it be weird if you dumped bile and bile contained vitamin A and copper and maybe old Vitamin D supplements that goes into your blood it depletes potassium you see lower thyroid function and lowered potassium function weird that all this is connected people on the network have said that improving their potassium intakes has been the thing that has helped their constipation more than just about anything weird how all this connects so not enough bile in your intestine could
(42:49) cause sibo but it would also tend to go along with constipation what could reduce methane well I found three papers here yeah so one of the names they call activated charcoal in the literature be very careful with what you’re taking out of this information you better stay and listen or you may mess yourself up effects of granular activated carbon on methane removal performance and methanotropic community of a lab scale bioreactor so we’re just looking at things that bind to methane okay here we have adsorption of methane on activated
(43:28) carbon by volumetric method another one we have activated carbon monoliths for methane storage okay obviously they wouldn’t be doing all these papers if methane didn’t bind to charcoal activated carbon now what I’m telling you is that if you have sibo and you don’t have enough bile in your intestines because if that’s the mechanism that a person has sibo and they’re constipated you take charcoal which would soak up whatever whatever tiny little bit of bile you were getting into that intestine
(44:14) you’re going to constipate yourself the only danger of charcoal is taking too much when you’re already constipated or taking so much that it constipates you really really bad there’s some people out there who don’t feel good on charcoal imagine what I’d say to those people if they take charcoal and they go doc Smith I took charcoal I didn’t feel good doc it hurts when I do this then don’t do that okay there are reactions that can take place in the body that we have no idea about that I’m never going to be
(44:44) able to figure out in the research I could theorize all day on it but really the simple thing is Doc it hurts when I do this well don’t do that okay doc I tried taking a quarter teaspoon of charcoal I took one pill worth of charcoal and I didn’t poop for two days don’t do that so here’s the problem you see where we’re going we could soak up methane with charcoal but it would also soak up whatever little bile you had in your intestine and you wouldn’t poop not pooping is bad okay you need to poop them okay
(45:29) I am more interested in people pooping more frequently absolute minimum is once a day of what I want people to be doing if you allow your doctor to tell you that pooping like once every two or three days is okay and normal I mean you probably already know how clueless that person is you’re we should poop like in in the perfect world if we were all perfectly healthy we should poop like babies which is one solid bowel movement per meal that’s what we should do in a perfect healthy world meal I didn’t say snack I said meal so
(46:09) you eat two meals a day you should have two nice poops a day it should all move through you in one unit so that for every meal you eat it’s not like a traffic jam where you have multiple meals coming together and you only poop once a day when you eat three times a day that’s not how it’s that’s not how things are supposed to be that doesn’t mean you go and start taking laxatives to crap your brains out because you’re not pooping if laxative caused you to increase your bile dumping might they be toxic didn’t I just say
(46:41) that oh but you can take polyethylene glycol to cause yourself to poop Miralax yeah that would be good go take go take antifreeze to help yourself poop do you see what I’m saying so no I don’t know off the top my head something to soak up methane I I have a whole article section inside the network about probiotics and how to start affecting your gut Flora lactoferrin the nutrition detective lactoferrin best stuff on the market has been shown in research to help improve constipation it’s been shown to
(47:20) be anti-biofilm it’s been shown to be anti-pathogenic it’s been shown to help improve constipation here that all these things are connected I just put that link in the in the chat for any of you who are interested it is absolutely our Flagship product people love it read the instructions I care so much about you doing this right I put a link on the bottle for you to read to start slowly because I just talked about how if you start dumping bile too fast you’re gonna have a bad time lactoferrin in some people causes a
(48:05) really big increase in bile production and excretion that’s in the research so I have people start very very slowly quick story I had a buddy gym buddy good buddy of mine and he’s like I want to try the lactoferrin and I said okay I’ll get you some I took some to him he started on it I said look look before you start like I so the gym Bros like the muscle heads right I’m one I like to think I’m a smart Meathead but they like to they just think they’re Invincible right so I’m like I’m gonna
(48:42) tell you if you want to start with one a day you can but it may kick your ass he’s kind of looking at me like yeah whatever okay okay I’m like so this guy has my phone number text me if anything starts going off like if something’s getting worse he’s like what do you mean what might get worse I was like could be anything but if something gets worse stop taking it and call me text me so he’s a couple days in and so it might do I do I think that lactoferrin is bad for people no the toxic bile is bad for people the
(49:19) lactoferring can get it moving gets you dumping bile it’s in the research I had oh here’s another thing I had a guy on Twitter who I know a buddy of mine say I went and started researching lactoferrin man the research on it is freaking incredible he’s like we should have every person in the hospital started on this right away this he’s a he’s a he’s a nurse in Europe very smart guy why do you think they call lactofer in the miracle molecule that seems to have positive research in helping all sorts of things
(50:00) go find your disease find your condition and type it in in type in lactoferrin and whatever your the technical name of your disease condition and PubMed see what you find so anyway so my buddy decides to just jump in at one pill some of you out there who have taken lactofen you know how potent it is you’re like oh I know what’s coming next that’s why I put a website link on the bottle because I care for people to do it slowly so he texts me and he says uh yeah I had like four bowel movements today which
(50:45) obviously was not normal and he’s like in the the last one was kind of loose he’s like he said it could be something could be something else but I just thought I’d let you know and I was like okay cool if it keeps going on then you know you gotta either cut back or take a break he’s like okay cool a couple days later he texts me and says could this be making my psoriasis worse it seems to have flared up and I was like remember why I warned you about starting so fast I think you need to take a break until
(51:21) this calms down and then when we restart we’re going to restart with less do I know and this this person is also Gluten Sensitive what did I tell you about when they eat gluten it causes a bigger dumping of toxic bile when this person eats gluten what happens to their psoriasis it flares up somebody somebody out there is going to go oh it’s probably the dairy no it’s not the dairy lactoferrin is an isolated protein it has nothing to do with casein or Casio morphins or anything that people are allergic to in Dairy it has nothing
(51:59) to do with that people who have known Dairy sensitivities on the internet have found that they can take lactoferrin no problem if you have issues with lactoferrin it’s because it’s causing you to dump too much bile that’s it so you take less or you don’t take it yet this is what I say about all sorts of supplements if it doesn’t work for you at the start take less or maybe not take it yet and over time as we get you better you’ll probably be able to handle it and we’ve had this happen with multiple multiple
(52:38) people so that was these are real experiences I’m sitting here I make this supplement and I’m telling you about somebody who had a negative reaction to it how confident am I in this supplement to be able to do that so again if you guys want this information to get out to people you may want to click if you’re in the chat you may want to x out of the chat and go go like it so the YouTube algorithm it loves comments it loves chats it also really likes the like button and the Subscribe button so if you want to
(53:17) help this get out to more people make sure to do that okay so uh Mac s said isn’t vitamin A crucial for collagen production let me see if I can find the no oh okay so let me let me just answer this real quick isn’t vitamin C crucial for collagen production let me go into let me just find it this is not going to be the full paper but I don’t think they have the abstract in this paper hopefully they do I haven’t gotten to look at it yet okay abstract for the paper called hypervite hypnosis a and scurvy vitamin A toxicity and
(54:09) scurvy 1949. the similarity between the clinical picture the symptoms of hypervitomnosis a in rats and that of scurvy has been pointed out by Vetter and Rosenberg they basically found that in dogs vitamin A toxicity and vitamin C deficiency looked exactly the same okay now if you want to go and watch my labs video my personal Labs video the same one about the testosterone at all at nearly 900 you can go and see that my blood vitamin C Level my blood ascorbic acid level because that is what vitamin C is folks if you believe that
(55:03) vitamin C is something it’s ascorbic acid it’s not some made up vitamin C complex that is not in the literature that somebody who wrote a book who also heavily believes in fermented cod liver oil and tons and tons of organ meats and dairy as being healthy for people they made up the vitamin C complex funny that they’re promoting vitamin C yet they’re also promoting tons of vitamin A so I had low Vitamin C in my blood like low tested low which means I’m in the lowest two and a half percent of
(55:37) people based on the way they do Labs I don’t know if you know this 95 of the people they guaran they make fit in the normal range 95 percent of people by definition that’s how they make the lab ranges two and a half percent of people are on the edges high or low so I’m in the two and a half percent of low ascorbic acid in my blood do I look like I’m suffering from scurvy do I sound like I’m suffering from scurvy what do I do I avoid vitamin A I don’t eat much vitamin C I mean if you think me eating a banana a
(56:19) day is enough vitamin C well apparently by my labs it’s not but where’s my scurvy what if scurvy vitamin C deficiency is simply vitamin A toxicity well let’s go into the next line of that paper then has been pointed out by veteran Rosenberg who found that ascorbic acid offered protection against excess of vitamin A ascorbic acid vitamin C offered protection against excesses of vitamin A so if you’re out there taking a crap ton of vitamin C and it’s relieving a symptom what do you think is causing that
(57:03) symptom then why am I able to reduce the vitamin A in my diet and get rid of all of my major health issues from the past and now I don’t eat much vitamin C and I have a low Vitamin C in my blood and yet all my problems are gone and yet other people out there are having to take massive amounts of ascorbic acid to shut down their symptoms that could very likely be caused by vitamin A that they’ve known this since 1949.
(57:38) foreign here folks I do my next set of labs I think in about two months I’m super excited to do them super excited so let’s see Jill the Jill made the first comment about methane and sibo she says I’m enjoying the lactoferrin 2 working my way up slowly as it’s pretty powerful stuff yes yes it is I hate to say strong medicine because most medicines are poisons but it is strong medicine is is lactoference so let me let me go over this here is lactoferrin an essential nutrient no like you don’t have to eat lactoferrin to live
(58:34) but mothers of any mammal put a ton of it into their milk hmm what have I also been over is a very high in breast milk toxins weird that nature would put something that grabs onto copper it detoxes copper did you know that lactoferrin detox is copper it also detoxes iron helps dissolve biofilms helps kill pathogens probably binds to other toxins why would nature put that in breast milk after I’ve exposed a bunch about how breast milk is ladies you you detox into your breast milk especially fat soluble toxins
(59:20) I know you may not like the feeling of that and be feeling like I’m poisoning my baby do I still think breast milk is best absolutely breastfeeding is absolutely what you want to do what would be even better would be if you detox before you got pregnant and had to nurse that would be even better right but why would the human body put so much lactoferrin in breast milk gosh wouldn’t that detox too much copper out of the baby and the baby’s going to suffer from copper deficiency yes there are tons of toxins in breast
(59:58) milk yes vitamin A is in breast milk here I am saying that vitamin A is a poison breast milk is also not very high in vitamin C that’s weird why don’t all the babies get scurvy you know they’re seeing scurvy coming back now let me type this in scurvy resurgence so let me just read a couple of of titles here I just did a search on DuckDuckGo scurvy Resurgence doctor discovers scurvy Resurgence at Sydney Hospital next one surprising Resurgence of scurvy cases if left untreated could be deadly next one scurvy has made a comeback in
(1:00:53) the U.S next one scurvy re-emerges to due to poor dietary habits next one scurvy Resurgence from fad diets are you following me here what am I saying constantly is happening as an epidemic I have a I have a lot of video about the vitamin A toxicity epidemic on this channel and how they’re showing it in liver biopsies what did I just show you vitamin A toxicity causes scurvy I’m showing evidence that vitamin A toxicity is an epidemic and now they’re saying scurvy is re-emerging do you think these are coincidences
(1:01:44) really do you we fortify foods with vitamin A Bill Gates loves vitamin A he wants to get it into you as many ways possible yeah weird so Christina Sophia says so lacto fairness to increase bile What vitamin A does I’ve been over this in the Inner Circle vitamin A damages the epithelial cells the cells that line like basically every they’re they’re like the liner layer of cells over your organs over your outer layer of skin your inner layers of skin the outside of your organs the inside of your blood vessels like anything where
(1:02:37) there’s a new or if there’s an outer layer of something or inner layer but on the you know like your blood vessel right an inner layer on the inside that’s the epithelial cells vitamin A damages epithelial cells you could find this in the research epithelial cells make your lactoferrin so if vitamin A damages epithelial cells you don’t make as much lactoferrin vitamin A damages the neutrophils neutrophils an immune cell also makes lactoferrin weird that I do vitamin A detox and I get people on lactoferrin
(1:03:13) and it seems to help as long as they don’t take too much too soon so what do we have in the research about lactoferrin helping within the body that helps for those of you who are really into the love your liver program and you understand what I’m about to say it helps you to produce an excrete bile it actually has been shown the research to speed up aldh aldehyde dehydrogenase so you can help break down aldehydes better it helps improve increase the rate of turnover of the cholangiocytes which are the bile ducts
(1:03:49) which tell the bile where to go in the right way you want your bile ducts patent which means no leaks and they’re actually not Vanishing bile duct syndrome how would you rebuild bile ducts well you’d have to have cholangiocytes those are the cells of the sites’s cell cholangio is bile duct what if what if you stopped making lactoferum because you got toxic what might you stop repairing and fixing your bile ducts how would they then disappear oh that’s a weird thought what are symptoms of leaky bile ducts
(1:04:36) anything and everything your toxic bile anywhere once it leaks into your bloodstream whether that is through the liver cells or the little bile ducts inside the liver that’s called intrahepatic inside the liver cholestasis bile going where it shouldn’t is really what that term should be simplified to there is extra hepatic cholestasis which is where the bile can leak through the big bile ducts into the bloodstream or leaky gut intestinal permeability where it can leak from the guts into your bloodstream
(1:05:16) it could also go backwards up your stomach up your intestines into your stomach that’s gerd acid reflux they really should call it bile acid reflux um so any of those once the bile is in your blood it can affect your brain so mental issues it can affect your heart so heart issues it can affect your muscles you know how many people out there are stiff what mineral stiffens muscles what mineral well let’s start what mineral relaxes muscles magnesium what does magnesium counter in the muscles calcium what does calcium cause crystallization
(1:05:55) calcifications stiffening of things here I am sitting there saying vitamin A causes excess calcium vitamin D supplements cause excess calcium copper causes excess calcium what am I fighting against what’s in your toxic bile that could leak into your blood that then causes you to get stiff you see how all of this makes sense so you vitamin A lovers and you copper lovers you’re going to have a there there’s a certain biohacker out there grifter who is realizing that he made a big mistake with the protocol stuff
(1:06:39) all I have to do is wait and the toxicity will eventually break everyone whether they’ll realize I was right or not or admit that I was right depends on the person swallowing ego and pride can be very hard sometimes I’ve swallowed it before I used to give people Vitamin D supplements I used to test people in my office with a finger prick for vitamin D tests that’s how much into I was I was into Vitamin D like this was what 2012 2013.
(1:07:09) like I was way ahead of everybody else back then I was way ahead of everybody else in a bad way I had to stop I used to give my people vitamin A supplements I used to give them liver pills I had to swallow my ego and my pride and tell them stop doing that right away I have now learned very important information you need to not do that anymore I’m sorry I figured this out now this is true stop doing it I have the guts to go back and say I was wrong Mike I want to say hold on hold on Mike said he effed up with vitamin D he was mega dosing had a PE shortly after
(1:08:01) pulmonary embolism is what I believe he’s saying there there’s the other woman who I’ve talked about who had multiple chemical sensitivity she was doing the protocol and she was taking a triple dose of cod liver oil and she had a mini stroke and yes this was before the Jabs so what causes excess clotting in the body wait wait wait wait wait let’s go let’s go see me uh uh what do I want to do coagulation PubMed let’s see what we can find I’m trying to think I don’t think I’m searching for the right terms here
(1:09:08) oh wait wait let’s just go I’m sorry let’s just let’s just look for the end product let’s go infarction hypercalcemia infarction PubMed okay sorry I have to chuckle at these the first paper hypercalcemia mimicking myocardial infarction mimicking mimicking couldn’t be that didn’t I just show you how a the aortic valve you give people you give the rats vitamin A and their aortic valve calcifies mimicking mimicking so infarction is you know myocardial infarction that’s a heart attack that’s a blood clot in the blood
(1:10:01) vessels around the heart oh here’s another another paper just hypercalcemia or acute St elevation myocardial infarction so wait they’re saying hypercalcemia causes the same changes on an EKG a heart monitor as an acute heart attack oh wait here’s another one hypercalcemia a rare cause of cerebral infarction that’s a stroke let me put these papers here I’m not wrong folks oh wait there was a super chat sorry let me get to this Ramone thank you for the Super Chat sir it says hi Dr Smith from a liver health and
(1:11:04) vitamin A toxicity standpoint what is your take on olives and avocados and their respective oils okay olives I’m going to cover olives first I am just not so sure about olives here’s why I olives are not like they have to be processed you don’t just go and eat olives off the tree this is why I don’t like cashews either they’re toxic until you process them what is one way of processing olives lie not a huge fan so olive oil
(1:12:09) olive oil is hugely high in polyphenols that’s what they brag about olive oil being very high in polyphenols are I consider them phenols are toxic polyphenols I consider also toxic they slow down your aldehyde dehydrogenase weight lactoferrin increased it polyphenols slow down your aldh and they also deplete vitamin B1 which means they’re making more aldehydes because they slow down aldh it’s a long explanation I don’t have time to get into it here but anyway polyphenols do not try to increase your plant
(1:12:44) antioxidants in your diet so olive oil is quite High unprocessed olive oil when they’re when we’re talking about like extra virgin that would have the highest amount of polyphenols in it version would have less and then you get into the other grades now if there was a way to get the polyphenols out of it would I be a bigger fan yes that would be naturally refining the oil what happens when you naturally refine oils you take out the polyphenols you take out the free fatty acids which we don’t like either
(1:13:31) and you would take out a lot of the things that give the oil color nature loves to Mark poisons with color it also tends to make the oil smell less which nature likes to Mark a lot of poisonous things with significant smells so the key thing here is natural so first of all before anyone gets into a tizzy about this I suggest people who are not underweight so anyone who is a normal weight or overweight they should be minimizing any added fats and oils minimizing it doesn’t mean none and it could be none how in the world did humans ever survive
(1:14:18) before we had refined and processed fats and oils oh my gosh so I suggest people so before we even get into the ins and outs of every oil realize that processed oils in general and any oil is by definition processed okay let’s not get let’s there is really not much of a difference between processed sugars and processed oils they just took a plant and they took a part out of it okay so let’s not get into like people think that oils are like a whole food and I’m like no oils are processed they’re
(1:14:56) isolated fats right I mean are we going to say that Sugar In The Raw is somehow an unprocessed sugar and therefore it’s tons better than white sugar maybe it’s a teeny tiny bit less bad okay but it’s not nobody’s gonna sit there and be like sugar in the Raw is a whole food and white sugar is processed and it’s the devil right they’re not that different like people out there taking MCT oil can you get a more processed oil and they’ll be like don’t eat processed foods I take my MCTS to burn fat okay seriously stop
(1:15:39) it folks don’t be a hypocrite just because it’s fat so minimizing processed oils and fats is a key thing to the approach now in our modern world we like to use some oils to keep things from sticking right because I’d much rather use a little bit of oil cooking something then use non-stick if you’re using non-stick anything I mean seriously stop it you’re poisoning yourself anytime you look at that non-stick pan you see a little piece of it a little chip of it missing you ate that you ate it I remember the day I finally
(1:16:20) really realized this and I looked at my old George Foreman Grill from the college days and I was like I was looking at all the places where it had chipped off and I was like oh my God I ate that and that was when the Teflon causes cancer stuff was coming out and I was like garbage never bought a non-stick thing again there are people out there trying to justify eating out of microwaves my goodness stop it non-stick stuff poison like people getting air fryers and they’re like I love my air fryer and they’re cooking on
(1:16:50) non-stick oh my God stop it I would much rather use a little bit of a good oil or even a little bit of a not great oil than non-stick okay but we minimize added fats and oils so what that does is that makes these discussions we’re about to have relatively moot because the amount we’re going to eat is so little okay so naturally refined oils is what I prefer what I suggest people use keyword naturally refined now I’m going to tell you it’s next to impossible to find an organic naturally refined olive oil I do believe
(1:17:38) some people on the network inside the network have found one um I haven’t looked into that recently because I’ve just given up on olive oil it’s just so hard to find it now avocados do avocados contain a significant amount of vitamin A yes so what do what has been found oh so first of all fats added to the diet will increase your vitamin A absorption which is weird because then they’ll say wait so so fat increases bile dumping and you need bile to absorb your fat soluble vitamins well where do you think the bile goes if
(1:18:32) you eat fat you dump bile the bile and the fat the fat soluble vitamins and all that stuff gets reabsorbed by your liver that’s how this works so people who think they’re doing themselves a favor by eating tons of fat to dump bile for this vitamin A Thing no you’re storing more toxins in your liver you’re storing more toxins in your liver the more fat you eat yeah here’s a paper this is a link to an article about it avocado assists vitamin A absorption okay vitamin A so avocado avocado has already
(1:19:18) got vitamin A in it carotenoids it increases vitamin A absorption there’s another one um let me find avocado oil salad I’m in a PubMed hold on avocado oil I know there’s a paper it was they were using avocado oil on a salad and they found that it increased vitamin A absorption avocado consumption enhances human postprandial post-eating pro-vitamin a absorption and conversion from a novel High beta-carotene tomato sauce and from carrots that’s the main paper that’s the one that I was talking about
(1:20:20) there’s also one on salads oh I can’t host that I’m just going to put the title of this paper because the link is too long avocado oil I’m just going to go avocados contain vitamin A and they increase vitamin A absorption could they if somebody had a great diet in all their other aspects and they want to have some avocado could they potentially do that yes would it add to their vitamin A load yes would that slow their vitamin A detox down a bit yes would they store that vitamin A in their liver yes
(1:21:01) but in the big scheme of things it’s always about how much vitamin A do you have going in versus how much vitamin A are you getting rid of we need the out to be bigger than the n on a regular basis it’s just math can I tell you what that math is for you no if you’re going to be eating a high vitamin A food for whatever reason and you decided to have avocado with it would that be a bad idea a bad combo sure so what do people like to do they like to do avocados with their salsa well what’s a super high vitamin A food
(1:21:36) tomatoes peppers and then you go and you throw fat in with your salsa and avocado fat at that which has vitamin A in it too and it increases your vitamin A absorption it’s a bad choice and then you have it with some Mexican food and some cheese and then some yellow corn and then some pork and oh it’s bad it’s bad so you could turn a cheat meal into a disaster meal you know people are going to do it you can make up for it you just gotta be better after that you got to get your equation back on the negative side
(1:22:18) avocado oil it is fairly easy to find Refined avocado oil naturally refined avocado oil I actually worked for a company uh called chosen foods for a short period of time very short period of time they wanted me to do research for them imagine me doing research um it just didn’t work out the position wasn’t right for me at the time and they didn’t quite know what they wanted from me they didn’t have the position very well defined they were still new this was before they got into Costco um but I like them
(1:22:49) and I still like their company because it’s not technically organic the what they’re doing they’re down in Mexico and they’re growing a ton of avocados down there and it’s not technically organic but from what I I understood from the the people who ran it they’re like we’re trying to get as close to this as possible and they naturally refine the avocado oil and what color is it it’s almost clear it’s not dark green so if you’re buying dark green avocado oil what’s in there
(1:23:20) polyphenols carotenoids other stuff The Chosen food stuff which I do use myself that’s what we have around our house is almost clear now how much when was the last time I used avocado oil a week or two ago so when I say I minimize added fats I mean I minimize added fats I don’t add fats to my diet if I don’t need to or just give myself permission to it’s not something that is regular I suggest people get their fats from Foods Whole Foods which is what God designed us to get them from do I like mono and


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