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  • LYL #003 VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis

    (168) Love Your Liver Weekly Q&A Livestream 3 #LoveYourLiver #VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis – YouTube Streamed live on Aug 13, 2021Topics covered:0:00 Intro.1:52 Testimonial involving issues with joints (e.g., pain, arthritis, inflammation, stiffness), among many other issues. — PubMed article: Bile acids modulate tight junction structure and barrier function of Caco-2 monolayers via EGFR activation17:57 Vitamin…

  • LYL #002 VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis

    (168) Love Your Liver Weekly Q&A Livestream 2 #LoveYourLiver #VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis – YouTube Streamed live on Aug 6, 2021Timestamps:0:00 Intro.21:35 Question: I was searching for aldehydes and gut microbiomes in PubMed and found a research paper that mentions taurine effect on the brain, and it also mentions bile acid and gut bacteria composition. Could…

  • LYL#001 Q&A Livestream 1 #LoveYourLiver #VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis

    (168) Love Your Liver Weekly Q&A Livestream 1 #LoveYourLiver #VitaminADetox #VitaminAToxicity #Cholestasis – YouTube Streamed live on Jul 29, 2021Timestamps:0:00 Intro.2:23 Studies / Articles:— Mum cooked herself like a roast chicken as ‘tanning oil’ disaster left her with third-degree burns – Manchester Evening News— Aposematism, or how Nature tells us that carotenoids are Poisonous -…

  • LYL#60 Celiac Resolving, Testosterone Increase, Peyronie’s & ToxicityLYL#60

    (167) Love Your Liver Livestream 60: Celiac Resolving, Testosterone Increase, Peyronie’s & Toxicity – YouTube Streamed live on Sep 23, 2022 #vitaminAtoxicity #coppertoxicity #vitaminAdetoxSummary0:00 Introduction. 1:30 Testimonial. Celiac disease. Autoimmunity. Toxicity. Allergy. Testosterone video: • Almost 900 Testosterone Level…WITHO… 19:15 Peyronie’s disease. Fibrotic tissue. Collagen. Calcium. Copper. Zinc. Fertility. 39:05 Methane reduction. SIBO. Bile. Constipation.…

  • Go Fund me: Henrietta Lacks biofield clearing project

    I am looking to do extensive work clearing the biofield of Henrietta Lacks a woman who died in 1951 who’s DNA may still be in all of us who have had polio shots since then.

  • 10 Customers in one day!

    Thanks to Macey Tomlin, I was invided to participate at a ceremony.  10 patients received 30 minutes of Tuning fork therapy each. If you know of people who need tuning fork therapy please let me know.  

  • Anarchaforko

    The Anarchy conference in Acapulco, Mexico can be found here at